Society of the Catholic Apostolate (S.A.C.)



Also known as: Gesellschaft des Katholischen Apostolates (Pallottiner) (Deutsch) / Sociedad del Apostolado Católico (Palotinos) (español) / Société de l’Apostolat Catholique (Pallottins) (français) / Società dell’Apostolato Cattolico (Pallottini) (Italiano) / Stowarzyszenie Apostolstwa Katolickiego (Pallotyni) (polski) / Sociedade do Apostolado Católico (Palotinos) (Português) / Societas Apostolatus Catholici (latine) / 普世使徒會 (正體中文)

Type: Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Patron Saint: Saint Vincenzo Pallotti (January 22)

Statistics: 406 houses, 2,293 members (1,730 priests) (2021)

Address: Piazza San Vincenzo Pallotti 204, 00186 Roma, Italy






Rector General:PolandFr. Zenon Hanas, S.A.C. (59)Fr. Zenon Hanas, S.A.C. (59) (2022.10.01 – ...)
Rector General:IndiaFr. Jacob Nampudakam, S.A.C. (2010.10.04 – 2022.10.01)
Rector General:GermanyFr. Friedrich Kretz, S.A.C. (2004.10.07 – 2010.10.04)
Rector General:IrelandFr. Séamus Freeman, S.A.C. (later Bishop) (1992 – 2004.10.07)
Rector General:SerbiaFr. Martin Juritsch, S.A.C. (1983 – 1992)
Rector General:GermanyFr. Ludwik Münz, S.A.C. (1977 – 1983)
Rector General:IrelandFr. Nicholas Gorman, S.A.C. (1971 – 1977)
Rector General:GermanyFr. Wilhelm Möhler, S.A.C. (1953 – 1971)
Rector General:PolandFr. Wojciech Turowski, S.A.C. (1947 – 1953)
Rector General:GermanyFr. Karl Hoffmann, S.A.C. (1937 – 1947)
Rector General:Fr. Jacek Cardi, S.A.C. (1931 – 1937)
Rector General:GermanyFr. Peter Resch, S.A.C. (1925 – 1931)
Rector General:ItalyFr. Giacinto Cardi, S.A.C. (1919 – 1925)
Rector General:GermanyFr. Karl Gissler, S.A.C. (1909 – 1919)
Rector General:GermanyFr. Maximilian Kugelmann, S.A.C. (1903 – 1909)
Rector General:EnglandFr. William Whitmee, S.A.C. (1896 – 1903)
Vicar General:ItalyFr. Scipio Tofini, S.A.C. (1895 – 1896)
Vicar General:IrelandFr. Joseph Bannin, S.A.C. (1890 – 1895)
Vicar General:ItalyFr. Carlo Maria Orlandi, S.A.C. (1889 – 1890)
Rector General:ItalyFr. Giuseppe Faà di Bruno, S.A.C. (1869 – 1889.04.18)
Rector General:ItalyFr. Ignazio Auconi, S.A.C. (1862 – 1869)
Rector General:ItalyFr. Raffaele Melia, S.A.C. (1856 – 1862)
Rector General:ItalyFr. Francesco Maria Vaccari, S.A.C. (1850 – 1856.01.20)
Founder:ItalySaint Fr. Vincenzo Pallotti, S.A.C. (1845)

Living Bishops (3 Archbishops, 7 Bishops)

BrazilArchbishop Júlio Endi Akamine, S.A.C. (60)Archbishop Júlio Endi Akamine, S.A.C. (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sorocaba (Brazil)

PolandArchbishop Adrian Józef Galbas, S.A.C. (55)Archbishop Adrian Józef Galbas, S.A.C. (55), Metropolitan Archbishop of Katowice (Poland)

PolandArchbishop Tadeusz Wojda, S.A.C. (66)Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda, S.A.C. (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Gdańsk (Poland)

BrazilBishop João Aparecido Bergamasco, S.A.C. (56)Bishop João Aparecido Bergamasco, S.A.C. (56), Bishop of Corumbá (Brazil)

CameroonBishop Bruno Ateba Edo, S.A.C. (58)Bishop Bruno Ateba Edo, S.A.C. (58), Bishop of Maroua–Mokolo (Cameroon)

BrazilBishop Edgar Xavier Ertl, S.A.C. (56)Bishop Edgar Xavier Ertl, S.A.C. (56), Bishop of Palmas–Francisco Beltrão (Brazil)

BrazilBishop Denilson Geraldo, S.A.C. (54)Bishop Denilson Geraldo, S.A.C. (54), Titular Bishop of Lamsorti and Auxiliary Bishop of Brasília (Brazil)

BrazilBishop José Maria Maimone, S.A.C. (90)Bishop José Maria Maimone, S.A.C. (90), Bishop emeritus of Umuarama (Brazil)

BrazilBishop Elói Róggia, S.A.C. (80)Bishop Elói Róggia, S.A.C. (80), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Borba (Brazil)

South AfricaBishop Paul Siphiwo Vanqa, S.A.C. (67)Bishop Paul Siphiwo Vanqa, S.A.C. (67), Bishop of Queenstown (South Africa)

Saints (1 saint, 3 blesseds)

1850: ItalySaint Vincenzo Pallotti, priest

1945: GermanyBlessed Richard Henkes, priest and martyr

1944: PolandBlessed Józef Stanek, priest and martyr

1941: PolandBlessed Józef Jankowski, priest and martyr

Deceased Bishops (1 Archbishop, 15 Bishops)

2022: IrelandBishop Séamus Freeman, S.A.C., Bishop of Ossory (Ireland)

2021: Bosnia and HerzegovinaArchbishop Henryk Hoser, S.A.C., Archbishop-Bishop of Warszawa-Praga (Poland)

2019: PolandBishop Alojzy Orszulik, S.A.C., Bishop of Łowicz (Poland)

2018: BrazilBishop Conrado Walter, S.A.C., Bishop of Jacarezinho (Brazil)

2018: IndiaBishop Thomas Thennatt, S.A.C., Bishop of Gwalior (India)

2017: South AfricaBishop Herbert Nikolaus Lenhof, S.A.C., Bishop of Queenstown (South Africa)

2014: AustraliaBishop John Jobst, S.A.C., Bishop of Broome (Australia)

1998: BrazilBishop Alberto Trevisan, S.A.C., Auxiliary Bishop of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

1998: South AfricaBishop John Baptist Rosner, S.A.C., Bishop of Queenstown (South Africa)

1994: TanzaniaBishop Patrick Winters, S.A.C., Bishop of Mbulu (Tanzania)

1982: South AfricaBishop Manfred Gottschalk, S.A.C., Bishop of Oudtshoorn (South Africa)

1975: South AfricaBishop John Baptist Rosenthal, S.A.C., Bishop of Queenstown (South Africa)

1970: South AfricaBishop Bruno-Augustin Hippel, S.A.C., Bishop of Oudtshoorn (South Africa)

1966: AustraliaBishop Ottone Raible, S.A.C., Vicar Apostolic of Kimberley in Western Australia (Australia)

1951: South AfricaBishop Francis Hennemann, S.A.C., Vicar Apostolic of Cape Town (South Africa)

1914: CameroonBishop Heinrich Vieter, S.A.C., Vicar Apostolic of Cameroun (Cameroon)

Other Former Prelates (5)

>1997: ItalyFr. Francesco Moccia, S.A.C., Counsellor of Apostolic Penitentiary

>1996: PolandMsgr. Bolesław Krawczyk, S.A.C., Papal Master of Ceremonies of Office for the Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff

1973: IndiaFr. John A. Weidner, S.A.C., Prefect Apostolic of Raipur (India)

1968: GermanyFr. Josef Kentenich, S.A.C., Founder of Schoenstatt Movement and Founder of Institute of Schönstatt Fathers

1947: South AfricaFr. Teodoro Koenig, S.A.C., Prefect Apostolic of Oudtshoorn (South Africa)

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