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Also known as: Irland (Deutsch), Irlanda (español, Italiano, Português), l'Irlande (français), Irlandia (polski), Éire (Gaeilge), 愛爾蘭 (正體中文), アイルランド (日本語), Hibernia (latine)

Continent: West Europe

Capital: Dublin

Population: 3,970,000

Area: 68,890 km²

Patron Saints: St. Patrick, St. Brigid of Kildare, St. Columba, St. Columban

Religions: Roman Catholic 91.6%, Church of Ireland 2.5%, other 5.9%

Languages: English is the language generally used, Irish (Gaelic) spoken mainly in areas located along the western seaboard

Neighbouring Countries: Iceland Iceland, → United Kingdom United Kingdom, → Isle of Man Isle of Man

Circumscriptions (24): Metr. Archdioceses (4), Dioceses (20)

Roman Rite (24): Achonry, Ardagh, Armagh, Cashel, Clogher, Clonfert, Cloyne, Cork and Ross, Derry, Dublin, Elphin, Ferns, Galway and Kilmacduagh, Kerry, Kildare and Leighlin, Killala, Killaloe, Kilmore, Limerick, Meath, Ossory, Raphoe, Tuam, Waterford and Lismore

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CardinalsCardinals (1 elector/2 total): Cardinal Seán Baptist Brady (75)Brady (75), Cardinal Desmond Connell (88)Connell (88) | All Cardinals

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Apostolic Nunciature: Ireland Link Archbishop Charles John Brown (55)

Conference of Bishops: Irish Episcopal Conference Link

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Commissio Episcopatuum Communitatis Europææ (COM.E.C.E.) Link Cardinal Reinhard Marx (61)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Consilium Conferentiarum Episcopalium Europæ (C.C.E.E.) Link Cardinal Péter Erdő (62)

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