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Also known as: Irland (Deutsch), Irlanda (español, Italiano, Português), l'Irlande (français), Irlandia (polski), Éire (Gaeilge), 愛爾蘭 (正體中文), アイルランド (日本語), Hibernia (latine)

Continent: West Europe

Capital: Dublin

Area: 68,883 km²

Population: 5,011,102

Patron Saints: St. Patrick, St. Brigid of Kildare, St. Columba, St. Columban

Liturgical Calendar

Religions: Roman Catholic 78.3%, Church of Ireland 2.7%, other Christian 1.6%, Orthodox 1.3%, Muslim 1.3%, other 2.4%, none 9.8%, unspecified 2.6%

Languages: English (official, the language generally used), Irish (Gaelic or Gaeilge) (official, spoken by approximately 39.8% of the population as of 2016; mainly spoken in areas along Ireland's western coast known as gaeltachtai, which are officially recognized regions where Irish is the predominant language)

Ethnic Groups: Irish 82.2%, Irish travelers 0.7%, other white 9.5%, Asian 2.1%, black 1.4%, other 1.5%, unspecified 2.6%

Neighbouring Countries: Iceland Iceland, ↑ Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, ↗ Isle of Man Isle of Man, → England England, ↘ Wales Wales

Circumscriptions (24): Metr. Archdioceses (4), Dioceses (20)

Roman Rite (24): Achonry, Ardagh, Armagh, Cashel and Emly, Clogher, Clonfert, Cloyne, Cork and Ross, Derry, Dublin, Elphin, Ferns, Galway and Kilmacduagh, Kerry, Kildare and Leighlin, Killala, Killaloe, Kilmore, Limerick, Meath, Ossory, Raphoe, Tuam, Waterford and Lismore

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Papal Visits

Apostolic Nunciature: Ireland Link Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo (62)

Conference of Bishops: Irish Episcopal Conference Link Archbishop Eamon Martin (57)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Commissio Episcopatuum Communitatis Europææ (COM.E.C.E.) Link Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich, S.J. (60)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Consilium Conferentiarum Episcopalium Europæ (C.C.E.E.) Link Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco (76)

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