Saints and Blesseds

Saints and Blesseds

Saint JoshuaPermalink



AlbaniaBlessed Josif Mihali (Albanese Rite)Permalink

Born:1912.09.23 (Elbasan, Albania)
Ordained Priest:1935.12
Died:1948.10.26 🩸 (Maliq, Korçë, Albania † 36)
Beatified:2016.11.05 (Shkodër, Shkodër, Albania)

Priest of Southern Albania (Albanese Rite). Martyr.

FranceSaint JossePermalink
Judocus  (latine)

Born:600? (Bretagne, France)
Died:669.12.13 (Saint-Josse, France † 69)


FranceSaint JovinienPermalink

Died:304? 🩸 (Auxerre, France)

Layperson. Lector. Companion of Saint Pèlerin d’Auxerre. Martyr.

ItalySaint JovitaPermalink

Died:120 🩸 (Brescia, Italy)

Layperson. Brother of Saint Faustinus. Martyr.

PolandBlessed Józef, O.P.Permalink

Died:1260.06.02 🩸 (Sandomierz, Poland)
Beatified:1807.10.18 (equipollently)

Deacon of Order of Preachers (Dominicans). Martyr.

UkraineSaint Józef BilczewskiPermalink

Born:1860.04.26 (Wilamowice, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1884.07.06
Consecrated Bishop:1901.01.20
Died:1923.03.20 (Lwów, Ukraine † 62)
Beatified:2001.06.26 (Lviv, Ukraine)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Lviv (Ukraine) (1900.12.17 – 1923.03.20)


AustriaBlessed Józef Cebula, O.M.I.Permalink

Born:1902.03.23 (Malni, Opolskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1927.06.05
Died:1941.04.28 🩸 (KZ Mauthausen, Perg, Austria † 39)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (Oblates). Martyr.

GermanyBlessed Józef CzempielPermalink

Born:1883.09.21 (Józefka, Śláskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1908.06.22
Died:1942.05.04 🩸 (KZ Dachau, Oberbayern, Germany † 58)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Katowice. Martyr.

PolandBlessed Józef Jankowski, S.A.C.Permalink

Born:1910.11.17 (Czyczkowy, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1936.08.02
Died:1941.10.16 🩸 (Auschwitz, Poland † 30)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottines). Martyr.

PolandBlessed Józef Kowalski, S.D.B.Permalink

Born:1911.03.13 (Siedliska, Podkarpackie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1938.05.29
Died:1942.07.04 🩸 (Auschwitz, Poland † 31)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Salesians of Saint John Bosco (Salesians). Martyr.

PolandBlessed Józef KurzawaPermalink

Born:1910.01.06 (Świerczyna, Kalisz, Brzeziny, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1936.06.14
Died:1940.05.24 🩸 (Witowo-Kolonia, Bytoń, Radziejów, Poland † 30)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Włocławek. Martyr.

GermanyBlessed Józef KutPermalink

Born:1905.01.21 (Sławin, Wielkopolskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1929.06.16
Died:1942.09.18 🩸 (KZ Dachau, Oberbayern, Germany † 37)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Poznań. Martyr.

GermanyBlessed Józef PawłowskiPermalink

Born:1890.08.09 (Proszowice, Świętokrzyskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1913.07.13
Died:1942.01.09 🩸 (KZ Dachau, Oberbayern, Germany † 51)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Kielce. Martyr.

PolandSaint Józef Sebastian PelczarPermalink

Born:1842.01.17 (Korczyna, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1864.07.17
Consecrated Bishop:1899.03.19
Died:1924.03.28 (Przemyśl, Poland † 82)
Beatified:1991.06.02 (Rzeszów, Poland)

Titular Bishop of Miletopolis (1899.02.20 – 1900.12.17)

Bishop of Przemyśl (Poland) (1900.12.17 – 1924.03.28)

Bishop. Founder of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

PolandBlessed Józef Stanek, S.A.C.Permalink

Born:1916.12.04 (Łapsze Niżne, Małopolskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1941.04.07
Died:1944.09.23 🩸 (Warszawa, Poland † 27)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottines). Martyr.

GermanyBlessed Józef StraszewskiPermalink

Born:1885.01.18 (Włocławek, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1911.06.18
Died:1942.08.12 🩸 (KZ Dachau, Oberbayern, Germany † 57)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Priest of Włocławek. Martyr.

GermanyBlessed Józef Zapłata, S.C.Permalink

Born:1904.03.05 (Jerka, Wielkopolskie, Poland)
Died:1945.02.19 🩸 (KZ Dachau, Oberbayern, Germany † 40)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Religious of Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Martyr.

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