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A Servant of God is a person whose Cause has officially begun. When the Holy Father agrees that they lived a life of Heroic Virtue they are called Venerable. With the acceptance of a miracle, and following the Rite of Beatification, they are called Blessed. With a second miracle and the Rite of Canonization they are called Saint. Decrees are promulgated by the Congregation of the Causes of Saints.

V E N E R A B L E S   ( 1 2 )
   Declared Venerable

Vital Grandin

1829-1902O.M.I., bishop of Saint-Albert, Alberta1966.12.15

Alfred Pampalon

1867-1896Redemptorist priest1991.05.14

Élisabeth Bergeron

1851-1936Foundress of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Saint-Hyacinthe1996.01.12

Marie of the Holy Spirit

(Délia Tétreault)


Foundress of the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of Immaculate Conception1997.12.18

Jérôme Le Royer de la Dauversière

1597.03.18-1659.11.06Layman. Founder of Montreal and the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph (R.H.S.J.)2007.07.06


(Adolphe Chatillon)

1871.10.31-1929.04.28F.S.C., brother of the Christian Schools2011.04.02

Marie of the Sacred Heart

(Marie-Josephte Fitzbach)

1806.10.16-1885.09.01Foundress of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd of Quebec.2012.06.28

Antoine Kowalczyk

1866.06.04-1947.07.10O.M.I. brother2013.03.27

Rosalie Cadron-Jetté

1794.01.27-1864.04.05Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy2013.12.09

Marcelle Mallet

1805.03.26-1871.04.09Foundress of the Sisters of Charity in Quebec2014.01.27

Marie-Clément Staub

1876.07.02-1936.05.16A.A. priest, founder of the Sisters of Saint Joan of Arc and of the Canadian Montmartre2014.04.03

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