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  • 2021.09.22: 

Wednesday in the 25ᵗʰ Week in Ordinary Time

Anniversary of the Dedication of the Cathedral (Siedlce, Torino)

Blessed Antonia Goséns Sáez de Ibarra and Blessed Daría Campillo Paniagua, religious and martyrs (Vitoria)

Blessed Bernardyna Maria Jabłońska, religious (Kraków, Zamość–Lubaczów)

Blessed Dionisio Pamplona, priest, and companions, martyrs (Barbastro–Monzón)

Blessed Francisco Bandrés, Blessed Alfonso López and companions, martyrs (Jaca)

Blessed Josefa Ruano García, religious and martyr (Almería)

Blessed José Aparicio Sanz, priest, and companions, martyrs (Valencia)

Blessed José Batalla, priest, and companions, martyrs (Urgell)

Blessed José Calasanz, priest, and companions, martyrs (Barbastro–Monzón)

Blessed José María Castell Camps, priest and martyr (Menorca)

Blessed José Otín Aquilué, Blessed Zacarías Abadía Buesa, priests, and companions, martyrs (Huesca)

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti, religious (Milano)

Blessed Manuel Segura, priest, and companions, martyrs (Zaragoza)

Blesseds Francisca de Amezua, María Consuelo Cuñado and Feliciana Uribe, virgin and martyrs (Bilbao)

Saint Emmeram of Regensburg, bishop and martyr (München und Freising, Nitra)

Saint Felix IV, pope (Benevento)

Saint Felix and Saint Constantia, martyrs (Nocera Inferiore–Sarno)

Saint Matthew, apostle and evangelist (Gap, Girona)

Saint Maurice of Agaune and companions, martyrs (Ambrosian, Austria, Germany, Kenya, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Chur, Sion)

Saint Sylvanus of Berry, hermit (Bourges)

Saint Thecla, virgin and martyr (Burgos)

Saint Thomas of Villanova, bishop and confessor (Extraordinary Form)

Wednesday in the 3ʳᵈ Week after the Martyrdom of Saint John the Forerunner (Ambrosian)

Ember Day (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ember Wednesday (Extraordinary Form)

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