Catholic Dioceses in the World

Western RiteLiturgical RiteMajor
PopesCardinalsPatriarchsMajor ArchbishopsArchbishopsBishops
Latin RitePapal See Roman Rite26992211216410743830
Metr. Archdiocese Ambrosian Rite10
Metr. Archdiocese Mozarabic Rite10
Personal Ordinariate Anglican Rite03
Independent Mission Carthusian Rite00
Eastern RiteSui juris ChurchMajor
PopesCardinals (including Cardinal Patriarchs and Cardinal Major Archbishops)PatriarchsMajor ArchbishopsArchbishopsBishops
Alexandrian RitePatriarchate Coptic Church (Patriarchal)100114
Metropolitanate Eritrean Church (Metropolitan)4013
Metropolitanate Ethiopic Church (Metropolitan)4013
Antiochian RitePatriarchate Maronite Church (Patriarchal)26311132
Major Archdiocese Syro-Malankar Church (Major Archiepiscopal)1201113
Patriarchate Syriac Church (Patriarchal)11611310
Armenian RitePatriarchate Armenian Church (Patriarchal)1261310
Chaldean or Syro-Oriental RitePatriarchate Chaldean Church (Patriarchal)2121916
Major Archdiocese Syro-Malabar Church (Major Archiepiscopal)3501955
Constantinian or Byzantine RiteApostolic Administration Albanese Church012
Apostolic Administration Belarussian Church01
Diocese Bulgarian Church (Eparchial)101
Diocese Byzantine Church in Croatia and Serbia (Eparchial)203
Diocese Byzantine Church in Italy (Eparchial)2111
Apostolic Administration Byzantine Church in Kazakhstan and Central Asia01
Apostolic Exarchate Greek Church022
Patriarchate Greek-Melkite Church (Patriarchal)2272279
Metropolitanate Hungarian Church (Metropolitan)3013
Diocese Macedonian Church (Eparchial)10
Major Archdiocese Romanian Church (Major Archiepiscopal)7017
Apostolic Exarchate Russian Church02
Metropolitanate Ruthenian Church (Metropolitan)5114
Metropolitanate Slovak Church (Metropolitan)3125
Major Archdiocese Ukrainian Church (Major Archiepiscopal)3071943
Ordinariate Eastern Rite without proper Ordinary06

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