Catholic Dioceses in the World

Papal See See of the Vicar of Christ110
Patriarchate Patriarchal Sees (Patriarchates)990
Patriarchal See Titular Patriarchal Sees431
Major Archdiocese Major Archiepiscopal Sees (Major Archdioceses)440
Metropolitanate Metropolitan Sees sui juris541
Metr. Archdiocese Metropolitan Sees (Archdioceses)55954217
Archdiocese Archiepiscopal Sees (Archdioceses)76715
Diocese Episcopal Sees (Dioceses)22542048206
Metropolitan See Titular Metropolitan Sees901278
Archiepiscopal See Titular Archiepiscopal Sees91784
Episcopal See Titular Episcopal Sees19191059860
Territorial Prelature Territorial Prelatures39354
Territorial Abbacy Territorial Abbacies1192
Apostolic Exarchate Apostolic Exarchates14104
Ordinariate Ordinariates for the Faithful of the Eastern Rite963
Military Ordinariate Military Ordinariates36279
Personal Ordinariate Personal Ordinariates330
Personal Prelature Personal Prelature110
Apostolic Vicariate Apostolic Vicariates816813
Apostolic Prefecture Apostolic Prefectures391425
Apostolic Administration Apostolic Administrations871
Personal Apostolic Administration Personal Apostolic Administration110
Independent Mission Independent Missions (Missions sui juris)880
Patriarchal Exarchate Patriarchal Exarchates1082
Archiepiscopal Exarchate Archiepiscopal Exarchates541
Patriarchal Territory Territories Dependent on the Patriarch541

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