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A Servant of God is a person whose Cause has officially begun. When the Holy Father agrees that they lived a life of Heroic Virtue they are called Venerable. With the acceptance of a miracle, and following the Rite of Beatification, they are called Blessed. With a second miracle and the Rite of Canonization they are called Saint. Decrees are promulgated by the Congregation of the Causes of Saints.

S E R V A N T S   O F   G O D

Jeanne Mance

1606-1673Laywoman. Cofoundress of Montreal. Foundress of Hôtel-Dieu Hospital.

Pierre-Joseph-Marie Chaumonot

1611-1693Jesuit. Companion of the Canadian Martyrs.

Didace Pelletier

1657-1699Brother. Carpenter and church builder.

Jeanne LeBer

1662-1714Lay recluse

Rosalie Cadron-Jetté

1794-1864Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy

Élisabeth Bruyère

1818-1876Foundress of the Sisters of Charity in Ottawa

Éléonore Potvin

1865-1903Foundress of the Servants of Jesus-Mary, Hull

Catherine-Aurélie Caouette

1833-1905Foundress of the Sisters of the Precious Blood Adorers, Saint-Hyacinthe

Gérard Raymond

1912-1932Student of the Minor Seminary of Quebec

Ovide Charlebois

1862-1933O.M.I., bishop of Keewatin, Manitoba

Marie Clement Staub

1876-1936Assumptionist, foundress of Sisters of St. Joan of Arc

Eugène Prévost

1860-1946Priest, founder of the Congregation of the Priestly Fraternity

Louis Émond

1876-1949Layman. Cofounder of the House of Jesus the Worker in Quebec

Rose Prince

1915-1949Indian of the Dakelh nation, with incorruptible body after death

Victor Lelièvre

1876-1956O.M.I. Apostle of the Sacred Heart.

Georges Vanier

1888-1967Governor General of Canada from 1959 to 1967

Br. William, O.H.
(né Guillaume Gagnon)

1905-1972Religious of the Order of St. John of God. Served and died in Vietnam.

Catherine de Hueck Doherty

1896-1985Foundress of Madonna House, Combermere, Ontario

Pauline Archer-Vanier

1898-1991"Mamie" de l'Arche founded by her son

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