Titular Episcopal See of


Spain Spain


Continent: West Europe

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Titular Episcopal See Episcopal See

Name: Besalú (español) / Bisuldino (Italiano) / Bisuldinen(sis) (Latin)

Location: Besalu, m. Tarragona, Spain


Titular Bishop

Titular Archbishop (2023.02.02 – ...):Archbishop Alejandro Arellano Cedillo, C.O.R.C. (61)Archbishop Alejandro Arellano Cedillo, C.O.R.C. (61)

Dean of Tribunal of the Roman Rota

President of Pontifical Commission for the Verification and Application of Mitis Iudex in the Churches of Italy

President of Appeals Court of Vatican City State

Past Ordinaries

Bishops of Besalú (Roman Rite)

Bishop Bisuldino
(1017 – 1020)

Bishop of Besalú (1017 – 1020)

Former Titular Bishops

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