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S. Maria ai Monti

Also known as: St. Mary ai Monti (English), S. Mariæ ad Montes (Latin)



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(2006.03.24 – ...)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria ai Monti
Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Caracas (Venezuela)

Pro mundi vita

Born:1942.08.28 (Caracas, Venezuela)
Ordained Priest:1967.08.15
Consecrated Bishop:1982.09.22
Created Cardinal:2006.03.24

Titular Bishop of Vegesela in Byzacena (1982.07.03 – 1990.03.16)

Auxiliary Bishop of Caracas (Venezuela) (1982.07.03 – 1990.03.16)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Valencia (Venezuela) (1990.03.16 – 2005.09.19)

Apostolic Administrator of Caracas (Venezuela) (2003.07.07 – 2005.09.19)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Caracas (Venezuela) (2005.09.19 – 2018.07.09)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria ai Monti (2006.03.24 [2006.07.02] – ...)

Member of Council of Cardinals for the Study of Organisational and Economic Problems of the Apostolic See (2009.05.09 – 2014.02.24)

Past Cardinal-Protectors

as of 2020.12.23

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