Personal Ordinariate of

Our Lady of Walsingham

England England, Scotland Scotland, Wales Wales

Continent: West Europe

Rite: Anglican (Latin)

Type: Personal Ordinariate Personal Ordinariate

Name: Our Lady of Walsingham (English) / Nostra Signora di Walsingham (Italiano) / ウオルシンガムの聖母 (日本語) / Dominæ Nostræ Valsinghamen(sis) in Anglia et Cambria (Latin)

Immediately subject to the Holy See

Depends on: Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith

Special Churches

Present Prelates

Ordinary (2011.01.15 – ...):Msgr. Keith Newton (70)Msgr. Keith Newton (70)


Ordinaries of Our Lady of Walsingham (Anglican Rite)

Msgr. Keith Newton (70)Msgr. Keith Newton (70)Permalink
(2011.01.15 – ...)

Ordinary of Our Lady of Walsingham (England)

Born:1952.04.10 (Liverpool, England)
Ordained Priest:2011.01.15

Ordinary of Our Lady of Walsingham (England) (2011.01.15 – ...)

Contact Info

Address: The Prebytery, 24 Golden Square, London, W1F 9JR, Great Britain, England

Websites: LinkTwitter Feed


Population: 1,950 Catholics (2020)

Statistics: 36 parishes, 97 priests (diocesan), 8 lay religious (8 sisters) (2020)


Patron Saint: Saint John Henry Newman (October 9)


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