Diocese of


India India

Continent: South and East Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Diocese

Ecclesiastical Province: Bangalore

Neighbouring Dioceses: Mangalore (←), Shimoga (↑), Bangalore (→), Mysore (↘)

Depends on: Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples


Special Churches

Present Prelates

Bishop (2006.12.02 – ...):Bishop Anthony Swamy Thomasappa (65)Bishop Anthony Swamy Thomasappa (65)


Bishops of Chikmagalur (Roman Rite)

Bishop Anthony Swamy Thomasappa (65)Bishop Anthony Swamy Thomasappa (65)Permalink
(2006.12.02 – ...)

Bishop of Chikmagalur (India)

Born:1951.02.09 (India)
Ordained Priest:1984.05.20
Consecrated Bishop:2007.02.06

Bishop of Chikmagalur (India) (2006.12.02 – ...)

Bishop John Baptist Sequeira (85)Bishop John Baptist Sequeira (85)Permalink
(1987.01.26 – 2006.12.02)

Bishop emeritus of Chikmagalur (India)

Born:1930.06.23 (India)
Ordained Priest:1958.04.15
Consecrated Bishop:1987.06.11

Bishop of Chikmagalur (India) (1987.01.26 – 2006.12.02)

Archbishop Alphonsus Mathias (87)Bishop Alphonsus Mathias (87) (later Archbishop)Permalink
(1963.11.16 – 1986.09.12)

Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Bangalore (India)

Sub tuum præsidium

Born:1928.06.22 (India)
Ordained Priest:1954.08.24
Consecrated Bishop:1964.02.05

Bishop of Chikmagalur (India) (1963.11.16 – 1986.09.12)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore (India) (1986.09.12 – 1998.03.24)

President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (1989 – 1994)

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