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Pitcairn Islands

(Overseas Territory of United Kingdom United Kingdom)

Pitcairn Islands

Also known as: Pitcairninseln (Deutsch), Pitcairn Islas Pitcairn (español), Îles Pitcairn (français), Isole Pitcairn (Italiano), Wyspy Pitcairn (polski), Ilhas Pitcairn (Português), 皮特凱恩群島(皮特開恩群島) (正體中文), ピトケアン諸島 (日本語), Pitcairn Insulae (latine)

Continent: Oceania

Capital: Adamstown

Area: 47 km²

Population: 54

Religions: Seventh-Day Adventist 100%

Languages: English (official), Pitkern (mixture of an 18th century English dialect and a Tahitian dialect)

Ethnic Groups: descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives

Neighbouring Countries: French Polynesia French Polynesia

Circumscriptions (1): Metr. Archdioceses (1)

Roman Rite (1): Papeete

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Apostolic Delegation: Pacific Ocean Archbishop Novatus Rugambwa (61)

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