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Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (Northern Mariana Islands)

(Territory of USA USA)

Northern Mariana Islands

Also known as: Nördliche Marianen (Deutsch), Islas Marianas del Norte (español), Îles Mariannes du Nord (français), Isole Marianne Settentrionali (Italiano), Mariany Północne (polski), Marianas Setentrionais (Português), 北馬利安納群島 (正體中文), 北マリアナ諸島 (日本語), Insulæ Marianæ Septentrionales (latine)

Continent: Oceania

Capital: Garapan

Area: 464 km²

Population: 52,263

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Religions: Christian (Roman Catholic majority, although traditional beliefs and taboos may still be found)

Languages: Philippine languages 32.8%, Chamorro (official) 24.1%, English (official) 17%, other Pacific island languages 10.1%, Chinese 6.8%, other Asian languages 7.3%, other 1.9%

Ethnic Groups: Asian 50% (includes Filipino 35.3%, Chinese 6.8%, Korean 4.2%, and other Asian 3.7%), Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 34.9% (includes Chamorro 23.9%, Carolinian 4.6%, and other Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 6.4%), other 2.5%, two or more ethnicities or races 12.7%

Neighbouring Countries: Guam Guam

Jurisdictions (1): Dioceses Diocese (1)

Roman Rite (1): Chalan Kanoa

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Apostolic Delegation: Pacific Ocean Archbishop Novatus Rugambwa (65)

Conference of Bishops: Conferentia Episcopalis Pacifici (C.E. PAC.) Bishop Paul Patrick Donoghue, S.M. (74)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Federation of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Oceania (F.C.B.C.O.) Bishop Anthony Randazzo (56)

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