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Kingdom of Bhutan (Bhutan)


Also known as: Bután (español), le Bhoutan (français), Bhutan (Deutsch, Italiano, polski), Butão (Português), 不丹 (正體中文), ブータン (日本語), Butania (latine)

Continent: South and East Asia

Capital: Thimphu

Area: 38,394 km²

Population: 758,288

Religions: Lamaistic Buddhist 75.3%, Indian- and Nepalese-influenced Hinduism 22.1%, other 2.6%

Languages: Sharchhopka 28%, Dzongkha (official) 24%, Lhotshamkha 22%, other 26% (includes foreign languages)

Ethnic Groups: Ngalop (also known as Bhote) 50%, ethnic Nepalese 35% (includes Lhotsampas - one of several Nepalese ethnic groups), indigenous or migrant tribes 15%

Neighbouring Countries: Nepal Nepal, ↑ China China, ↓ India India

Circumscriptions (1): Dioceses (1)

Roman Rite (1): Darjeeling

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