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read on:2022.05.15

The Sixteenth Day of May. Fifteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌕

Saints Felix and Gennadius, martyrs

Saints Fiorenzo and Dioclezio, martyrs

Saints Abdas, bishop of Kaskar, Abdjesus and companions, martyrs

Saint Pèlerin, first bishop of Auxerre and martyr

Saint Possidius, bishop of Calama

Saint Phal, priest

Saint Brendan, bishop abbot of Clonfert

Saint Honoré, bishop of Amiens

Saint Carantoc, bishop abbot of Cardigan

44 holy martyrs of Palestine, under Emperor Heraclius

Saint Germier, bishop of Toulouse

Saint Ubaldo, bishop of Gubbio

Saint Adamo, abbot of the monastery of San Sabino

Saint Simon Stock, priest, Carmelite prior general

Saint Andrzej Bobola, Jesuit priest and martyr of Poland

Blessed Michał Woźniak, priest and martyr at Dachau

Blessed Vitalii Bairak, Basilian priest and martyr in Ukraine

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.05.16

The Seventeenth Day of May. Sixteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌕

Saint Adrion, martyr

Saint Vittore, martyr at Rome

Saints Heraclius and Paul, martyrs

Saint Restituta, virgin and martyr

Saint Emiliano, bishop of Vercelli

Saint Paschal Baylon, Franciscan religious

Saint Petrus Liu Wenyuan, catechist and martyr of China

Saint Giulia Salzano, virgin of the Catechists of the Sacred Heart

Blessed Antonia Mesina, virgin and martyr of Sardinia

Blessed Ivan Ziatyk, Redemptorist priest and martyr of Russia

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.05.17

The Eighteenth Day of May. Seventeenth Day of the lunar month. 🌖

Saint John I, pope and martyr

Saint John I, pope and martyr, who, sent by the Arian king Theodoric to Constantinople to Emperor Justin, was the first of the Roman Pontiffs to celebrate the paschal sacrifice in that Church; back from there, he was shamefully arrested and thrown into prison by Theodoric himself, falling victim to Christ the Lord at Ravenna.

Saint Felice, martyr in Dalmatia

Saint Dioscorus, martyr in Egypt

Saints Potamion, Hortasius and Serapion, priests and martyrs

Saints Theodotus, and Thecusa, Alexandra, Claudia, Faina, Euphrasia, Matrona and Julitta virgins, martyrs at Ankara

Blessed Burkard, priest

Saint Eric IX, king of Sweden, martyr

Blessed Guillaume de Toulouse, Augustinian priest

Saint Felice da Cantalice Porri, Capuchin religious

Blessed Maria Magdalena Merten, Ursuline virgin

Blessed Stanisław Kubski, priest and martyr at Dachau

Blessed Marcin Oprządek, Franciscan priest and martyr at Dachau

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.05.18

The Nineteenth Day of May. Eighteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌖

Saint Urban I, pope and martyr

Saints Parthenius and Calocerus, martyrs at Rome

Saint Hadulf, bishop of Cambrai

Saint Dunstan, abbot of Glastonbury and later bishop of Canterbury

Blessed Umiliana de’ Cerchi, Third Order Franciscan

Saint Celestine V, pope

Saint Yves, priest

Blessed Agostino Novello, Augustinian priest

Blesseds Juan Lorenzo de Cetina, Conventual Franciscan priest, and Pedro de Dueñas, Conventual Franciscan religious, martyrs of Spain

Blessed Juan de Santo Domingo Martínez Cid, Dominican priest and martyr of Japan

Blessed Peter Wright, priest and martyr of England

Saint Teofilo da Corte Arrighi, Franciscan priest

Saint Crispin of Viterbo, Capuchin religious

Blessed Jacques-Louis de Besançon Loir, Capuchin priest and martyr of France

Saint Maria Bernarda Bütler, virgin, founder of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Help of Christians

Blessed Józef Czempiel, priest and martyr at Dachau

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.05.19

The Twentieth Day of May. Nineteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌖

Saint Bernardine of Siena, Franciscan priest

Saint Bernardine of Siena, priest of the Order of Minors, who evangelised the crowds through the towns and cities of Italy by word and example and spread devotion to the most holy name of Jesus, tirelessly exercising the ministry of preaching with great fruit for souls until their death at L’Aquila in Abruzzo.

Saint Lydia of Thyatira, disciple of Saint Paul

Commemoration of Saint Lydia of Thyatira, a merchant of purple cloth, who, in Philippi in Macedonia, today in Greece, listening to the preaching of Saint Paul the Apostle first of all believed in the Gospel.

Saint Aurea, martyr at Ostia

Saint Baudile, martyr at Nîmes

Saint Thalalæus, martyr in Cilicia

Saint Lucifero, bishop of Cagliari

Saint Hilaire, bishop of Toulouse

Saint Austrégésile, bishop of Bourges

Saint Anastasio, bishop of Brescia

Saint Teodoro, bishop of Pavia

Blessed Guido della Gherardesca, hermit

Blessed Colomba da Rieti, virgin of Third Order Dominicans

Saint Protasius Chŏng Kuk-bo, martyr of Korea

Saint Arcangelo Tadini, priest, founder of the Worker Sisters of the Holy House of Nazareth

Blessed Luigi Talamoni, priest, founder of the Merciful Sisters of San Gerardo

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.

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