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read on:2022.10.04

The Fifth Day of October. Ninth Day of the lunar month. 🌓

Holy martyrs of Trier

Saint Caritina, martyr in Cilicia

Saint Mamlaca, virgin and martyr in Persia

Saint Apollinaire, bishop of Valence

Saint Placido, monk, disciple of Saint Benedict

Saint Jérôme, bishop of Nevers

Saint Meinuph, deacon

Saint Froilán, bishop of León

Saint Atilano, bishop of Zamora

Blessed Pietro da Imola, Hospitaller knight

Saint Fleur, Hospitaller virgin

Blessed Sante da Cori, priest of the Hermits of Saint Augustine

Blessed Raimondo delle Vigne, Dominican priest

Blessed Matteo Carreri, Dominican priest

Blesseds William Hartley, John Hewett and Robert Sutton, martyrs of England

Saint Anna Schäffer, virgin

Blessed Bartolo Longo, founder of the shrine of Pompeii and the Dominican Sisters of the Rosary

Saint Tranquilino Ubiarco Robles, priest and martyr of Mexico

Saint Faustina Kowalska, virgin of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, visionary of Jesus of Divine Mercy

At Krakow in Poland, Saint Faustina Kowalska, virgin of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, who worked hard to reveal the mystery of divine mercy.

Blessed Marian Skrzypczak, priest and martyr of Poland

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.10.05

The Sixth Day of October. Tenth Day of the lunar month. 🌔

Saint Bruno, priest, founder of the Carthusians

Saint Bruno, priest, who, originally from Cologne in Lotharingia in the territory of modern Germany, after having taught theology in France, wishing to lead a solitary life, founded the Carthusian Order with a few disciples in the deserted Chartroux valley, in which hermitical solitude is combined with a minimal form of community life. Called to Rome by Pope Blessed Urban II to help him in the needs of the Church, he nevertheless managed to spend the last years of his life in a hermitage near the monastery of La Torre in Calabria.

Saint Sagar, bishop of Laodicea in Phrygia and martyr

Saint Foy, martyr

Saint Renato, bishop of Sorrento

Saint Romain, bishop of Auxerre

Saint Magno, bishop of Oderzo

Saint Ywi, deacon and monk

Saint John Xenos, priest

Saint Pardulphe, abbot

Saint Adalbero, bishop of Würzburg

Saint Arthaud, bishop of Belley

Saint Mary Frances of the Five Wounds, Franciscan virgin

Blessed François Hunot, priest and martyr of France

Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher, virgin, founder of the Sisters of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and Mary

Saint Phanxicô Trần Văn Trung, martyr of Vietnam

Blessed Isidore of Saint Joseph De Loor, Passionist religious

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.10.06

The Seventh Day of October. Eleventh Day of the lunar month. 🌔

Our Lady of the Rosary

Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary: on this day with the prayer of the Rosary or Marian crown, the protection of the holy Mother of God is invoked to meditate on the mysteries of Christ, under her guidance, who was associated in a very special way with the incarnation, passion and resurrection of the Son of God.

Saint Marcello, martyr at Capua

Saint Giustina, virgin and martyr at Padua

Saints Sergius and Bacchus, martyrs in Syria

Saint Mark, pope

Saint Auguste, priest and abbot

Saint Pallais, bishop of Saintes

Saint Martín, abbot

Blessed Jean Hunot, priest and martyr of France

Blessed José Llosá Balaguer, Amigonian religious, martyr of Spain

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.10.07

The Eighth Day of October. Twelfth Day of the lunar month. 🌔

Saint Pelagia, virgin and martyr

Saint Reparata, virgin and martyr

Saint Felice, bishop of Como

Saint Évode, bishop of Rouen

Saint Ragenfride, abbess

Saint Ugo Canefri da Genova, Hospitaller knight

Blesseds John Adams, Robert Dibdale and John Lowe, priests, martyrs of England

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.10.08

The Ninth Day of October. Thirteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌔

Saints Denis, first bishop of Paris, Rusticus, priest, and Eleuthereus, deacon, martyrs at Paris

Saints Denis, bishop, and companions, martyrs: it is said that Saint Denis arrived in France sent by the Roman Pontiff and, having become the first bishop of Paris, he died a martyr in the vicinity of this city together with the priest Rusticus and the deacon Eleuthereus.

Saint John Leonardi, priest, founder of the Clerics Regular of the Mother of God of Lucca

Saint John Leonardi, priest, who at Lucca abandoned his profession of pharmacist to become a priest. He then founded the Order of Clerics Regular, later called of the Mother of God, for the teaching of Christian doctrine to children, the renewal of the apostolic life of the clergy and the spread of the Christian faith throughout the world, and for this he had to face many tribulations. He laid the foundations of the College of Propaganda Fide in Rome and died peacefully in this city, exhausted by the weight of his efforts.

Saint Abraham, patriarch and father of all believers

Commemoration of Saint Abraham, patriarch and father of all believers, who, called by God, left his land, Ur of the Chaldees, and set out for the land promised by God to him and to his descendants. He then manifested all his faith in God, when, hoping against all hope, he did not refuse to offer his only-begotten son Isaac as a sacrifice, whom the Lord had given to him already old and from a sterile wife.

Saints Diodorus, Diomedes and Didymus, martyrs in Syria

Saint Donnino, martyr at Fidenza

Saint Publia, widow and martyr at Antioch

Saint Savin, hermit

Saint Donnino, hermit

Saint Ghislain, monk

Saint Deusdedit, abbot, martyr at Montecassino

Saint Gunther, hermit

Saint Bernard, canon regular abbot

Saint Louis Bertrand, Dominican priest

Saint Inocencio de la Inmaculada, Passionist priest, and 8 companions, Lasalian religious, martyrs of Spain

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.

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