Saints and Blesseds

Saints and Blesseds

SpainSaint Casilda de ToledoPermalink

Died:1050? (Spain)


BelarusSaint CasimirPermalink
Kazimierz Jagiellończyk

Born:1458.10.03 (Kraków, Poland)
Died:1484.03.04 (Grodno, Belarus † 25)
Canonised:1521 (equipollently)

Prince of the Kingdom of Poland and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

MoroccoSaint Cassian of TangierPermalink

Died:298.12.03 (Tingis, Morocco)


ItalySaint CassianoPermalink

Died:320 🩸 (Imola, Italy)

Martyr. Layperson.

EthiopiaBlessed Cassien de Nantes, O.F.M. Cap.Permalink
Gonzalo Vaz Lopez Netto  (secular name)

Born:1607.01.14 (Nantes, France)
Died:1638.08.07 🩸 (Gondar, Ethiopia † 31)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Capuchin Friars Minor (Capuchin Franciscans).

SpainBlessed Casta de Jesús, A.A.S.C.Permalink
Teresa Vives y Missé  (secular name)

Born:1866.04.20 (Arenys del Mar, Barcelona, Spain)
Died:1936.11.10 🩸 (Madrid, Spain † 70)

Martyr. Religious of Sisters Adorers Handmaids of Charity and of the Blessed Sacrament.

ItalySaint CastoPermalink

Died:292 🩸 (Sinuessa, Italy)

Martyr. Bishop.

ItalySaint CastoPermalink

Died:303.05.16 🩸 (Larino, Italy)

Martyr. Layperson. Brother of Saint Primiano and Saint Firmiano.

Saint Casto di CalviPermalink

Died:300? 🩸

Martyr. Bishop.

SpainBlessed Casto Navarro Martínez, C.M.F.Permalink

Born:1905.07.01 (Guadalaviar, Teruel, Spain)
Died:1936.08.07 🩸 (San Sadurní d’Osormort, Vic, Barcelona, Spain † 31)
Beatified:2017.10.21 (Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)

Martyr. Priest of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Claretians).

SerbiaSaint CastorioPermalink

Died:287? 🩸 (Sirmium, Serbia)

Martyr. Layperson. Sculptor. One of the Four Crowned Martyrs.

ItalySaint Castrese di SessaPermalink

Died:V century (Sessa Aurunca, Italy)


ItalySaint Castrese di SessaPermalink

Died:V century (Sessa Aurunca, Italy)


ItalySaint CastuloPermalink

Died:286? 🩸 (Roma, Italy)

Martyr. Layperson. Roman official.

ArgentinaBlessed Catalina de MaríaPermalink
Josefina Saturnina Rodríguez de Zavalía  (secular name)

Born:1823.11.27 (Córdoba, Argentina)
Died:1896.04.05 (Córdoba, Argentina † 72)
Beatified:2017.11.25 (Córdoba, Argentina)

Religious and founder of Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus.

SpainBlessed Catalina del Carme Caldés Socias, O.F.M.Permalink

Born:1899.07.09 (Sa Pobla, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain)
Died:1936.07.23 🩸 (L’Arrabasada highway, Barcelona, Spain † 37)

Martyr. Religious of Franciscan Daughters of Mercy.

SpainSaint Catalina Tomàs i GallardPermalink

Born:1533.05.01 (Valldemossa, Mallorca, Spain)
Died:1574.04.05 (Palma, Spain † 40)

Religious of Canonesses of St Augustine.

ItalyBlessed Caterina CittadiniPermalink

Born:1801.09.28 (Bergamo, Italy)
Died:1857.05.05 (Somasca, Bergamo, Italy † 55)

Religious and founder of Ursuline Religious of Somasca.

ItalySaint Caterina da Bologna, O.S.C.Permalink

Born:1413.09.08 (Bologna, Italy)
Died:1463.03.09 (Bologna, Italy † 49)

Religious of Poor Clares.

ItalySaint Caterina da Genova Fieschi AdornoPermalink

Born:1447.04.05 (Genova, Italy)
Died:1510.09.15 (Genova, Italy † 63)
Beatified:1675.04.06 (equipollently)


ItalyBlessed Caterina da Racconigi MatteiPermalink

Born:1486.06 (Racconigi, Italy)
Died:1547.09.04 (Caramagna, Italy † 61)
Beatified:1808.04.09 (equipollently)


FranceBlessed Caterina Jarrige, T.O.S.F.Permalink

Born:1754.10.04 (Doumis, France)
Died:1836.07.04 (Mauriac, France † 81)

Religious of Third Order of St. Francis.

ItalyBlessed Caterina MorigiPermalink

Born:1437? (Pallanza, Italy)
Died:1478.04.06 (Varese, Italy † 41)
Beatified:1769.09.16 (equipollently)

Religious of Order of St. Ambrose ad Nemus.

ItalySaint Caterina VolpicelliPermalink

Born:1839.01.21 (Napoli, Italy)
Died:1894.12.28 (Napoli, Italy † 55)

Religious and founder of Institute of Handmaidens of the Sacred Heart.

JapanBlessed CatharinaPermalink
カタリナ  (日本語)

Born:1574 (Higo, Japan)
Died:1622.09.10 🩸 (Nishizaka, Nagasaki, Japan † 48)

Martyr. Layperson of Nagasaki. Married. Member of Confraternity of the Rosary.

JapanBlessed CatharinaPermalink
カタリナ  (日本語)

Born:1591? (Fukae, Japan)
Died:1626.07.12 🩸 (Nagasaki, Japan † 35)

Martyr. Layperson of Nagasaki. Married. Wife of Blessed Ioannes Tanaka.

South KoreaSaint Catharina Chŏng Ch’Ŏr-yŏmPermalink
정철염 카타리나  (한국어)
鄭鐵艶  (正體中文)

Born:1817 (Suweon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)
Died:1846.09.20 🩸 (Seoul Prison, South Korea † 29)
Canonised:1984.05.06 (Seoul, South Korea)

Martyr. Layperson. Married.

JapanBlessed Catharina HashimotoPermalink
カタリナ 橋本  (日本語)

Born:1606? (Kyōto (Miyako), Japan)
Died:1619.10.06 🩸 (Kyōto (Miyako), Japan † 13)
Beatified:2008.11.24 (Nagasaki, Japan)

Martyr. Layperson of Kyoto. Daugher of Blessed Ioannes Hashimoto Tahyōe and Blessed Thecla Hashimoto.

South KoreaSaint Catharina YiPermalink
이 가타리나  (한국어)
李加大利納  (正體中文)

Born:1783 (Seoul, South Korea)
Died:1839.09 🩸 (Seoul Prison, South Korea † 56)
Canonised:1984.05.06 (Seoul, South Korea)

Martyr. Layperson. Widow. Mother of Saint Magdalena Cho.

FranceBlessed Catherine CottanceauPermalink

Born:1733? (Bressuire, Deux-Sèvres, France)
Died:1794.02.01 🩸 (Avrillé, France † 61)

Martyr. Layperson of Angers.

FranceBlessed Catherine-de-Jésus, O.S.U.Permalink
Marie-Madeleine Justamond  (secular name)

Born:1724.09.06 (Bollène, Vaucluse, France)
Died:1794.07.26 🩸 (Orange, Vaucluse, France † 69)

Martyr. Religious of Order of St. Ursula of the Roman Union (Ursuline Sisters).

FranceBlessed Catherine du Verdier de la SorinièrePermalink

Born:1758.06.29 (Saint-Pierre de Chemillé, Maine-et-Loire, France)
Died:1794.02.10 🩸 (Avrillé, France † 35)

Martyr. Layperson of Angers.

FranceSaint Catherine Labouré, D.C.Permalink

Born:1806.05.02 (Fain-lès-Moutiers, France)
Died:1876.12.31 (Enghien-les-Bains, Seine-et-Oise, France † 70)

Religious of Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. Visionary of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

EgyptSaint Catherine of AlexandriaPermalink

Born:287? (Alexandria, Egypt)
Died:305? 🩸 (Alexandria, Egypt † 18)

Martyr. Layperson. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

ItalySaint Catherine of Ricci, O.S.D.Permalink
Caterina de’ Ricci
Alessandra Lucrezia Romola  (secular name)

Born:1522.04.23 (Firenze, Italy)
Died:1590.02.02 (Prato, Italy † 67)

Religious of Third Order of Saint Dominic. Visionary of Jesus.

ItalySaint Catherine of Siena, O.P.Permalink
Caterina di Jacopo di Benincasa

Born:1347.03.25 (Siena, Italy)
Died:1380.04.29 (Roma, Italy † 33)
Canonised:1461.06.29 (equipollently)
Proclaimed Doctor of the Church:1970.10.04

Religious of Order of Preachers (Dominican Nuns).

SwedenSaint Catherine of VadstenaPermalink
Katarina av Vadstena

Died:1381.03.24 (Vadstena, Sweden † 50)
Canonised:1484 (equipollently)

Religious of Order of the Most Holy Saviour.

FranceBlessed Catherine Soiron, O.C.D.Permalink

Born:1742.02.02 (Compiègne, Oise, France)
Died:1794.07.17 🩸 (Paris, France † 52)

Martyr. Religious of Discalced Carmelite Sisters.

SpainBlessed Cayetano García MartínezPermalink

Born:1895.01.06 (Jumilla, Murcia, Spain)
Died:1936.08.15 🩸 (Jumilla, Murcia, Spain † 41)
Beatified:2017.11.11 (Madrid, Spain)

Martyr. Priest of Cartagena.

SpainCayetano Giménez MartínPermalink

Born:1866.11.29 (Alfornón, Granada, Spain)
Died:1936.08.09 🩸 (Loja, Granada, Spain † 69)

Martyr. Priest of Granada.

SpainBlessed Cayetano José, F.S.C.Permalink
Ramón Palos Gascón  (secular name)

Born:1885.08.11 (Forcall, Castellón de la Plana, Spain)
Died:1936.07.30 🩸 (Barcelona, Spain † 50)

Martyr. Religious of Brothers of the Christian Schools (Lasalians, De La Salle Brothers).

SpainSaint Cayo de ZaragozaPermalink

Died:304 🩸 (Zaragoza, Spain)

Martyr. Layperson.

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