Saints and Blesseds


Laos Laos

Saints (17 Blesseds)BirthplaceDeath PlaceYear of DeathAscending
Blessed Akatha Phuttha (อากาทา พุดทา), laypersonLaosThailand Thailand1940
Blessed Joseph Tien Thạo Tiến, priestLaosLaos1954
Blessed René Dubroux, priestFrance FranceLaos1959
Blessed Mario Borzaga, priestItaly ItalyLaos1960
Blessed Paul Thoj Xyooj Paj Lug, laypersonLaosLaos1960
Blessed Joseph Outhay Phongphumi, laypersonThailand ThailandLaos1961
Blessed Louis Leroy, priestFrance FranceLaos1961
Blessed Marcel Denis, priestFrance FranceLaos1961
Blessed Michel Coquelet, priestFrance FranceLaos1961
Blessed Noël Tenaud, priestFrance FranceLaos1961
Blessed Vincent L’Hénoret, priestFrance FranceLaos1961
Blessed Jean Wauthier, priestFrance FranceLaos1967
Blessed Lucien Galan, priestFrance FranceLaos1968
Blessed Thomas Khampheuane Inthirath, laypersonLaosLaos1968
Blessed Joseph Boissel, priestFrance FranceLaos1969
Blessed Luc Sy, laypersonLaosLaos1970
Blessed Maisam Pho Inpèng, laypersonLaosLaos1970

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