Pseudocardinals Created by

Antipope Felix V Details (23)

Consistory of 1440.04.12 (at the time of creation) (4)
1.France Bishop Louis de La Palud, O.S.B. Clun. (65)Bishop Louis de La Palud, O.S.B. Clun. (65), Bishop of Lausanne (Switzerland)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Bishop Bartolomeo Aicardi Visconti (38)Bishop Bartolomeo Aicardi Visconti (38), Bishop of Novara (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
(3)Germany Bishop Walram von Moers (47)Bishop Walram von Moers (47)Declined promotion
(4)Spain Bishop Alonso Carrillo de Acuña (26)Bishop Alonso Carrillo de Acuña (26), Apostolic Administrator of Sigüenza (Spain)Declined promotion
Consistory of 1440.10.02 (at the time of creation) (8)
1.Italy Bishop Aleksander Mazowiecki (40)Bishop Aleksander Mazowiecki (40), Bishop of Trento (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Spain Bishop Otón de Moncada i de Luna (50)Bishop Otón de Moncada i de Luna (50), Bishop of Tortosa (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
3.France Bishop Jordi d’Ornos (60)Bishop Jordi d’Ornos (Georges d’Ornone) (60), Bishop of Vic (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
4.Switzerland Bishop François de Meez, O.S.B. Clun.Bishop François de Meez, O.S.B. Clun., Bishop of Genève (Switzerland)Cardinal-Priest
5.France Bishop Bernard de La Planche, O.S.B. Clun.Bishop Bernard de La Planche, O.S.B. Clun., Bishop emeritus of Dax (France)Cardinal-Priest
6.Croatia Bishop Giovanni di Ragusa, O.P. (45)Bishop Giovanni di Ragusa, O.P. (45)Cardinal-Priest
7.Germany Fr. Johann Grünwalder (50)Fr. Johann Grünwalder (50)Cardinal-Priest
8.France Fr. Juan de Segovia (45)Fr. Juan de Segovia (45)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1440.11.12 (at the time of creation) (6)
1.France Archbishop Amédée de TalaruArchbishop Amédée de Talaru, Metropolitan Archbishop of Lyon (France)Cardinal-Priest
2.France Patriarch Denis du MoulinPatriarch Denis du Moulin, Patriarch of Antioch and Bishop of Paris (France)Cardinal-Priest
3.France Archbishop Philippe de Coëtquis (64)Archbishop Philippe de Coëtquis (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tours (France)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Archbishop Niccolò Tedeschi, O.S.B. Cas. (54)Archbishop Niccolò Tedeschi, O.S.B. Cas. (54), Metropolitan Archbishop of Palermo (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
5.France Bishop Gérard Machet (60)Bishop Gérard Machet (60), Bishop of Castres (France)Cardinal-Priest
6.France Bishop Jean de Malestroit (65)Bishop Jean de Malestroit (65), Bishop of Nantes (France)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1444.04.06 (at the time of creation) (5)
1.France Archbishop Jean d’Arces (74)Archbishop Jean d’Arces (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tarentaise (France)Cardinal-Priest
2.Poland Archbishop Wincenty Kot z Dębna (49)Archbishop Wincenty Kot z Dębna (49), Metropolitan Archbishop of Gniezno (Poland)Cardinal-Priest
(3)France Bishop Guillaume d’Estaing, O.S.B. Clun.Bishop Guillaume d’Estaing, O.S.B. Clun.Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Bishop Bartolomeo VitelleschiBishop Bartolomeo Vitelleschi, Bishop emeritus of Corneto (Italy) and Bishop emeritus of MontefiasconeCardinal-Priest
(5)France Fr. Thomas de Courcelles (44)Fr. Thomas de Courcelles (44)Declined promotion

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