Cardinals Created by

Pope Urban V Details (14)

Consistory of 1366.09.18 (at the time of creation) (3)
1.France Bishop Angelic de Grimoard, C.R.S.A. (51)Bishop Angelic de Grimoard, C.R.S.A. (51), Bishop of Avignon (France)Cardinal-Priest
2.France Bishop Guillaume de la Sudré, O.P.Bishop Guillaume de la Sudré, O.P., Bishop of Marseille (France)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Fr. Marco da Verterbo, O.F.M. (62)Fr. Marco da Verterbo, O.F.M. (62), Minister General emeritus of Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1367.05.12 (at the time of creation) (1)
1.France Fr. Guillaume d’Aigrefeuille, O.S.B. Clun. (28)Fr. Guillaume d’Aigrefeuille, O.S.B. Clun. (28)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1368.09.22 (at the time of creation) (8)
1.France Patriarch Arnaud Bernard du PougetPatriarch Arnaud Bernard du Pouget, Patriarch of Alexandria and Apostolic Administrator of Montauban (France)Cardinal-Priest
2.France Patriarch Philippe de Cabassole (63)Patriarch Philippe de Cabassole (63), Patriarch of Jerusalem, Apostolic Administrator of Marseille (France) and Bishop emeritus of CavaillonCardinal-Priest
3.England Archbishop Simon Langham, E.B.C. (58)Archbishop Simon Langham, E.B.C. (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Canterbury (England)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Archbishop Bernard du BosquetArchbishop Bernard du Bosquet, Metropolitan Archbishop of Napoli (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
5.France Bishop Jean de DormansBishop Jean de Dormans, Bishop of Beauvais (France)Cardinal-Priest
6.France Bishop Étienne de PoissyBishop Étienne de Poissy, Bishop of Paris (France)Cardinal-Priest
7.France Bishop Pierre de Banac, O.S.B. Clun.Bishop Pierre de Banac, O.S.B. Clun., Bishop emeritus of Castres (France)Cardinal-Priest
8.Italy Fr. Francesco TebaldeschiFr. Francesco TebaldeschiCardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1370.06.07 (at the time of creation) (2)
1.Italy Archbishop Pierre d’Estaing, O.S.B. Clun. (50)Archbishop Pierre d’Estaing, O.S.B. Clun. (50), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bourges (France)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Bishop Pietro Corsini (35)Bishop Pietro Corsini (35), Bishop emeritus of Firenze (Italy)Cardinal-Priest

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