Cardinals Created by

Pope Nicholas IV Details (6)

Consistory of 1288.05.16 (at the time of creation) (6)
1.Italy Bishop Bernardo de’ BerardiBishop Bernardo de’ Berardi, Bishop of Osimo (Italy)Cardinal-Bishop
2.France Fr. Hugues Aycelin de Billom, O.P. (58)Fr. Hugues Aycelin de Billom, O.P. (58), Master of the Sacred Palace of Prefecture of the Holy Apostolic PalacesCardinal-Priest
3.Italy Fr. Matteo d’Acquasparta, O.F.M. (51)Fr. Matteo d’Acquasparta, O.F.M. (51), Minister General of Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Mr. Pietro Peregrosso (63)Cardinal-Deacon
5.Italy Mr. Napoleone Orsini (25)Cardinal-Deacon
6.Italy Mr. Pietro Colonna (28)Cardinal-Deacon

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