Cardinals Created by

Pope John XXIII Details (52)

Consistory of 1958.12.15 (at the time of creation) (23)
1.Italy Archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini (61)Archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of Milano (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Patriarch Giovanni Urbani (58)Patriarch Giovanni Urbani (58), Patriarch of Venezia (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Archbishop Paolo Giobbe (78)Archbishop Paolo Giobbe (78), Titular Archbishop of Ptolemais in Thebaide and Apostolic Internuncio to NetherlandsCardinal-Priest
4.Italy Archbishop Giuseppe Fietta (75)Archbishop Giuseppe Fietta (75), Titular Archbishop of Serdica and Apostolic Nuncio to ItalyCardinal-Priest
5.Italy Archbishop Fernando Cento (75)Archbishop Fernando Cento (75), Titular Archbishop of Seleucia Pieria and Bishop emeritus of Acireale (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
6.Italy Archbishop Carlo Chiarlo (77)Archbishop Carlo Chiarlo (77), Titular Archbishop of AmidaCardinal-Priest
7.Italy Archbishop Amleto Giovanni Cicognani (75)Archbishop Amleto Giovanni Cicognani (75), Titular Archbishop of Laodicea in Phrygia and Apostolic Delegate to United States of AmericaCardinal-Priest
8.Mexico Archbishop José Garibi Rivera (69)Archbishop José Garibi Rivera (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Guadalajara (Mexico)Cardinal-Priest
9.Uruguay Archbishop Antonio María Barbieri, O.F.M. Cap. (66)Archbishop Antonio María Barbieri, O.F.M. Cap. (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Montevideo (Uruguay) and President of Episcopal Conference of UruguayCardinal-Priest
10.England Archbishop William Godfrey (69)Archbishop William Godfrey (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Westminster (England), President of Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and Apostolic Administrator of England and Wales of the Ukrainians (England)Cardinal-Priest
11.Italy Archbishop Carlo Confalonieri (65)Archbishop Carlo Confalonieri (65), Titular Archbishop of Nicopolis ad Nestum and Secretary of Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and UniversitiesCardinal-Priest
12.USA Archbishop Richard James Cushing (63)Archbishop Richard James Cushing (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Boston (USA)Cardinal-Priest
13.Italy Archbishop Alfonso Castaldo (68)Archbishop Alfonso Castaldo (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Napoli (Italy) and Bishop of Pozzuoli (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
14.France Archbishop Paul-Marie Richaud (71)Archbishop Paul-Marie Richaud (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bordeaux (France)Cardinal-Priest
15.USA Archbishop John Francis O’Hara, C.S.C. (70)Archbishop John Francis O’Hara, C.S.C. (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia (USA)Cardinal-Priest
16.Spain Archbishop José María Bueno y Monreal (54)Archbishop José María Bueno y Monreal (54), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sevilla (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
17.Austria Archbishop Franz König (53)Archbishop Franz König (53), Metropolitan Archbishop of Wien (Austria), Ordinary of Austria of the Eastern Rite (Austria) and President of Episcopal Conference of AustriaCardinal-Priest
18.Germany Bishop Julius Döpfner (45)Bishop Julius Döpfner (45), Bishop of Berlin (Germany)Cardinal-Priest
19.Italy Msgr. Domenico Tardini (70)Msgr. Domenico Tardini (70), Secretary of State of Secretariat of State and Prefect of Sacred Congregation for Extraordinary Ecclesiastical AffairsCardinal-Priest
20.Italy Msgr. Alberto Di Jorio (74)Msgr. Alberto Di Jorio (74), Secretary General of Administrative Office emeritus of Institute for Works of ReligionCardinal-Deacon
21.Italy Msgr. Francesco Bracci (79)Msgr. Francesco Bracci (79), Secretary of Sacred Congregation of Sacramental DisciplineCardinal-Deacon
22.Italy Msgr. Francesco Roberti (69)Msgr. Francesco Roberti (69), Consultant of Justice of Secretariat of State and Secretary of Sacred Congregation of the CouncilCardinal-Deacon
23.France Msgr. André-Damien-Ferdinand Jullien, P.S.S. (76)Msgr. André-Damien-Ferdinand Jullien, P.S.S. (76), Dean of Sacred Roman RotaCardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1959.12.14 (at the time of creation) (8)
1.Italy Archbishop Paolo Marella (64)Archbishop Paolo Marella (64), Titular Archbishop of Doclea and Apostolic Nuncio to FranceCardinal-Priest
2.Italy Archbishop Gustavo Testa (73)Archbishop Gustavo Testa (73), Titular Archbishop of AmaseaCardinal-Priest
3.USA Archbishop Aloisius Joseph Muench (70)Archbishop Aloisius Joseph Muench (70), Archbishop-Bishop of Fargo (USA) and Apostolic Nuncio to GermanyCardinal-Priest
4.USA Archbishop Albert Gregory Meyer (56)Archbishop Albert Gregory Meyer (56), Metropolitan Archbishop of Chicago (USA)Cardinal-Priest
5.Spain Fr. Arcadio María Larraona, C.M.F. (72)Fr. Arcadio María Larraona, C.M.F. (72), Superior General of Congregation of Saint John the Baptist Precursor and Secretary of Sacred Congregation of ReligiousCardinal-Deacon
6.Italy Msgr. Francesco Morano (87)Msgr. Francesco Morano (87), Secretary of Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic SignaturaCardinal-Deacon
7.Scotland Msgr. William Theodore Heard (75)Msgr. William Theodore Heard (75), Dean of Sacred Roman RotaCardinal-Deacon
8.Germany Fr. Augustin Bea, S.J. (78)Fr. Augustin Bea, S.J. (78), Rector emeritus of Pontifical Biblical Institute (Biblicum)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1960.03.28 (at the time of creation) (7)
1.Italy Archbishop Luigi Traglia (64)Archbishop Luigi Traglia (64), Titular Archbishop of Cesarea in Palæstina and Vicegerent for the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Japan Archbishop Peter Tatsuo Doi (67)Archbishop Peter Tatsuo Doi (ペトロ土井辰雄) (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tokyo 東京 (Japan) and President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of JapanCardinal-Priest
3.France Archbishop Joseph-Charles Lefèbvre (67)Archbishop Joseph-Charles Lefèbvre (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bourges (France)Cardinal-Priest
4.Netherlands Archbishop Bernardus Johannes Alfrink (59)Archbishop Bernardus Johannes Alfrink (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Utrecht (Netherlands) and Military Vicar of Netherlands (Netherlands)Cardinal-Priest
5.Philippines Archbishop Rufino Jiao Santos (51)Archbishop Rufino Jiao Santos (51), Metropolitan Archbishop of Manila (Philippines) and Military Vicar of Philippines (Philippines)Cardinal-Priest
6.Tanzania Bishop Laurean Rugambwa (47)Bishop Laurean Rugambwa (47), Bishop of RutaboCardinal-Priest
7.Italy Msgr. Antonio Bacci (74)Msgr. Antonio Bacci (74), Secretary of Secretariat of Briefs to PrincesCardinal-Deacon
3 Cardinals named in pectore never published
Consistory of 1961.01.16 (at the time of creation) (4)
1.USA Archbishop Joseph Elmer Ritter (68)Archbishop Joseph Elmer Ritter (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Saint Louis (USA)Cardinal-Priest
2.Venezuela Archbishop José Humberto Quintero Parra (58)Archbishop José Humberto Quintero Parra (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Caracas (Venezuela)Cardinal-Priest
3.Colombia Archbishop Luis Concha Córdoba (69)Archbishop Luis Concha Córdoba (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bogotá (Colombia), Military Vicar of Colombia (Colombia) and President of Episcopal Conference of ColombiaCardinal-Priest
4.Italy Archbishop Giuseppe Antonio Ferretto (61)Archbishop Giuseppe Antonio Ferretto (61), Titular Archbishop of Serdica, Assessor of Sacred Consistorial Congregation and Secretary of Sacred College of CardinalsCardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1962.03.19 (at the time of creation) (10)
1.India Patriarch José da Costa Nuñes (81)Patriarch José da Costa Nuñes (高若瑟) (81), Titular Archbishop of Odessus, Vice-Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church of Reverend Apostolic Camera, Patriarch ad personam and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Goa and Daman (India)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Archbishop Giovanni Panico (66)Archbishop Giovanni Panico (66), Titular Archbishop of Iustiniana prima and Apostolic Nuncio to PortugalCardinal-Priest
3.Italy Archbishop Ildebrando Antoniutti (63)Archbishop Ildebrando Antoniutti (63), Titular Archbishop of Synnada in Phrygia and Apostolic Nuncio to SpainCardinal-Priest
4.Italy Archbishop Efrem Forni (73)Archbishop Efrem Forni (73), Titular Archbishop of Darnis, Apostolic Nuncio to Luxembourg and Apostolic Nuncio to BelgiumCardinal-Priest
5.Peru Archbishop Juan Landázuri Ricketts, O.F.M. (48)Archbishop Juan Landázuri Ricketts, O.F.M. (48), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lima (Peru) and President of Episcopal Conference of PeruCardinal-Priest
6.Syria Archbishop Gabriel Acacius Coussa, B.A. (64)Archbishop Gabriel Acacius Coussa, B.A. (64), Titular Archbishop of Hierapolis in Syria of the Greek-Melkites, Pro-Secretary of Sacred Congregation for the Oriental Churches, Secretary of Pontifical Commission for the Authentic Interpretation of the Code of Canon Law and Secretary of Pontifical Commission for the Codification of Oriental Canon LawCardinal-Priest
7.Chile Archbishop Raúl Silva Henríquez, S.D.B. (54)Archbishop Raúl Silva Henríquez, S.D.B. (54), Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago (Chile) and President of Caritas InternationalisCardinal-Priest
8.Belgium Archbishop Leo Jozef Suenens (57)Archbishop Leo Jozef Suenens (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Mechelen–Brussel (Belgium), Military Vicar of Belgium (Belgium) and President of Episcopal Conference of BelgiumCardinal-Priest
9.Ireland Fr. Michael Browne, O.P. (74)Fr. Michael Browne, O.P. (74), Master of the Order emeritus of Order of Preachers (Dominicans)Cardinal-Deacon
10.Spain Fr. Joaquín Anselmo María Albareda, O.S.B. Subl. (70)Fr. Joaquín Anselmo María Albareda, O.S.B. Subl. (70), Prefect of Vatican Apostolic LibraryCardinal-Deacon

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