Cardinals Created by Gregory IX (1227-41)

Consistory of 1227.09.18 (6)

Turkey1. Cardinal Jean Halgrin, O.S.B. Clun.Permalink

former Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
former Patriarch of Constantinople (Turkey)
former Metropolitan Archbishop of Besançon (France)

Born:1180 (France)
Ordained Priest:
Consecrated Bishop:1225.10.19
Created Cardinal:1227.09.18
Died:1237.09.28 († 57)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Besançon (France) (1225.03 – 1227.09.18)

Patriarch of Constantinople (Turkey) (1226.12.23 – 1227.09.18)

Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina (1227.09.18 – 1237.09.28)

Italy2. Cardinal Goffredo da Castiglione (later Pope Celestine IV)Permalink

former Supreme Pontiff

Born: (Milano, Italy)
Ordained Priest:
Created Cardinal:1227.09.18
Consecrated Bishop:1239?
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:1241.10.25
Installed as Supreme Pontiff:1241.10.28
Died:1241.11.10 (Roma, Italy)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Marco (1227.09.18 – 1239)

Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina (1239 – 1241.10.25)

Supreme Pontiff (1241.10.25 [1241.10.28] – 1241.11.10)

Italy3. Cardinal Rinaldo dei signori di Ienne (later Pope Alexander IV)Permalink

former Supreme Pontiff

Born:1199 (Jenne, Italy)
Ordained Priest:
Created Cardinal:1227.09.18
Consecrated Bishop:1235.03
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:1254.12.12
Installed as Supreme Pontiff:1254.12.20
Died:1261.05.25 (Viterbo, Italy † 62)

Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church of Reverend Apostolic Camera (1227 – ?)

Cardinal-Deacon of S. Eustachio (1227.09.18 – 1232.10.21)

Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia–Velletri (1232.10.21 – 1254.12.12)

Supreme Pontiff (1254.12.12 [1254.12.20] – 1261.05.25)

Italy4. Cardinal Sinibaldo Fieschi (later Pope Innocent IV)Permalink

former Supreme Pontiff

Born:1195 (Genova, Italy)
Ordained Priest:
Created Cardinal:1227.09.18
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:1243.06.25
Consecrated Bishop:1243.06.28
Installed as Supreme Pontiff:1243.06.28
Died:1254.12.07 (Napoli, Italy † 59)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Lorenzo in Lucina (1227.09.18 – 1243.06.25)

Bishop of Albenga (Italy) (1235 – 1238)

Supreme Pontiff (1243.06.25 [1243.06.28] – 1254.12.07)

France5. Cardinal BarthélemyPermalink

former Cardinal-Priest of S. Pudenziana
former Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne (France)

Born: (France)
Ordained Priest:
Consecrated Bishop:1226?
Created Cardinal:1227.09.18

Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne (France) (1226 – 1227.09.18)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Pudenziana (1227.09.18 – 1231.03.15)

Italy6. Cardinal Oddone de MonferratoPermalink

former Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina

Born: (Italy)
Created Cardinal:1227.09.18
Ordained Priest:1244?
Consecrated Bishop:1244?

Cardinal-Deacon of S. Nicola in Carcere (1227.09.18 – 1244.05.28)

Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina (1244.05.28 – 1250?)

Consistory of 1228.12 (2)

Belgium1. Cardinal Jacques de Vitry, C.R.S.A.Permalink

former Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
former Auxiliary Bishop of Liège (Belgium)

Born:1160 (France)
Ordained Priest:1210
Consecrated Bishop:1216.07.31
Created Cardinal:1228.12
Died:1240.05.01 († 80)

Bishop of San Giovanni d’Acri (1216.07.31 – 1228.12)

Auxiliary Bishop of Liège (Belgium) (1226 – 1229)

Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati (1228.12 – 1240.05.01)

Cardinal Dean of Sacred College of Cardinals (1240 – 1240.05.01)

Italy2. Cardinal Niccolò Conti di SegniPermalink

former Cardinal-Priest of S. Marcello

Born: (Italy)
Ordained Priest:
Created Cardinal:1228.12

Cardinal-Priest of S. Marcello (1228.12 – 1239.12.27)

Consistory of 1231.09 (3)

Italy1. Cardinal Giacomo da Pecorara, O. Cist.Permalink

former Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina

Born:1170 (Italy)
Ordained Priest:
Created Cardinal:1231.09
Consecrated Bishop:1235.03.15
Died:1244.06.25 († 74)

Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina (1231.09 – 1244.06.25)

France2. Cardinal Simon de SullyPermalink

former Cardinal-Priest of S. Cecilia
former Metropolitan Archbishop of Bourges (France)

Born: (France)
Ordained Priest:
Consecrated Bishop:1218?
Created Cardinal:1231.09

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bourges (France) (1218 – 1232.08.09)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Cecilia (1231.09 – 1232.08.09)

France3. Cardinal Raymond de PonsPermalink

former Bishop of Périgueux (France)

Born: (France)
Ordained Priest:
Consecrated Bishop:1220?
Created Cardinal:1231.09

Bishop of Périgueux (France) (1220 – 1231)

Cardinal-Priest with no Title assigned (1231.09 – 1232)

Consistory of 1237 (3)

Italy1. Cardinal Riccardo AnnibaldiPermalink

former Cardinal-Deacon of S. Angelo in Pescheria

Born:1200? (Italy)
Created Cardinal:1237
Died:1276.10.04 († 76)

Cardinal-Deacon of S. Angelo in Pescheria (1237 – 1276.10.04)

France2. Cardinal François CassardPermalink

former Cardinal-Priest of S. Martino ai Monti
former Metropolitan Archbishop of Tours (France)

Born: (France)
Ordained Priest:
Consecrated Bishop:1228?
Created Cardinal:1237

Metropolitan Archbishop of Tours (France) (1228 – 1229)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Martino ai Monti (1237 – 1237.08.07)

England3. Cardinal GuyPermalink

former Cardinal-Deacon of S. Eustachio

Born: (England)
Created Cardinal:1237

Cardinal-Deacon of S. Eustachio (1237 – 1239)

Consistory of 1239 (2)

England1. Cardinal Robert SomercotesPermalink

former Cardinal-Priest of S. Crisogono

Born: (England)
Created Cardinal:1239

Cardinal-Deacon of S. Eustachio (1239 – 1239)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Crisogono (1239 – 1241.09.26)

Spain2. Saint Cardinal Ramón Nonato (Raymond Nonnatus), O. de M.Permalink

former Cardinal-Deacon of S. Eustachio

Born:1200? (Portell, Spain)
Ordained Priest:1224
Created Cardinal:1239
Died:1240.08.31 (Cardona, Spain † 40)
Beatified:1626.05.09 (equipollently)
Canonised:1669.08.13 (equipollently)

Cardinal-Deacon of S. Eustachio (1240 – 1240.08.31)

Cardinal and religious of Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy (Mercedarians).

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