Bishops of Philippines

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Bishops and Ordinaries of Philippines (143)

Cardinals (4)

Cardinal Jose Fuerte Advincula (69)Advincula, Jose Fuerte (69), Cardinal-Priest of San Vigilio and Metropolitan Archbishop of Manila (Philippines)
Cardinal Orlando Beltran Quevedo, O.M.I. (82)Quevedo, Orlando Beltran, O.M.I. (82), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria «Regina Mundi» a Torre Spaccata and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Cotabato (Philippines)
Cardinal Gaudencio Borbon Rosales (89)Rosales, Gaudencio Borbon (89), Cardinal-Priest of SS. Nome di Maria in Via Latina, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Manila (Philippines) and former Member of Council of Cardinals for the Study of Organisational and Economic Problems of the Apostolic See
Cardinal Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle (64)Tagle, Luis Antonio Gokim (64), Cardinal-Bishop of S. Felice da Cantalice a Centocelle, Prefect of Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, President of Interdicasterial Commission for Consecrated Religious, President of Caritas Internationalis, Member of Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for Works of Religion and Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Urbaniana University

Archbishops (27)

Archbishop Paciano Basilio Aniceto (84)Aniceto, Paciano Basilio (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of San Fernando (Philippines)
Archbishop José Araneta Cabantan (64)Araneta Cabantan, José (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cagayan de Oro (Philippines)
Archbishop Ramon Cabrera Argüelles (76)Argüelles, Ramon Cabrera (76), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Lipa (Philippines)
Archbishop Bernardito Cleopas Auza (62)Auza, Bernardito Cleopas (62), Titular Archbishop of Suacia, Apostolic Nuncio to Spain and Apostolic Nuncio to Andorra
Archbishop Ricardo Lingan Baccay (60)Baccay, Ricardo Lingan (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tuguegarao (Philippines)
Archbishop Fernando Robles Capalla (86)Capalla, Fernando Robles (86), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Davao (Philippines)
Archbishop Romulo Tolentino de la Cruz (74)de la Cruz, Romulo Tolentino (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Zamboanga (Philippines)
Archbishop Pedro Rosales Dean (91)Dean, Pedro Rosales (91), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Palo (Philippines)
Archbishop John Forrosuelo Du (66)Du, John Forrosuelo (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Palo (Philippines)
Archbishop Gilbert Armea Garcera (62)Garcera, Gilbert Armea (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lipa (Philippines)
Archbishop Martin Sarmiento Jumoad (64)Jumoad, Martin Sarmiento (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Ozamiz (Philippines)
Archbishop Angel Nacorda Lagdameo (81)Lagdameo, Angel Nacorda (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Jaro (Philippines)
Archbishop Angelito Rendon Lampon, O.M.I. (71)Lampon, Angelito Rendon, O.M.I. (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cotabato (Philippines)
Archbishop Florentino Galang Lavarias (64)Lavarias, Florentino Galang (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of San Fernando (Philippines)
Archbishop Jose Romeo Juanito Orquejo Lazo (72)Lazo, Jose Romeo Juanito Orquejo (72), Metropolitan Archbishop of Jaro (Philippines)
Archbishop Antonio Javellana Ledesma, S.J. (78)Ledesma, Antonio Javellana, S.J. (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Cagayan de Oro (Philippines)
Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla (67)Padilla, Francisco Montecillo (67), Titular Archbishop of Nebbio and Apostolic Nuncio to Guatemala
Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla (79)Padilla, Osvaldo (79), Titular Archbishop of Pia
Archbishop Jose Serofia Palma (71)Palma, Jose Serofia (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cebu (Philippines)
Archbishop Marlo Mendoza Peralta (71)Peralta, Marlo Mendoza (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Nueva Segovia (Philippines)
Archbishop Ernesto Antolin Salgado (84)Salgado, Ernesto Antolin (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Nueva Segovia (Philippines)
Archbishop Diosdado Aenlle Talamayan (88)Talamayan, Diosdado Aenlle (88), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Tuguegarao (Philippines)
Archbishop Rolando Joven Tria Tirona, O.C.D. (75)Tria Tirona, Rolando Joven, O.C.D. (75), Metropolitan Archbishop of Caceres (Philippines)
Archbishop Sergio Lasam Utleg (78)Utleg, Sergio Lasam (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Tuguegarao (Philippines)
Archbishop Romulo Geolina Valles (70)Valles, Romulo Geolina (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Davao (Philippines)
Archbishop Socrates Buenaventura Villegas (60)Villegas, Socrates Buenaventura (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lingayen–Dagupan (Philippines)
Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana (73)Yllana, Adolfo Tito (易福霖) (73), Titular Archbishop of Montecorvino, Apostolic Nuncio to Israel, Apostolic Nuncio to Cyprus and Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine

Bishops (104)

Bishop Isabelo Caiban Abarquez (62)Abarquez, Isabelo Caiban (62), Bishop of Calbayog (Philippines)
Bishop Narciso Villaver Abellana, M.S.C. (67)Abellana, Narciso Villaver, M.S.C. (67), Bishop of Romblon (Philippines)
Bishop Guillermo Dela Vega Afable (70)Afable, Guillermo Dela Vega (70), Bishop of Digos (Philippines)
Bishop Rex Andrew Clement Alarcon (51)Alarcon, Rex Andrew Clement (51), Bishop of Daet (Philippines)
Bishop Cosme Damian Racines Almedilla (61)Almedilla, Cosme Damian Racines (61), Bishop of Butuan (Philippines)
Bishop Gerardo Alimane Alminaza (62)Alminaza, Gerardo Alimane (62), Bishop of San Carlos (Philippines)
Bishop Benjamin de Jesus Almoneda (91)Almoneda, Benjamin de Jesus (91), Bishop emeritus of Daet (Philippines)
Bishop David William Valencia Antonio (57)Antonio, David William Valencia (57), Bishop of Ilagan (Philippines) and Apostolic Administrator of San Jose in Mindoro (Philippines)
Bishop Abel Cahiles Apigo (53)Apigo, Abel Cahiles (53), Bishop of Mati (Philippines)
Bishop Pedro Dulay Arigo (82)Arigo, Pedro Dulay (82), Titular Bishop of Mactaris and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Puerto Princesa (Philippines)
Bishop Medel Sacay Aseo (67)Aseo, Medel Sacay (67), Bishop of Tagum (Philippines)
Bishop Teodoro Cruz Bacani Jr. (81)Bacani Jr., Teodoro Cruz (81), Bishop emeritus of Novaliches (Philippines)
Bishop Filomeno Gonzales Bactol (81)Bactol, Filomeno Gonzales (81), Bishop emeritus of Naval (Philippines)
Bishop Sofronio Aguirre Bancud, S.S.S. (72)Bancud, Sofronio Aguirre, S.S.S. (72), Bishop of Cabanatuan (Philippines)
Bishop José Salmorin Bantolo (60)Bantolo, José Salmorin (60), Bishop of Masbate (Philippines)
Bishop Arturo Mandin Bastes, S.V.D. (77)Bastes, Arturo Mandin, S.V.D. (77), Bishop emeritus of Sorsogon (Philippines)
Bishop Emilio Layon Bataclan (80)Bataclan, Emilio Layon (80), Titular Bishop of Septimunicia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Cebu (Philippines)
Bishop Joel Zamudio Baylon (67)Baylon, Joel Zamudio (67), Bishop of Legazpi (Philippines)
Bishop Victor Barnuevo Bendico (61)Bendico, Victor Barnuevo (61), Bishop of Baguio (Philippines)
Bishop Midyphil Bermejo Billones (52)Billones, Midyphil Bermejo (52), Titular Bishop of Tagarata and Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu (Philippines)
Bishop Nolly Camingue Buco (57)Buco, Nolly Camingue (57), Titular Bishop of Gemellæ in Byzacena and Auxiliary Bishop of Antipolo (Philippines)
Bishop Teodoro Javier Buhain Jr. (84)Buhain Jr., Teodoro Javier (84), Titular Bishop of Bacanaria and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Manila (Philippines)
Bishop Patricio Abella Buzon, S.D.B. (71)Buzon, Patricio Abella, S.D.B. (71), Bishop of Bacolod (Philippines)
Bishop Emmanuel Treveno Cabajar, C.SS.R. (78)Cabajar, Emmanuel Treveno, C.SS.R. (78), Bishop emeritus of Pagadian (Philippines)
Bishop Antonieto Dumagan Cabajog (65)Cabajog, Antonieto Dumagan (65), Bishop of Surigao (Philippines)
Bishop Valentin Cabbigat Dimoc (52)Cabbigat Dimoc, Valentin (52), Vicar Apostolic of Bontoc–Lagawe (Philippines) and Titular Bishop of Bapara
Bishop Jesus Aputen Cabrera (80)Cabrera, Jesus Aputen (80), Bishop emeritus of Alaminos (Philippines)
Bishop Severo Cagatan Caermare (51)Caermare, Severo Cagatan (51), Bishop of Dipolog (Philippines)
Bishop Warlito Cajandig y Itcuas (77)Cajandig y Itcuas, Warlito (77), Vicar Apostolic of Calapan (Philippines) and Titular Bishop of Ausafa
Bishop Precioso Dacalos Cantillas, S.D.B. (68)Cantillas, Precioso Dacalos, S.D.B. (68), Bishop of Maasin (Philippines)
Bishop Nestor Celestial Cariño (83)Cariño, Nestor Celestial (83), Bishop emeritus of Legazpi (Philippines)
Bishop Cerilo Allan Uy Casicas (54)Casicas, Cerilo Allan Uy (54), Bishop of Marbel (Philippines)
Bishop Florentino Ferrer Cinense (83)Cinense, Florentino Ferrer (83), Bishop emeritus of Tarlac (Philippines)
Bishop Julito Buhisan Cortes (65)Cortes, Julito Buhisan (65), Bishop of Dumaguete (Philippines)
Bishop Bernardino Cruz Cortez (72)Cortez, Bernardino Cruz (72), Bishop-Prelate of Infanta (Philippines)
Bishop Ruperto Cruz Santos (63)Cruz Santos, Ruperto (63), Bishop of Balanga (Philippines)
Bishop Moises Magpantay Cuevas (47)Cuevas, Moises Magpantay (47), Titular Bishop of Maraguia, Apostolic Administrator sede plena of Zamboanga (Philippines) and Auxiliary Bishop of Zamboanga (Philippines)
Bishop Raul Bautista Dael (54)Dael, Raul Bautista (54), Bishop of Tandag (Philippines)
Bishop Leo Magdugo Dalmao, C.M.F. (51)Dalmao, Leo Magdugo, C.M.F. (51), Bishop-Prelate of Isabela (Philippines)
Bishop Pablo Virgilio Siongco David (62)David, Pablo Virgilio Siongco (62), Bishop of Kalookan (Philippines) and President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (C.B.C.P.)
Bishop Edwin Angot de la Peña, M.S.P. (67)de la Peña, Edwin Angot, M.S.P. (67), Bishop-Prelate of Marawi (Philippines)
Bishop Francisco Mendoza De Leon (74)De Leon, Francisco Mendoza (74), Bishop of Antipolo (Philippines)
Bishop Manolo Alarcon de los Santos (74)de los Santos, Manolo Alarcon (74), Bishop of Virac (Philippines)
Bishop Jose Alan Verdejo Dialogo (59)Dialogo, Jose Alan Verdejo (59), Bishop of Sorsogon (Philippines)
Bishop Leo Murphy Drona, S.D.B. (79)Drona, Leo Murphy, S.D.B. (79), Bishop emeritus of San Pablo (Philippines)
Bishop Reynaldo Gonda Evangelista (61)Evangelista, Reynaldo Gonda (61), Bishop of Imus (Philippines)
Bishop Buenaventura Malayo Famadico (65)Famadico, Buenaventura Malayo (65), Bishop of San Pablo (Philippines)
Bishop Oscar Jaime Llaneta Florencio (55)Florencio, Oscar Jaime Llaneta (55), Military Ordinary of Military Ordinariate of the Philippines (Philippines)
Bishop Roberto Orendain Gaa (58)Gaa, Roberto Orendain (58), Bishop of Novaliches (Philippines)
Bishop Louie Patalinghug Galbines (54)Galbines, Louie Patalinghug (54), Bishop of Kabankalan (Philippines)
Bishop Angel Tec-i Hobayan (91)Hobayan, Angel Tec-i (91), Bishop emeritus of Catarman (Philippines)
Bishop Deogracias Soriano Iñiguez Jr. (80)Iñiguez Jr., Deogracias Soriano (80), Bishop emeritus of Kalookan (Philippines)
Bishop Charlie Malapitan Inzon, O.M.I. (55)Inzon, Charlie Malapitan, O.M.I. (55), Vicar Apostolic of Jolo (Philippines)
Bishop Leopoldo Corpuz Jaucian, S.V.D. (61)Jaucian, Leopoldo Corpuz, S.V.D. (61), Bishop of Bangued (Philippines)
Bishop Jacinto Agcaoili Jose (70)Jose, Jacinto Agcaoili (70), Bishop of Urdaneta (Philippines)
Bishop Edgardo Sarabia Juanich (69)Juanich, Edgardo Sarabia (69), Titular Bishop of Ausuaga and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Taytay (Philippines)
Bishop Fidelis Bautista Layog (52)Layog, Fidelis Bautista (52), Titular Bishop of Girus Tarasii, Auxiliary Bishop of Lingayen–Dagupan (Philippines) and Apostolic Administrator of Alaminos (Philippines)
Bishop Ronaldo Ignacio Lunas (54)Lunas, Ronaldo Ignacio (54), Bishop of Pagadian (Philippines)
Bishop Enrique de Vera Macaraeg (65)Macaraeg, Enrique de Vera (65), Bishop of Tarlac (Philippines)
Bishop Marvyn Abrea Maceda (52)Maceda, Marvyn Abrea (52), Bishop of San Jose de Antique (Philippines)
Bishop Roberto Calara Mallari (63)Mallari, Roberto Calara (63), Bishop of San Jose de Nueva Ecija (Philippines)
Bishop Jose Elmer Imas Mangalinao (61)Mangalinao, Jose Elmer Imas (61), Bishop of Bayombong (Philippines)
Bishop Jose Ricare Manguiran (85)Manguiran, Jose Ricare (85), Bishop emeritus of Dipolog (Philippines)
Bishop Wilfredo Dasco Manlapaz (80)Manlapaz, Wilfredo Dasco (80), Bishop emeritus of Tagum (Philippines)
Bishop Marcelino Antonio Malabanan Maralit (52)Maralit, Marcelino Antonio Malabanan (52), Bishop of Boac (Philippines)
Bishop Emilio Zurbano Marquez (80)Marquez, Emilio Zurbano (80), Bishop emeritus of Lucena (Philippines)
Bishop Raul José Quimpo Martirez (83)Martirez, Raul José Quimpo (83), Bishop emeritus of San Jose de Antique (Philippines)
Bishop Renato Pine Mayugba (65)Mayugba, Renato Pine (65), Bishop of Laoag (Philippines)
Bishop Leonardo Yuzon Medroso (82)Medroso, Leonardo Yuzon (82), Bishop emeritus of Tagbilaran (Philippines)
Bishop José Colin Mendoza Bagaforo (67)Mendoza Bagaforo, José Colin (67), Bishop of Kidapawan (Philippines)
Bishop Jesse Eugenio Mercado (70)Mercado, Jesse Eugenio (70), Bishop of Parañaque (Philippines)
Bishop Socrates Calamba Mesiona, M.S.P. (57)Mesiona, Socrates Calamba, M.S.P. (57), Vicar Apostolic of Puerto Princesa (Philippines) and Titular Bishop of Budua
Bishop Joseph Amangi Nacua, O.F.M. Cap. (76)Nacua, Joseph Amangi, O.F.M. Cap. (76), Bishop emeritus of Ilagan (Philippines)
Bishop Vicente Macanan Navarra (82)Navarra, Vicente Macanan (82), Bishop emeritus of Bacolod (Philippines)
Bishop Victor de la Cruz Ocampo (69)Ocampo, Victor de la Cruz (69), Bishop of Gumaca (Philippines)
Bishop Nereo Page Odchimar (80)Odchimar, Nereo Page (80), Bishop emeritus of Tandag (Philippines)
Bishop Honesto Flores Ongtioco (72)Ongtioco, Honesto Flores (72), Bishop of Cubao (Philippines)
Bishop Broderick Soncuaco Pabillo (66)Pabillo, Broderick Soncuaco (66), Vicar Apostolic of Taytay (Philippines)
Bishop Honesto Chaves Pacana, S.J. (88)Pacana, Honesto Chaves, S.J. (88), Bishop emeritus of Malaybalay (Philippines)
Bishop Prudencio Padilla Andaya Jr., C.I.C.M. (62)Padilla Andaya Jr., Prudencio, C.I.C.M. (62), Vicar Apostolic of Tabuk (Philippines) and Titular Bishop of Fuerteventura
Bishop Daniel Patrick Yee Parcon (58)Parcon, Daniel Patrick Yee (58), Bishop of Talibon (Philippines)
Bishop Noel Portal Pedregosa (56)Pedregosa, Noel Portal (56), Bishop of Malaybalay (Philippines)
Bishop Daniel Oca Presto (58)Presto, Daniel Oca (58), Bishop of San Fernando de La Union (Philippines)
Bishop Lucilo Barrameda Quiambao (88)Quiambao, Lucilo Barrameda (88), Titular Bishop of Nabala and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Legazpi (Philippines)
Bishop Rex Cullingham Ramirez (53)Ramirez, Rex Cullingham (53), Bishop of Naval (Philippines)
Bishop Antonio Racelis Rañola (89)Rañola, Antonio Racelis (89), Titular Bishop of Claterna and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Cebu (Philippines)
Bishop Jose Ramirez Rapadas III (49)Rapadas III, Jose Ramirez (49), Bishop of Iligan (Philippines)
Bishop Gabriel Villaruz Reyes (80)Reyes, Gabriel Villaruz (80), Bishop emeritus of Antipolo (Philippines)
Bishop George Beluso Rimando (68)Rimando, George Beluso (68), Titular Bishop of Vada and Auxiliary Bishop of Davao (Philippines)
Bishop José Rojas Rojas (65)Rojas Rojas, José (65), Bishop of Libmanan (Philippines)
Bishop Bartolome Gaspar Santos (53)Santos, Bartolome Gaspar (53), Bishop of Iba (Philippines)
Bishop Jose Corazon Tumbagahan Tala-oc (71)Tala-oc, Jose Corazon Tumbagahan (71), Bishop of Kalibo (Philippines)
Bishop Ricardo Pido Tancinco (88)Tancinco, Ricardo Pido (88), Bishop emeritus of Calbayog (Philippines)
Bishop Antonio Realubin Tobias (80)Tobias, Antonio Realubin (80), Bishop emeritus of Novaliches (Philippines)
Bishop Julius Sullan Tonel (65)Tonel, Julius Sullan (65), Bishop of Ipil (Philippines)
Bishop Emmanuel Celeste Trance (68)Trance, Emmanuel Celeste (68), Bishop of Catarman (Philippines)
Bishop Juan Danilo Bangayan Ulep (59)Ulep, Juan Danilo Bangayan (59), Bishop-Prelate of Batanes (Philippines)
Bishop Alberto Sy Uy (54)Uy, Alberto Sy (54), Bishop of Tagbilaran (Philippines)
Bishop Mel Rey Mingoa Uy (53)Uy, Mel Rey Mingoa (53), Bishop of Lucena (Philippines)
Bishop Crispin Barrete Varquez (60)Varquez, Crispin Barrete (60), Bishop of Borongan (Philippines)
Bishop Mylo Hubert Claudio Vergara (58)Vergara, Mylo Hubert Claudio (58), Bishop of Pasig (Philippines) and Vice-President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (C.B.C.P.)
Bishop Dennis Cabanada Villarojo (54)Villarojo, Dennis Cabanada (54), Bishop of Malolos (Philippines)
Bishop Ramon Barrera Villena (82)Villena, Ramon Barrera (82), Bishop emeritus of Bayombong (Philippines)
Bishop Crisostomo Ayson Yalung (67)Yalung, Crisostomo Ayson (67), Bishop emeritus of Antipolo (Philippines)

Other Prelates (8)

Fr. Nestor Julao Adalia (66)Adalia, Nestor Julao (66), Apostolic Administrator sede plena of Calapan (Philippines)
Agda, Maria Corazon D., R.V.M., Superior General of Religious of the Virgin Mary
Msgr. Arnaldo CatalanCatalan, Arnaldo (佳安道), Chargé d’affaires in China
Dy-Liacco, Gabriel, Member of Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors
Fr. Jonathan N. Germinanda, M.S.P.Germinanda, Jonathan N., M.S.P., Superior General of Mission Society of the Philippines
Fr. Marving S. MejiaMejia, Marving S., General Secretary of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (C.B.C.P.)
Fr. Teodoro Oretga Kalaw, C.R.M. (44)Oretga Kalaw, Teodoro, C.R.M. (44), Superior General of Clerics Regular Minor
Fr. Gerard Francisco Timoner III (53)Timoner III, Gerard Francisco (53), Master of the Order of Order of Preachers (Dominicans) and Grand Chancellor of Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum)
Other Prelates born in Philippines (8)
USABishop Alejandro Dumbrigue Aclan (70)Aclan, Alejandro Dumbrigue (70), Titular Bishop of Rusicade and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (USA)
Papua New GuineaBishop Pedro Baquero, S.D.B. (51)Baquero, Pedro, S.D.B. (51), Bishop of Kerema (Papua New Guinea)
Marshall IslandsFr. Ariel Galido, M.S.C. (46)Galido, Ariel, M.S.C. (46), Prefect Apostolic of Marshall Islands (Marshall Islands)
TuvaluFr. Reynaldo B. Getalado, M.S.P. (62)Getalado, Reynaldo B., M.S.P. (62), Ecclesiastical Superior of Funafuti (Tuvalu)
Northern Mariana IslandsBishop Ryan Pagente Jimenez (49)Jimenez, Ryan Pagente (49), Bishop of Chalan Kanoa (Northern Mariana Islands)
Papua New GuineaBishop Rolando Santos, C.M. (72)Santos, Rolando, C.M. (72), Bishop of Alotau–Sideia (Papua New Guinea)
USABishop Oscar Azarcon Solis (67)Solis, Oscar Azarcon (67), Bishop of Salt Lake City (USA)
Papua New GuineaBishop Joseph Tarife Durero, S.V.D. (52)Tarife Durero, Joseph, S.V.D. (52), Bishop of Daru–Kiunga (Papua New Guinea)
Other Prelates related to Philippines (6)
USAArchbishop Edward Joseph Adams (77)Adams, Edward Joseph (77), Titular Archbishop of Scala
USAArchbishop Charles John Brown (61)Brown, Charles John (61), Titular Archbishop of Aquileia and Apostolic Nuncio to Philippines
ItalyArchbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia (63)Caccia, Gabriele Giordano (63), Titular Archbishop of Sepino and Permanent Observer to United Nations Office (UN)
ItalyCardinal Fernando Filoni (75)Filoni, Fernando (75), Cardinal-Bishop of Nostra Signora di Coromoto in S. Giovanni di Dio and Grand Master of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
ItalyArchbishop Antonio Franco (84)Franco, Antonio (84), Titular Archbishop of Gallese and Assessor emeritus of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
ItalyArchbishop Giuseppe Pinto (69)Pinto, Giuseppe (69), Titular Archbishop of Anglona

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