Bishops of Spain

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Spain (184)

Cardinals (12)

Cardinal Santos Abril y Castelló (87)Abril y Castelló, Santos (87), Cardinal-Priest of S. Ponziano pro hac vice Title, President of Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for Works of Religion and Apostolic Commissioner for Institute of the Incarnate Word
Cardinal Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, M.C.C.J. (70)Ayuso Guixot, Miguel Ángel, M.C.C.J. (70), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Girolamo della Carità, Prefect of Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue and Prefect of Commission for Religious Relations with Muslims
Cardinal Ricardo Blázquez Pérez (80)Blázquez Pérez, Ricardo (80), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria in Vallicella and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Valladolid (Spain)
Cardinal Aquilino Bocos Merino, C.M.F. (84)Bocos Merino, Aquilino, C.M.F. (84), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Lucia del Gonfalone and Superior General emeritus of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Claretians)
Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera (77)Cañizares Llovera, Antonio (77), Cardinal-Priest of S. Pancrazio and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Valencia (Spain)
Cardinal Julián Herranz Casado (92)Herranz Casado, Julián (92), Cardinal-Priest of S. Eugenio pro hac vice Title and Supplementary Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata
Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, S.J. (78)Ladaria Ferrer, Luis Francisco, S.J. (78), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Ignazio di Loyola a Campo Marzio, Prefect of Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, President of Pontifical Biblical Commission and President of International Theological Commission
Cardinal Lluís Martínez Sistach (85)Martínez Sistach, Lluís (85), Cardinal-Priest of S. Sebastiano alle Catacombe and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Barcelona (Spain)
Cardinal Juan José Omella Omella (76)Omella Omella, Juan José (76), Cardinal-Priest of S. Croce in Gerusalemme, Metropolitan Archbishop of Barcelona (Spain), President of Episcopal Conference of Spain and Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia
Cardinal Carlos Osoro Sierra (77)Osoro Sierra, Carlos (77), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria in Trastevere, Metropolitan Archbishop of Madrid (Spain), Ordinary of Spain of the Eastern Rite (Spain) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Spain
Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela (86)Rouco Varela, Antonio María (86), Cardinal-Priest of S. Lorenzo in Damaso and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Madrid (Spain)
Cardinal Fernando Vérgez Alzaga, L.C. (78)Vérgez Alzaga, Fernando, L.C. (78), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria della Mercede e S. Adriano a Villa Albani, President of Governorate of Vatican City State, President of Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, Member of Commission for Confidential Matters, Member of Financial Security Committee and Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia

Archbishops (32)

Archbishop Alejandro Arellano Cedillo, C.O.R.C. (60)Arellano Cedillo, Alejandro, C.O.R.C. (60), Titular Archbishop of Besalú, Dean of Tribunal of the Roman Rota, President of Pontifical Commission for the Verification and Application of Mitis Iudex in the Churches of Italy and President of Appeals Court of Vatican City State
Archbishop Luis Javier Argüello García (69)Argüello García, Luis Javier (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Valladolid (Spain)
Archbishop Juan José Asenjo Pelegrina (77)Asenjo Pelegrina, Juan José (77), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Sevilla (Spain)
Archbishop Juan Antonio Aznárez Cobo (62)Aznárez Cobo, Juan Antonio (62), Archbishop Military Ordinary of Spain (Spain)
Archbishop Julián Barrio Barrio (76)Barrio Barrio, Julián (76), Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Archbishop Enrique Benavent Vidal (63)Benavent Vidal, Enrique (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Valencia (Spain)
Archbishop Andrés Carrascosa Coso (67)Carrascosa Coso, Andrés (67), Titular Archbishop of Elo and Apostolic Nuncio to Ecuador
Archbishop Francisco Cerro Chaves (65)Cerro Chaves, Francisco (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Toledo (Spain)
Archbishop Santiago De Wit Guzmán (58)De Wit Guzmán, Santiago (58), Titular Archbishop of Gabala, Apostolic Nuncio to Saint Lucia, Apostolic Nuncio to Jamaica, Apostolic Nuncio to Dominica, Apostolic Nuncio to Barbados, Apostolic Nuncio to Bahamas, Apostolic Nuncio to Trinidad and Tobago, Apostolic Nuncio to Suriname, Apostolic Nuncio to Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Apostolic Nuncio to Saint Kitts and Nevis, Apostolic Nuncio to Guyana, Apostolic Nuncio to Grenada, Apostolic Nuncio to Belize, Apostolic Nuncio to Antigua and Barbuda and Apostolic Delegate to Antilles
Archbishop Carlos Manuel Escribano Subías (58)Escribano Subías, Carlos Manuel (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Zaragoza (Spain)
Archbishop Francisco Gil Hellín (82)Gil Hellín, Francisco (82), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Burgos (Spain)
Archbishop José María Gil Tamayo (65)Gil Tamayo, José María (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Granada (Spain)
Archbishop Fidel Herráez Vegas (78)Herráez Vegas, Fidel (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Burgos (Spain)
Archbishop Mario Iceta Gavicagogeascoa (58)Iceta Gavicagogeascoa, Mario (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Burgos (Spain)
Archbishop Vicente Jiménez Zamora (79)Jiménez Zamora, Vicente (79), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Zaragoza (Spain)
Archbishop Pedro López Quintana (69)López Quintana, Pedro (69), Titular Archbishop of Agropoli and Apostolic Nuncio to Austria
Archbishop Francisco-Javier Lozano Sebastián (79)Lozano Sebastián, Francisco-Javier (79), Titular Archbishop of Penafiel
Archbishop Francisco Javier Martínez Fernández (75)Martínez Fernández, Francisco Javier (75), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Granada (Spain)
Archbishop Miguel Maury Buendía (67)Maury Buendía, Miguel (67), Titular Archbishop of Italica, Apostolic Nuncio to Moldova and Apostolic Nuncio to Romania
Archbishop Ramiro Moliner Inglés (82)Moliner Inglés, Ramiro (82), Titular Archbishop of Sarda
Archbishop Celso Morga Iruzubieta (75)Morga Iruzubieta, Celso (75), Metropolitan Archbishop of Mérida–Badajoz (Spain)
Archbishop Luís Miguel Muñoz Cárdaba (57)Muñoz Cárdaba, Luís Miguel (57), Titular Archbishop of Nasai, Apostolic Nuncio to Sudan and Apostolic Nuncio to Eritrea
Archbishop Alberto Ortega Martín (60)Ortega Martín, Alberto (60), Titular Archbishop of Midila and Apostolic Nuncio to Chile
Archbishop Francisco Pérez González (76)Pérez González, Francisco (76), Metropolitan Archbishop of Pamplona y Tudela (Spain)
Archbishop Joan Planellas i Barnosell (67)Planellas i Barnosell, Joan (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tarragona (Spain)
Archbishop Jaume Pujol Balcells (79)Pujol Balcells, Jaume (79), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Tarragona (Spain)
Archbishop José Rodríguez Carballo, O.F.M. (69)Rodríguez Carballo, José, O.F.M. (69), Titular Archbishop of Belcastro and Secretary of Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life
Archbishop Braulio Rodríguez Plaza (79)Rodríguez Plaza, Braulio (79), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Toledo (Spain)
Archbishop Josep Ángel Sáiz Meneses (66)Sáiz Meneses, Josep Ángel (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sevilla (Spain)
Archbishop Jesús Sanz Montes, O.F.M. (68)Sanz Montes, Jesús, O.F.M. (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Oviedo (Spain)
Archbishop Manuel Ureña Pastor (78)Ureña Pastor, Manuel (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Zaragoza (Spain)
Archbishop Joan Enric Vives i Sicília (73)Vives i Sicília, Joan Enric (73), Bishop of Urgell (Spain) and Archbishop ad personam

Bishops (92)

Bishop David Abadías Aurín (49)Abadías Aurín, David (49), Titular Bishop of Urci and Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona (Spain)
Bishop Bernardo Álvarez Afonso (73)Álvarez Afonso, Bernardo (73), Bishop of San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Spain)
Bishop Juan Ignacio Arrieta Ochoa de Chinchetru (71)Arrieta Ochoa de Chinchetru, Juan Ignacio (71), Titular Bishop of Civitate, Secretary of Dicastery for Legislative Texts and Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata
Bishop José María Avendaño Perea (65)Avendaño Perea, José María (65), Titular Bishop of Illiberi and Auxiliary Bishop of Getafe (Spain)
Bishop Ciriaco Benavente Mateos (80)Benavente Mateos, Ciriaco (80), Bishop emeritus of Albacete (Spain)
Bishop Cecilio Raúl Berzosa Martínez (65)Berzosa Martínez, Cecilio Raúl (65), Bishop emeritus of Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain)
Bishop Ernesto Jesús Brontóns Tena (55)Brontóns Tena, Ernesto Jesús (55), Bishop of Plasencia (Spain)
Bishop Ramón Buxarrais Ventura (93)Buxarrais Ventura, Ramón (93), Bishop emeritus of Málaga (Spain)
Bishop Ignacio Carrasco de Paula (85)Carrasco de Paula, Ignacio (85), Titular Bishop of Thapsus and President emeritus of Pontifical Academy for Life
Bishop Alfonso Carrasco Rouco (66)Carrasco Rouco, Alfonso (66), Bishop of Lugo (Spain)
Bishop Román Casanova Casanova (66)Casanova Casanova, Román (66), Bishop of Vic (Spain)
Bishop Francisco Cases Andreu (78)Cases Andreu, Francisco (78), Bishop emeritus of Islas Canarias (Spain)
Bishop Nicolás Antonio Castellanos Franco, O.S.A. (88)Castellanos Franco, Nicolás Antonio, O.S.A. (88), Bishop emeritus of Palencia (Spain)
Bishop Jesús Esteban Catalá Ibáñez (73)Catalá Ibáñez, Jesús Esteban (73), Bishop of Málaga (Spain)
Bishop Sebastián Chico Martínez (54)Chico Martínez, Sebastián (54), Bishop of Jaén (Spain)
Bishop José Cobo Cano (57)Cobo Cano, José (57), Titular Bishop of Baeza and Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid (Spain)
Bishop Francisco Simón Conesa Ferrer (61)Conesa Ferrer, Francisco Simón (61), Bishop of Solsona (Spain)
Bishop Agustín Cortés Soriano (75)Cortés Soriano, Agustín (75), Bishop of Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Spain)
Bishop Salvador Cristau Coll (72)Cristau Coll, Salvador (72), Bishop of Terrassa (Spain)
Bishop Alfonso Ruiz de Galarreta Genua, S.S.P.X. (66)de Galarreta Genua, Alfonso Ruiz, S.S.P.X. (66)
Bishop Luis Ángel de las Heras Berzal, C.M.F. (59)de las Heras Berzal, Luis Ángel, C.M.F. (59), Bishop of León (Spain)
Bishop Ramón del Hoyo López (82)del Hoyo López, Ramón (82), Bishop emeritus of Jaén (Spain)
Bishop Cristóbal Déniz Hernández (53)Déniz Hernández, Cristóbal (53), Titular Bishop of Algeciras and Auxiliary Bishop of Islas Canarias (Spain)
Bishop Juan Carlos Elizalde Espinal (62)Elizalde Espinal, Juan Carlos (62), Bishop of Vitoria (Spain)
Bishop Esteban Escudero Torres (77)Escudero Torres, Esteban (77), Titular Bishop of Denia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Valencia (Spain)
Bishop Ángel Fernández Collado (70)Fernández Collado, Ángel (70), Bishop of Albacete (Spain)
Bishop Demetrio Fernández González (73)Fernández González, Demetrio (73), Bishop of Córdoba (Spain)
Bishop Jesús Fernández González (67)Fernández González, Jesús (67), Bishop of Astorga (Spain)
Bishop César Augusto Franco Martínez (74)Franco Martínez, César Augusto (74), Bishop of Segovia (Spain)
Bishop Ginés Ramón García Beltrán (61)García Beltrán, Ginés Ramón (61), Bishop of Getafe (Spain)
Bishop Jesús García Burillo (80)García Burillo, Jesús (80), Bishop emeritus of Ávila (Spain)
Bishop Fernando García Cadiñanos (54)García Cadiñanos, Fernando (54), Bishop of Mondoñedo–Ferrol (Spain)
Bishop Aurelio García Macías (57)García Macías, Aurelio (57), Titular Bishop of Rotdon and Undersecretary of Dicastery for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
Bishop Francisco César García Magán (61)García Magán, Francisco César (61), Titular Bishop of Scebatiana, Auxiliary Bishop of Toledo (Spain) and General Secretary of Episcopal Conference of Spain
Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (72)Gemayel, Maroun-Nasser (72) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris of the Maronites (France) and Apostolic Visitator in Western and Northern Europe of the Maronites
Bishop Salvador Giménez Valls (74)Giménez Valls, Salvador (74), Bishop of Lleida (Spain)
Bishop Antonio Gómez Cantero (66)Gómez Cantero, Antonio (66), Bishop of Almería (Spain)
Bishop Santiago Gómez Sierra (65)Gómez Sierra, Santiago (65), Bishop of Huelva (Spain)
Bishop Adolfo González Montes (76)González Montes, Adolfo (76), Bishop emeritus of Almería (Spain)
Bishop Eusebio Ignacio Hernández Sola, O.A.R. (78)Hernández Sola, Eusebio Ignacio, O.A.R. (78), Bishop emeritus of Tarazona (Spain)
Bishop Manuel Herrero Fernández, O.S.A. (76)Herrero Fernández, Manuel, O.S.A. (76), Bishop of Palencia (Spain)
Bishop Vicente Juan Segura (67)Juan Segura, Vicente (67), Titular Bishop of Armentia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Valencia (Spain)
Bishop José Leonardo Lemos Montanet (69)Lemos Montanet, José Leonardo (69), Bishop of Ourense (Spain)
Bishop Joaquin María López de Andújar y Cánovas del Castillo (80)López de Andújar y Cánovas del Castillo, Joaquin María (80), Bishop emeritus of Getafe (Spain)
Bishop Carlos López Hernández (77)López Hernández, Carlos (77), Bishop emeritus of Salamanca (Spain)
Bishop Casimiro López Llorente (72)López Llorente, Casimiro (72), Bishop of Segorbe–Castellón de la Plana (Spain)
Bishop Julián López Martín (77)López Martín, Julián (77), Bishop emeritus of León (Spain)
Bishop José Manuel Lorca Planes (73)Lorca Planes, José Manuel (73), Bishop of Cartagena (Spain)
Bishop Luis Marín de San Martín, O.S.A. (61)Marín de San Martín, Luis, O.S.A. (61), Titular Bishop of Suliana and Undersecretary of Synod of Bishops
Bishop Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, S.J. (70)Martínez Camino, Juan Antonio, S.J. (70), Titular Bishop of Bigastro and Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid (Spain)
Bishop Abilio Martínez Varea (59)Martínez Varea, Abilio (59), Bishop of Osma–Soria (Spain)
Bishop José Mazuelos Pérez (62)Mazuelos Pérez, José (62), Bishop of Islas Canarias (Spain)
Bishop Gerardo Melgar Viciosa (74)Melgar Viciosa, Gerardo (74), Bishop of Ciudad Real (Spain)
Bishop Santos Montoya Torres (56)Montoya Torres, Santos (56), Bishop of Calahorra y La Calzada–Logroño (Spain)
Bishop José Ignacio Munilla Aguirre (61)Munilla Aguirre, José Ignacio (61), Bishop of Orihuela–Alicante (Spain)
Bishop Jesús Murgui Soriano (76)Murgui Soriano, Jesús (76), Bishop emeritus of Orihuela–Alicante (Spain)
Bishop Xavier Novell Gomá (53)Novell Gomá, Xavier (53), Bishop emeritus of Solsona (Spain)
Bishop Victorio Oliver Domingo (93)Oliver Domingo, Victorio (93), Bishop emeritus of Orihuela–Alicante (Spain)
Bishop Francisco Jesús Orozco Mengíbar (52)Orozco Mengíbar, Francisco Jesús (52), Bishop of Guadix (Spain)
Bishop Ángel Javier Pérez Pueyo (66)Pérez Pueyo, Ángel Javier (66), Bishop of Barbastro–Monzón (Spain)
Bishop Juan Piris Frígola (83)Piris Frígola, Juan (83), Bishop emeritus of Lleida (Spain)
Bishop Fernando Prado Ayuso, C.M.F. (53)Prado Ayuso, Fernando, C.M.F. (53), Bishop of San Sebastián (Spain)
Bishop Francisco José Prieto Fernández (54)Prieto Fernández, Francisco José (54), Titular Bishop of Vergi and Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Bishop Jesús Pulido Arriero (58)Pulido Arriero, Jesús (58), Bishop of Coria–Cáceres (Spain)
Bishop Luis Quinteiro Fiuza (75)Quinteiro Fiuza, Luis (75), Bishop of Tui–Vigo (Spain)
Bishop Vicente Rebollo Mozos (58)Rebollo Mozos, Vicente (58), Bishop of Tarazona (Spain)
Bishop José Luis Redrado Marchite, O.H. (87)Redrado Marchite, José Luis, O.H. (87), Titular Bishop of Ofena and Secretary emeritus of Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers
Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Plá (75)Reig Plá, Juan Antonio (75), Bishop emeritus of Alcalá de Henares (Spain)
Bishop José Luis Retana Gozalo (70)Retana Gozalo, José Luis (70), Bishop of Salamanca (Spain) and Bishop of Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain)
Bishop Vicente Ribas Prats (54)Ribas Prats, Vicente (54), Bishop of Ibiza (Spain)
Bishop José Rico Pavés (56)Rico Pavés, José (56), Bishop of Jerez de la Frontera (Spain)
Bishop Sergi Gordo Rodríguez (55)Rodríguez, Sergi Gordo (55), Titular Bishop of Cenæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona (Spain)
Bishop Amadeo Rodríguez Magro (77)Rodríguez Magro, Amadeo (77), Bishop emeritus of Jaén (Spain)
Bishop Atilano Rodríguez Martínez (76)Rodríguez Martínez, Atilano (76), Bishop of Sigüenza–Guadalajara (Spain)
Bishop Arturo Pablo Ros Murgadas (58)Ros Murgadas, Arturo Pablo (58), Titular Bishop of Ursona and Auxiliary Bishop of Valencia (Spain)
Bishop Ángel Rubio Castro (83)Rubio Castro, Ángel (83), Bishop emeritus of Segovia (Spain)
Bishop Julián Ruiz Martorell (66)Ruiz Martorell, Julián (66), Bishop of Jaca (Spain) and Bishop of Huesca (Spain)
Bishop Javier Salinas Viñals (75)Salinas Viñals, Javier (75), Titular Bishop of Monterano and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Valencia (Spain)
Bishop José Sánchez González (88)Sánchez González, José (88), Bishop emeritus of Sigüenza–Guadalajara (Spain)
Bishop Manuel Sánchez Monge (75)Sánchez Monge, Manuel (75), Bishop of Santander (Spain)
Bishop José Antonio Satué Huerto (55)Satué Huerto, José Antonio (55), Bishop of Teruel y Albarracín (Spain)
Bishop Joseba Segura Etxezarraga (64)Segura Etxezarraga, Joseba (64), Bishop of Bilbao (Spain)
Bishop Carles Soler Perdigó (90)Soler Perdigó, Carles (90), Bishop emeritus of Girona (Spain)
Bishop Sebastián Taltavull Anglada (75)Taltavull Anglada, Sebastián (75), Bishop of Mallorca (Spain)
Bishop Juan María Uriarte Goiricelaya (89)Uriarte Goiricelaya, Juan María (89), Bishop emeritus of San Sebastián (Spain)
Bishop Fernando Valera Sánchez (63)Valera Sánchez, Fernando (63), Bishop of Zamora (Spain)
Bishop Jesús Vidal Chamorro (48)Vidal Chamorro, Jesús (48), Titular Bishop of Elepla, Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid (Spain) and Apostolic Administrator of Alcalá de Henares (Spain)
Bishop Javier Vilanova Pellisa (49)Vilanova Pellisa, Javier (49), Titular Bishop of Ampurias and Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona (Spain)
Bishop José Vilaplana Blasco (78)Vilaplana Blasco, José (78), Bishop emeritus of Huelva (Spain)
Bishop Gerardo Villalonga Hellín (64)Villalonga Hellín, Gerardo (64), Bishop of Menorca (Spain)
Bishop José María Yanguas Sanz (75)Yanguas Sanz, José María (75), Bishop of Cuenca (Spain)
Bishop Rafael Zornoza Boy (73)Zornoza Boy, Rafael (73), Bishop of Cádiz y Ceuta (Spain)

Other Prelates (48)

Fr. Pedro Aguado Cuesta, Sch. P. (65)Aguado Cuesta, Pedro, Sch. P. (65), Superior General of Order of Poor Clerics Regular of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools (Piarists)
Fr. Manuel Jesús Arroba Conde, C.M.F. (66)Arroba Conde, Manuel Jesús, C.M.F. (66)
Fr. Enrique Martín Baena, C.P.C.R. (50)Baena, Enrique Martín, C.P.C.R. (50), Superior General of Parochial Cooperators of Christ the King
Fr. Manuel Enrique Barrios Prieto (61)Barrios Prieto, Manuel Enrique (61), General Secretary of Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community
Msgr. José Jaime Brosel Gavilá (55)Brosel Gavilá, José Jaime (55), Relator of Dicastery for the Causes of Saints
Caballero Ledo, Maximino (63), Prefect of Secretariat for the Economy
Calduch-Benages, Nuria, M.H.S.F.N. (66), Secretary of Pontifical Biblical Commission
Carmona Ollo, José Ignacio, S.C. (74), Superior General emeritus of Brothers of the Sacred Heart
Fr. Rodrigo Carrizo Moya, F.M.V.D.Carrizo Moya, Rodrigo, F.M.V.D., President of Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity
Fr. Julián Carrón (73)Carrón, Julián (73)
Castillo Sanz, Eva, Member of Council for the Economy
Msgr. Fernando Chica Arellano (59)Chica Arellano, Fernando (59), Permanent Observer to Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Msgr. Juan Antonio Cruz Serrano (46)Cruz Serrano, Juan Antonio (46), Permanent Observer to Organization of American States (OAS)
Fr. Louis-Marie de Blignières, F.S.V.F. (73)de Blignières, Louis-Marie, F.S.V.F. (73), Superior General of Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer
Fr. Agustín Devesa del Prado, O.M.D.Devesa del Prado, Agustín, O.M.D., Superior General of Order of the Discalced Friars of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy (Discalced Mercedarians)
Msgr. José Luis Díaz-Mariblanca SánchezDíaz-Mariblanca Sánchez, José Luis (桑傑士), Head of Study Mission in Hong Kong of Philippines
Estévez Cominges, Benjamín, Delegate of the Administration of the Section of Evangelisation of Dicastery for Evangelisation
Fr. Jesús Etayo Arrondo, O.H. (64)Etayo Arrondo, Jesús, O.H. (64), Prior General of Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of God
Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, S.D.B. (62)Fernández Artime, Ángel, S.D.B. (62), Rector Major of Salesians of Saint John Bosco (Salesians), Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Faculty of Education Sciences (Auxilium), Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Superior Institute of Latinità and Grand Chancellor of Salesian Pontifical University
Fr. Jesús Fernández Hernández, M.Id. (83)Fernández Hernández, Jesús, M.Id. (83), President of Institute Id of Christ the Redeemer (Idente Missionaries)
Fr. Juan Javier Flores Arcas, O.S.B.Flores Arcas, Juan Javier, O.S.B., Rector Magnificus emeritus of Pontifical Athenaeum of Saint Anselm
Fr. Rafael García de la Serrana Villalobos (58)García de la Serrana Villalobos, Rafael (58), Director of Directorate for Infrastructures and Services of Vatican City State
Fr. Fernando García Rodríguez, S.X.García Rodríguez, Fernando, S.X., Superior General of Xaverian Missionary Fathers (Xaverians)
Fr. Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves, S.J. (63)Guerrero Alves, Juan Antonio, S.J. (63), President of Human Resources Department of the Holy See, Member of Commission for Confidential Matters and Member of Interdicastery Commission for the Revision of the General Regulations of the Roman Curia
Fr. José Luis Gutiérrez Gómez (88)Gutiérrez Gómez, José Luis (88), Relator emeritus of Congregation for the Causes of Saints
Msgr. Felipe Heredia Esteban (62)Heredia Esteban, Felipe (62), Prelate Auditor of Tribunal of the Roman Rota
Fr. Miguel Ángel Hernández Domínguez, O.A.R. (58)Hernández Domínguez, Miguel Ángel, O.A.R. (58), Prior General of Order of Augustinian Recollects (Augustinian Recollects)
Hernando de Frutos, Francisco Javier, F.S.F., Superior General of Brothers of the Holy Family of Belley
Herrera Tejedor, Luis, Director of Human Resources Department of the Holy See
Llano Cueto, Enrique (69), former Member of Council for the Economy
Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón, O.S.A. (67)Moral Antón, Alejandro, O.S.A. (67), Prior General of Order of Saint Augustine (Augustinians)
Msgr. Luis Felipe Navarro Marfá (68)Navarro Marfá, Luis Felipe (68), Rector Magnificus of Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
Fr. José Antonio Nieto Sepúlveda, C.R.S. (61)Nieto Sepúlveda, José Antonio, C.R.S. (61), Superior General of Clerics Regular of Somasca (Somascans)
Osacar Garaicoechea, María Concepción, Member of Council for the Economy
Fr. Daniel José Padilla Piñero, O.F.B.Padilla Piñero, Daniel José, O.F.B., Superior General of Order of Brothers of Bethlehem (Bethlehemites)
Fr. Aurelio Pérez Garcia, F.A.M. (71)Pérez Garcia, Aurelio, F.A.M. (71), Superior General of Congregation of the Sons of Merciful Love
Fr. Lluís Picazo Ustrell, S.F.Picazo Ustrell, Lluís, S.F., Superior General of Sons of the Holy Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph
Fr. Ricardo Pinilla Collantes, F.M.I. (67)Pinilla Collantes, Ricardo, F.M.I. (67), Superior General of Congregation of the Sons of Mary Immaculate (Pavonians)
Fr. Luis Ángel Plaza Lázaro, I.E.M.E. (63)Plaza Lázaro, Luis Ángel, I.E.M.E. (63), Director General of Saint Francis Xavier Spanish Institute for Foreign Missions
Fr. Luis Ignacio Rois Alonso, O.M.I. (59)Rois Alonso, Luis Ignacio, O.M.I. (59), Superior General of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (Oblates)
Ros Nortes, Carmen, N.S.C. (69), Undersecretary of Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life
Msgr. Alberto Royo MejíaRoyo Mejía, Alberto, Promoter of the Faith of Dicastery for the Causes of Saints
Msgr. Melchor José Sánchez de Toca y Alameda (56)Sánchez de Toca y Alameda, Melchor José (56), Undersecretary of Dicastery for Culture and Education
Fr. Diego R. Sarrió Cucarella, M. Afr. (52)Sarrió Cucarella, Diego R., M. Afr. (52), President of Pontifical Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Sebastiá Llorens, Emilia, N.S.C. (61), Superior General of Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation
Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú, S.C.I. (57)Suárez Codorniú, Carlos Luis, S.C.I. (57), Superior General of Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians)
Msgr. Segundo Tejado Muñoz (63)Tejado Muñoz, Segundo (63), Undersecretary of Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development
Fr. Emilio Velasco Triviño, M.SS.CC. (59)Velasco Triviño, Emilio, M.SS.CC. (59), Superior General of Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary of Mallorca
Other Prelates born in Spain (99)
JapanBishop Josep María Abella Batlle, C.M.F. (73)Abella Batlle, Josep María, C.M.F. (ホセ・マリア・アベイヤ) (73), Bishop of Fukuoka 福岡 (Japan)
MexicoBishop Francisco Javier Acero Pérez, O.A.R. (49)Acero Pérez, Francisco Javier, O.A.R. (49), Titular Bishop of Sufasar and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico)
MoroccoArchbishop Santiago Agrelo Martínez, O.F.M. (80)Agrelo Martínez, Santiago, O.F.M. (80), Archbishop emeritus of Tánger (Morocco)
Central African RepublicBishop Juan-José Aguirre Muñoz, M.C.C.J. (68)Aguirre Muñoz, Juan-José, M.C.C.J. (68), Bishop of Bangassou (Central African Republic)
PeruBishop José Ignacio Alemany Grau, C.SS.R. (89)Alemany Grau, José Ignacio, C.SS.R. (89), Bishop emeritus of Chachapoyas (Peru)
ChileCardinal Celestino Aós Braco, O.F.M. Cap. (77)Aós Braco, Celestino, O.F.M. Cap. (77), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Nereo ed Achilleo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago (Chile) and President of Episcopal Conference of Chile
EcuadorBishop Eugenio Arellano Fernández, M.C.C.J. (78)Arellano Fernández, Eugenio, M.C.C.J. (78), Titular Bishop of Cellæ in Proconsulari and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Esmeraldas (Ecuador)
PeruBishop Jesús María Aristín Seco, C.P. (68)Aristín Seco, Jesús María, C.P. (68), Vicar Apostolic of Yurimaguas (Peru)
EcuadorArchbishop Antonio Arregui Yarza (83)Arregui Yarza, Antonio (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Guayaquil (Ecuador)
BrazilBishop José Luís Azcona Hermoso, O.A.R. (82)Azcona Hermoso, José Luís, O.A.R. (82), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Marajó (Brazil)
PeruBishop Isidro Barrio Barrio (79)Barrio Barrio, Isidro (79), Bishop emeritus of Huancavélica (Peru)
MadagascarBishop Gustavo Bombin Espino, O.SS.T. (62)Bombin Espino, Gustavo, O.SS.T. (62), Bishop of Maintirano (Madagascar)
SwitzerlandBishop Joseph Marie Bonnemain (74)Bonnemain, Joseph Marie (74), Bishop of Chur (Switzerland)
Costa RicaBishop Bartolomé Buigues Oller, T.C. (60)Buigues Oller, Bartolomé, T.C. (60), Bishop of Alajuela (Costa Rica)
PeruBishop Mario Busquets Jordá (88)Busquets Jordá, Mario (88), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Chuquibamba (Peru)
FranceBishop François-Xavier Bustillo, O.F.M. Conv. (54)Bustillo, François-Xavier, O.F.M. Conv. (54), Bishop of Ajaccio (France)
PeruBishop Miguel Ángel Cadenas Cardo, O.S.A. (57)Cadenas Cardo, Miguel Ángel, O.S.A. (57), Vicar Apostolic of Iquitos (Peru)
EcuadorBishop Serafín Luis Alberto Cartagena Ocaña, O.F.M. (98)Cartagena Ocaña, Serafín Luis Alberto, O.F.M. (98), Titular Bishop of Gibba and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Zamora (Ecuador)
ChileBishop Álvaro Chordi Miranda (55)Chordi Miranda, Álvaro (55), Titular Bishop of Regiana and Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago (Chile)
PeruBishop Emiliano Antonio Cisneros Martínez, O.A.R. (78)Cisneros Martínez, Emiliano Antonio, O.A.R. (78), Bishop emeritus of Chachapoyas (Peru)
BrazilBishop Jesús María Cizaurre Berdonces, O.A.R. (71)Cizaurre Berdonces, Jesús María, O.A.R. (71), Bishop of Bragança do Pará (Brazil)
EcuadorBishop Rafael Cob García (71)Cob García, Rafael (71), Vicar Apostolic of Puyo (Ecuador) and Titular Bishop of Cerbali
ArgentinaBishop José Vicente Conejero Gallego (71)Conejero Gallego, José Vicente (71), Bishop of Formosa (Argentina)
SwitzerlandBishop Alain de Raemy (63)de Raemy, Alain (63), Titular Bishop of Turris in Mauretania, Apostolic Administrator of Lugano (Switzerland) and Auxiliary Bishop of Lausanne, Genève et Fribourg (Switzerland)
GuatemalaArchbishop Gonzalo de Villa y Vásquez, S.J. (68)de Villa y Vásquez, Gonzalo, S.J. (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago de Guatemala (Guatemala)
PeruBishop José Luis Del Palacio y Pérez-Medel (73)Del Palacio y Pérez-Medel, José Luis (73), Bishop emeritus of Callao (Peru)
USABishop Rutilio Juan Del Riego Jáñez (82)Del Riego Jáñez, Rutilio Juan (82), Titular Bishop of Duleek and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of San Bernardino (USA)
BoliviaBishop Francisco Javier del Río Sendino (81)del Río Sendino, Francisco Javier (81), Bishop emeritus of Tarija (Bolivia)
VenezuelaBishop Ramiro Díaz Sánchez, O.M.I. (88)Díaz Sánchez, Ramiro, O.M.I. (88), Titular Bishop of Lari Castellum and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Machiques (Venezuela)
VenezuelaBishop José Angel Divassón Cilveti, S.D.B. (83)Divassón Cilveti, José Angel, S.D.B. (83), Titular Bishop of Bamaccora and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Puerto Ayacucho (Venezuela)
Western SaharaFr. Mario León Dorado, O.M.I. (49)Dorado, Mario León, O.M.I. (49), Prefect Apostolic of Western Sahara (Western Sahara)
BoliviaBishop Julio María Elías Montoya, O.F.M. (78)Elías Montoya, Julio María, O.F.M. (78), Titular Bishop of Cuma and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of El Beni (Bolivia)
EcuadorBishop Frumencio Escudero Arenas (75)Escudero Arenas, Frumencio (75), Titular Bishop of Cincari and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Puyo (Ecuador)
PeruBishop Rafael Alfonso Escudero López-Brea (60)Escudero López-Brea, Rafael Alfonso (60), Bishop-Prelate of Moyobamba (Peru)
CambodiaFr. Kike Figaredo Alvargonzales, S.J. (63)Figaredo Alvargonzales, Kike, S.J. (63), Prefect Apostolic of Bătdâmbâng (Cambodia)
BoliviaBishop Jesús Galeote Tormo, O.F.M. (71)Galeote Tormo, Jesús, O.F.M. (71), Vicar Apostolic of Camiri (Bolivia)
PanamaBishop José Agustín Ganuza García, O.A.R. (91)Ganuza García, José Agustín, O.A.R. (91), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Bocas del Toro (Panama)
HondurasBishop Angel Garachana Pérez, C.M.F. (78)Garachana Pérez, Angel, C.M.F. (78), Bishop emeritus of San Pedro Sula (Honduras)
PeruBishop Julián García Centeno, O.S.A. (89)García Centeno, Julián, O.S.A. (89), Titular Bishop of Girus and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Iquitos (Peru)
ArgentinaBishop Cipriano García Fernández, O.S.A. (91)García Fernández, Cipriano, O.S.A. (91), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Cafayate (Argentina)
ArgentinaBishop Joaquín Gimeno Lahoz (74)Gimeno Lahoz, Joaquín (74), Bishop of Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina)
PeruBishop Juan Godayol Colom, S.D.B. (79)Godayol Colom, Juan, S.D.B. (79), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Ayaviri (Peru)
ParaguayBishop Ignacio Gogorza Izaguirre, S.C.I. di Béth. (86)Gogorza Izaguirre, Ignacio, S.C.I. di Béth. (86), Bishop emeritus of Encarnación (Paraguay)
PeruBishop Gilberto Gómez González (71)Gómez González, Gilberto (71), Bishop of Abancay (Peru)
MexicoGómez Rueda, Félix, R.C. (57), Superior General of Consecrated Lay Members of Regnum Christi
BrazilBishop José González Alonso (82)González Alonso, José (82), Bishop emeritus of Cajazeiras (Brazil)
JapanFr. Ismael González Fuentes, I.E.M.E. (84)González Fuentes, Ismael, I.E.M.E. (イスマエル・ゴンザレズ) (84), Apostolic Administrator of Takamatsu 高松 (Japan)
VenezuelaBishop Felipe González González, O.F.M. Cap. (78)González González, Felipe, O.F.M. Cap. (78), Titular Bishop of Sinnuara and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Caroní (Venezuela)
PeruBishop Francisco González Hernández, O.P. (70)González Hernández, Francisco, O.P. (70), Titular Bishop of Thuccabora and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Puerto Maldonado (Peru)
EthiopiaFr. Juan Antonio González Núñez, M.C.C.J. (79)González Núñez, Juan Antonio, M.C.C.J. (79), Apostolic Administrator of Awasa (Ethiopia)
USABishop Francisco González Valer, S.F. (83)González Valer, Francisco, S.F. (83), Titular Bishop of Lamphua and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Washington (USA)
VenezuelaBishop Jesús Alfonso Guerrero Contreras, O.F.M. Cap. (72)Guerrero Contreras, Jesús Alfonso, O.F.M. Cap. (72), Bishop of Barinas (Venezuela)
BrazilBishop Francisco Javier Hernández Arnedo, O.A.R. (82)Hernández Arnedo, Francisco Javier, O.A.R. (82), Bishop emeritus of Tianguá (Brazil)
NicaraguaBishop Carlos Enrique Herrera Gutiérrez, O.F.M. (74)Herrera Gutiérrez, Carlos Enrique, O.F.M. (74), Bishop of Jinotega (Nicaragua) and President of Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua
USABishop Josu Iriondo Zabaleta (84)Iriondo Zabaleta, Josu (84), Titular Bishop of Alton and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of New York (USA)
BoliviaArchbishop Jesús Juárez Párraga, S.D.B. (79)Juárez Párraga, Jesús, S.D.B. (79), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Sucre (Bolivia)
PanamaCardinal José Luis Lacunza Maestrojuán, O.A.R. (79)Lacunza Maestrojuán, José Luis, O.A.R. (79), Cardinal-Priest of S. Giuseppe da Copertino and Bishop of David (Panama)
PeruBishop Juan José Larrañeta Olleta, O.P. (82)Larrañeta Olleta, Juan José, O.P. (82), Titular Bishop of Marazanæ regiæ and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Puerto Maldonado (Peru)
Puerto RicoBishop Félix Lázaro Martínez, Sch. P. (87)Lázaro Martínez, Félix, Sch. P. (87), Bishop emeritus of Ponce (Puerto Rico)
MoroccoCardinal Cristóbal López Romero, S.D.B. (70)López Romero, Cristóbal, S.D.B. (70), Cardinal-Priest of S. Leone I, Archbishop of Rabat (Morocco) and President of Regional Episcopal Conference of North Africa
BrazilBishop Armando Martín Gutiérrez, F.A.M. (68)Martín Gutiérrez, Armando, F.A.M. (68), Bishop of Bacabal (Brazil)
PeruBishop José Carmelo Martínez Lázaro, O.A.R. (68)Martínez Lázaro, José Carmelo, O.A.R. (68), Bishop emeritus of Cajamarca (Peru)
Dominican RepublicBishop Victor Emilio Masalles Pere (61)Masalles Pere, Victor Emilio (61), Bishop of Baní (Dominican Republic)
PeruBishop Jesús Moliné Labarta (84)Moliné Labarta, Jesús (84), Bishop emeritus of Chiclayo (Peru)
BrazilBishop Jesús Moraza Ruiz de Azúa, O.A.R. (77)Moraza Ruiz de Azúa, Jesús, O.A.R. (77), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Lábrea (Brazil)
ArgentinaBishop Mariano Anastasio Moreno García, O.S.A. (84)Moreno García, Mariano Anastasio, O.S.A. (84), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Cafayate (Argentina)
KazakhstanBishop José Luís Mumbiela Sierra (53)Mumbiela Sierra, José Luís (53), Bishop of Most Holy Trinity in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and President of Bishops’ Conference of Central Asia
HondurasArchbishop José Vicente Nácher Tatay, C.M. (58)Nácher Tatay, José Vicente, C.M. (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tegucigalpa (Honduras)
EcuadorBishop Aníbal Nieto Guerra, O.C.D. (74)Nieto Guerra, Aníbal, O.C.D. (74), Bishop of San Jacinto (Ecuador)
GreeceBishop Manuel Nin, O.S.B. (66)Nin, Manuel, O.S.B. (66) (Greek Rite), Apostolic Exarch of Greece of the Greeks (Greece) and Titular Bishop of Carcabia
Congo-BrazzavilleArchbishop Miguel Angel Olaverri Arroniz, S.D.B. (74)Olaverri Arroniz, Miguel Angel, S.D.B. (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Pointe-Noire (Congo-Brazzaville)
PeruBishop Juan Bautista Tomás Oliver Climent, O.F.M. (71)Oliver Climent, Juan Bautista Tomás, O.F.M. (71), Titular Bishop of Legis Volumni and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Requena (Peru)
ArgentinaBishop Pedro María Olmedo Rivero, C.M.F. (78)Olmedo Rivero, Pedro María, C.M.F. (78), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Humahuaca (Argentina)
CubaBishop Domingo Oropesa Lorente (72)Oropesa Lorente, Domingo (72), Bishop of Cienfuegos (Cuba)
PeruBishop Fortunato Pablo Urcey, O.A.R. (76)Pablo Urcey, Fortunato, O.A.R. (76), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Chota (Peru)
GuatemalaBishop José Cayetano Parra Novo, O.P. (72)Parra Novo, José Cayetano, O.P. (72), Bishop of Santa Rosa de Lima (Guatemala)
BrazilBishop Manuel Parrado Carral (76)Parrado Carral, Manuel (76), Bishop emeritus of São Miguel Paulista (Brazil)
EcuadorBishop Julio Parrilla Díaz (76)Parrilla Díaz, Julio (76), Bishop emeritus of Riobamba (Ecuador)
BrazilBishop Adolfo Zon Pereira, S.X. (67)Pereira, Adolfo Zon, S.X. (67), Bishop of Alto Solimões (Brazil)
BrazilBishop Joaquín Pertíñez Fernández, O.A.R. (70)Pertíñez Fernández, Joaquín, O.A.R. (70), Bishop of Rio Branco (Brazil)
ItalyFr. Antoni Pujals i Ginebreda (68)Pujals i Ginebreda, Antoni (68), Vicar General of Opus Dei (Italy)
PeruBishop Sebastián Ramis Torrens, T.O.R. (79)Ramis Torrens, Sebastián, T.O.R. (79), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Huamachuco (Peru)
MoroccoArchbishop Emilio Rocha Grande, O.F.M. (64)Rocha Grande, Emilio, O.F.M. (64), Archbishop of Tánger (Morocco)
ArgentinaBishop Justo Rodríguez Gallego (68)Rodríguez Gallego, Justo (68), Titular Bishop of Nomento and Auxiliary Bishop of Zárate–Campana (Argentina)
USABishop Luis Miguel Romero Fernández, M.Id. (68)Romero Fernández, Luis Miguel, M.Id. (68), Titular Bishop of Egara and Auxiliary Bishop of Rockville Centre (USA)
Central African RepublicBishop Jesús Ruiz Molina, M.C.C.J. (64)Ruiz Molina, Jesús, M.C.C.J. (64), Bishop of Mbaïki (Central African Republic)
EcuadorBishop Jesús Esteban Sádaba Pérez, O.F.M. Cap. (81)Sádaba Pérez, Jesús Esteban, O.F.M. Cap. (81), Titular Bishop of Assuras and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Aguarico (Ecuador)
BoliviaBishop Braulio Sáez García, O.C.D. (80)Sáez García, Braulio, O.C.D. (80), Titular Bishop of Rhasus and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia)
Costa RicaBishop Ángel San Casimiro Fernández, O.A.R. (80)San Casimiro Fernández, Ángel, O.A.R. (80), Bishop emeritus of Alajuela (Costa Rica)
BrazilBishop Santiago Sánchez Sebastián, O.A.R. (65)Sánchez Sebastián, Santiago, O.A.R. (65), Bishop-Prelate of Lábrea (Brazil)
ChadBishop Miguel Ángel Sebastián Martínez, M.C.C.J. (72)Sebastián Martínez, Miguel Ángel, M.C.C.J. (72), Bishop of Sarh (Chad)
ZimbabweBishop Joseph Albert Serrano Antón, I.E.M.E. (80)Serrano Antón, Joseph Albert, I.E.M.E. (80), Bishop emeritus of Hwange (Zimbabwe)
PeruBishop Ángel Francisco Simón Piorno (77)Simón Piorno, Ángel Francisco (77), Bishop emeritus of Chimbote (Peru)
HondurasBishop Luis Felipe Solé Fa, C.M. (76)Solé Fa, Luis Felipe, C.M. (76), Bishop emeritus of Trujillo (Honduras)
ArgentinaBishop Joaquín Mariano Sucunza (77)Sucunza, Joaquín Mariano (77), Titular Bishop of Saetabis and Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
PeruBishop José Javier Travieso Martín, C.M.F. (71)Travieso Martín, José Javier, C.M.F. (71), Vicar Apostolic of San José de Amazonas (Peru) and Titular Bishop of Tubusuptu
PanamaBishop Pablo Varela Server (80)Varela Server, Pablo (80), Titular Bishop of Macomades rusticiana and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Panamá (Panama)
MozambiqueBishop Alberto Vera Aréjula, O. de M. (65)Vera Aréjula, Alberto, O. de M. (65), Bishop of Nacala (Mozambique)
ChileBishop Juan Luis Ysern de Arce (92)Ysern de Arce, Juan Luis (92), Bishop emeritus of San Carlos de Ancud (Chile)
Other Prelates related to Spain (5)
PhilippinesArchbishop Bernardito Cleopas Auza (63)Auza, Bernardito Cleopas (63), Titular Archbishop of Suacia, Apostolic Nuncio to Spain and Apostolic Nuncio to Andorra
ItalyMsgr. Maurizio Bravi (60)Bravi, Maurizio (60), Permanent Observer to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
ItalyArchbishop Giovanni Francesco Brugnaro (80)Brugnaro, Giovanni Francesco (80), Archbishop emeritus of Camerino–San Severino Marche (Italy)
ItalyArchbishop Renzo Fratini (78)Fratini, Renzo (78), Titular Archbishop of Botriana
PortugalCardinal Manuel Monteiro de Castro (84)Monteiro de Castro, Manuel (84), Cardinal-Priest of S. Domenico di Guzmán pro hac vice Title and Major Penitentiary emeritus of Apostolic Penitentiary

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