Bishops of Denmark

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Bishops and Ordinaries of Denmark (4)

Bishops (3)

Bishop Bohdan Dzyurakh, C.SS.R. (56)Dzyurakh, Bohdan, C.SS.R. (56) (Ukrainian Rite), Apostolic Exarch of Germany and Scandinavia of the Ukrainians (Germany) and Titular Bishop of Vagada
Bishop Czeslaw Kozon (72)Kozon, Czeslaw (72), Bishop of København (Denmark), President of Scandinavian Episcopal Conference and Vice-President of Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community
Bishop Petro Kryk (78)Kryk, Petro (Piotr) (78) (Ukrainian Rite), Titular Bishop of Castra Martis and Apostolic Exarch emeritus of Germany and Scandinavia of the Ukrainians (Germany)

Other Prelates (1)

Kaschner, Anna Mirijam, C.P.S. (52), General Secretary of Scandinavian Episcopal Conference
Other Prelates related to Denmark (5)
USAArchbishop James Patrick Green (73)Green, James Patrick (格霖澤) (73), Titular Archbishop of Altino
TurkiyeArchbishop Julio Murat (62)Murat, Julio (62), Titular Archbishop of Orange, Apostolic Nuncio to Norway, Apostolic Nuncio to Finland, Apostolic Nuncio to Denmark, Apostolic Nuncio to Sweden and Apostolic Nuncio to Iceland
PolandArchbishop Henryk Józef Nowacki (77)Nowacki, Henryk Józef (77), Titular Archbishop of Blera
ItalyArchbishop Giovanni Tonucci (81)Tonucci, Giovanni (81), Archbishop-Prelate emeritus of Loreto (Italy), Pontifical Delegate emeritus for the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua and Pontifical Delegate emeritus for the Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto
SwitzerlandCardinal Emil Paul Tscherrig (76)Tscherrig, Emil Paul (76), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Giuseppe in Via Trionfale, Apostolic Nuncio to San Marino and Apostolic Nuncio to Italy

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