Bishops of Switzerland

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Bishops and Ordinaries of Switzerland (34)

Cardinal (1)

Cardinal Kurt Koch (72)Koch, Kurt (72), Cardinal-Priest of Nostra Signora del Sacro Cuore pro hac vice Title, Prefect of Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity, President of Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews and Bishop emeritus of Basel (Switzerland)

Archbishops (2)

Archbishop Jean-Claude Périsset (83)Périsset, Jean-Claude (83), Titular Archbishop of Iustiniana prima, Titular Bishop emeritus of Accia and Adjunct Secretary emeritus of Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
Archbishop Emil Paul Tscherrig (75)Tscherrig, Emil Paul (75), Titular Archbishop of Voli, Apostolic Nuncio to San Marino and Apostolic Nuncio to Italy

Bishops (19)

Bishop Joseph Marie Bonnemain (74)Bonnemain, Joseph Marie (74), Bishop of Chur (Switzerland)
Bishop Norbert Brunner (80)Brunner, Norbert (80), Bishop emeritus of Sion (Switzerland)
Bishop Markus Büchel (73)Büchel, Markus (73), Bishop of Sankt Gallen (Switzerland) and Vice-President of Conference of Bishops of Switzerland
Bishop Pétur Bürcher (76)Bürcher, Pétur (76), Bishop emeritus of Reykjavík (Iceland)
Bishop Alain de Raemy (63)de Raemy, Alain (63), Titular Bishop of Turris in Mauretania, Apostolic Administrator of Lugano (Switzerland) and Auxiliary Bishop of Lausanne, Genève et Fribourg (Switzerland)
Bishop Marian Eleganti, O.S.B. (67)Eleganti, Marian, O.S.B. (67), Titular Bishop of Lamdia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Chur (Switzerland)
Bishop Pierre Farine (82)Farine, Pierre (82), Titular Bishop of Trogir and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Lausanne, Genève et Fribourg (Switzerland)
Bishop Bernard Fellay, S.S.P.X. (64)Fellay, Bernard, S.S.P.X. (64), Superior General emeritus of Society of Saint Pius X
Bishop Martin Gächter (82)Gächter, Martin (82), Titular Bishop of Betagbara and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Basel (Switzerland)
Bishop Felix Gmür (56)Gmür, Felix (56), Bishop of Basel (Switzerland) and President of Conference of Bishops of Switzerland
Bishop Pier Giacomo Grampa (85)Grampa, Pier Giacomo (85), Bishop emeritus of Lugano (Switzerland)
Bishop Peter Henrici, S.J. (94)Henrici, Peter, S.J. (94), Titular Bishop of Osor and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Chur (Switzerland)
Bishop Vitus Huonder (80)Huonder, Vitus (80), Bishop emeritus of Chur (Switzerland)
Bishop Valerio Lazzeri (59)Lazzeri, Valerio (59), Bishop emeritus of Lugano (Switzerland)
Bishop Hlib Borys Sviatoslav Lonchyna, M.S.U. (68)Lonchyna, Hlib Borys Sviatoslav, M.S.U. (68) (Ukrainian Rite), Apostolic Administrator of Saint-Vladimir-le-Grand de Paris of the Ukrainians (France) and Bishop emeritus of Holy Family of London of the Ukrainians (England)
Bishop Jean-Marie Lovey, C.R.B. (72)Lovey, Jean-Marie, C.R.B. (72), Bishop of Sion (Switzerland)
Bishop Charles Morerod, O.P. (60)Morerod, Charles, O.P. (60), Bishop of Lausanne, Genève et Fribourg (Switzerland)
Bishop Denis Theurillat (72)Theurillat, Denis (72), Titular Bishop of Tubulbaca and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Basel (Switzerland)
Bishop Ernesto Togni (96)Togni, Ernesto (96), Bishop emeritus of Lugano (Switzerland)

Other Prelates (12)

Fr. Christof Betschart, O.C.D. (46)Betschart, Christof, O.C.D. (46), President of Pontifical Theological Faculty and Pontifical Institute of Spirituality (Teresianum)
Brülhart, René (49), President emeritus of Financial Information Authority
Abbot Urban Federer, O.S.B. (54)Federer, Urban, O.S.B. (54), Abbot Ordinary of Maria Einsiedeln (Switzerland)
Abbot Jean-Michel Girard, C.R.B. (74)Girard, Jean-Michel, C.R.B. (74), Abbot Primate of Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine and Superior General of Canons Regular of the Hospitaller Congregation of Great Saint Bernard
Graf, Christoph (61), Commander of Pontifical Swiss Guard and Member of Financial Security Committee
Abbot Mauro Giorgio Giuseppe Lepori, O. Cist. (63)Lepori, Mauro Giorgio Giuseppe, O. Cist. (63), Abbot General of Order of Cistercians (Cistercians) and Vice-President of Union of Superiors General (U.S.G.)
Fr. Josef Meili, S.M.B. (79)Meili, Josef, S.M.B. (79), Superior General of Society of Bethlehem Mission Immensee
Abbot Christian Meyer, O.S.B. (55)Meyer, Christian, O.S.B. (55), President of Benedictine Congregation of Switzerland
Pesenti, Davide, General Secretary of Conference of Bishops of Switzerland
Fr. Kolumban Reichlin, O.S.B. (51)Reichlin, Kolumban, O.S.B. (51), Chaplain of Pontifical Swiss Guard
Rossier, Loïc Marc (32), Vice Commander of Pontifical Swiss Guard
Abbot Jean-César Scarcella, C.R.A. (70)Scarcella, Jean-César, C.R.A. (70), Abbot Ordinary of Saint-Maurice d’Agaune (Switzerland) and Abbot Ordinary of Swiss Congregation of Canons Regular of Saint Maurice of Agaune
Other Prelates born in Switzerland (12)
SwedenCardinal Anders Arborelius, O.C.D. (73)Arborelius, Anders, O.C.D. (73), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria degli Angeli, Bishop of Stockholm (Sweden), Member of Council for the Economy and Vice-President of Scandinavian Episcopal Conference
BoliviaBishop Carlos Bürgler, C.SS.R. (78)Bürgler, Carlos, C.SS.R. (78), Titular Bishop of Sinnipsa and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Reyes (Bolivia)
EcuadorBishop Antonio Crameri, S.S.C. (53)Crameri, Antonio, S.S.C. (53), Vicar Apostolic of Esmeraldas (Ecuador)
FranceBishop Gérard Antoine Daucourt (81)Daucourt, Gérard Antoine (81), Bishop emeritus of Nanterre (France)
KuwaitBishop Paul Hinder, O.F.M. Cap. (80)Hinder, Paul, O.F.M. Cap. (80), Titular Bishop of Macon and Apostolic Administrator of Northern Arabia (Kuwait)
CanadaJanz, Timothy James (56), Vice-Prefect of Vatican Apostolic Library
BrazilBishop Cristiano Jakob Krapf (86)Krapf, Cristiano Jakob (86), Bishop emeritus of Jequié (Brazil)
BrazilBishop Karl Josef Romer (90)Romer, Karl Josef (90), Titular Bishop of Columnata and Secretary emeritus of Pontifical Council for the Family
AustriaBishop Stephan Turnovszky (58)Turnovszky, Stephan (58), Titular Bishop of Ancusa and Auxiliary Bishop of Wien (Austria)
CanadaVanier, Jean (94), Founder of International Association of Faith and Light and Founder of International Federation of L’Arche Communities (L’Arche International)
EcuadorBishop Bertram Víctor Wick Enzler (67)Wick Enzler, Bertram Víctor (67), Bishop of Santo Domingo (Ecuador)
AustriaAbbot Vinzenz Wohlwend, O. Cist. (53)Wohlwend, Vinzenz, O. Cist. (53), Abbot Ordinary of Wettingen-Mehrerau (Austria)
Other Prelates related to Switzerland (13)
ItalyCardinal Giuseppe Bertello (80)Bertello, Giuseppe (80), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Vito, Modesto e Crescenzia pro hac vice Title and Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia
ItalyArchbishop Francesco Canalini (86)Canalini, Francesco (86), Titular Archbishop of Valeria
ItalyArchbishop Diego Causero (82)Causero, Diego (82), Titular Archbishop of Grado
USAArchbishop Borys Andrij Gudziak (61)Gudziak, Borys Andrij (61) (Ukrainian Rite), Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians (USA)
USAArchbishop Thomas Edward Gullickson (72)Gullickson, Thomas Edward (72), Titular Archbishop of Bomarzo
LiechtensteinArchbishop Wolfgang Haas (74)Haas, Wolfgang (74), Archbishop of Vaduz (Liechtenstein)
SloveniaArchbishop Ivan Jurkovič (70)Jurkovič, Ivan (70), Titular Archbishop of Krbava and Apostolic Nuncio to Canada
GermanyArchbishop Martin Krebs (65)Krebs, Martin (65), Titular Archbishop of Taborenta, Apostolic Nuncio to Switzerland and Apostolic Nuncio to Liechtenstein
IrelandArchbishop Diarmuid Martin (77)Martin, Diarmuid (77), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Dublin (Ireland)
NigeriaArchbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu (62)Nwachukwu, Fortunatus (62), Titular Archbishop of Aquaviva, Representative to International Organization for Migration (IOM), Permanent Observer to World Trade Organization (WTO) and Permanent Observer to United Nations Office and Specialized Institutions in Geneva (UNOG)
GermanyCardinal Karl-Josef Rauber (88)Rauber, Karl-Josef (88), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Antonio di Padova a Circonvallazione Appia and President emeritus of Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy
ItalyArchbishop Edoardo Rovida (95)Rovida, Edoardo (95), Titular Archbishop of Taormina
ItalyCardinal Silvano Maria Tomasi, C.S. (82)Tomasi, Silvano Maria, C.S. (82), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Nicola in Carcere and Special Delegate to Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta

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