Bishops of Australia

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Australia (81)

Cardinal (1)

Cardinal George Pell (81)Pell, George (81), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria Domenica Mazzarello, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Sydney (Australia) and Prefect emeritus of Secretariat for the Economy

Archbishops (14)

Archbishop Francis Patrick Carroll (92)Carroll, Francis Patrick (92), Archbishop emeritus of Canberra and Goulburn (Australia)
Archbishop Basile Georges Casmoussa (84)Casmoussa, Basile Georges (84) (Syriac Rite), Apostolic Visitator in Australia of the Syriacs and Archbishop emeritus of Mossul of the Syriacs (Iraq)
Archbishop Mark Benedict Coleridge (74)Coleridge, Mark Benedict (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Brisbane (Australia)
Archbishop Peter Andrew Comensoli (58)Comensoli, Peter Andrew (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Melbourne (Australia)
Archbishop Timothy John Costelloe, S.D.B. (68)Costelloe, Timothy John, S.D.B. (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Perth (Australia) and President of Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
Archbishop Adrian Leo Doyle (85)Doyle, Adrian Leo (85), Archbishop emeritus of Hobart (Australia)
Archbishop Anthony Colin Fisher, O.P. (62)Fisher, Anthony Colin, O.P. (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sydney (Australia) and Vice-President of Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
Archbishop Denis James Hart (81)Hart, Denis James (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Melbourne (Australia)
Archbishop Barry James Hickey (86)Hickey, Barry James (86), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Perth (Australia)
Archbishop Djibrail Kassab (84)Kassab, Djibrail (84) (Chaldean Rite), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Sydney of the Chaldeans (Australia)
Archbishop Amel Shamon Nona (55)Nona, Amel Shamon (55) (Chaldean Rite), Archbishop-Bishop of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Sydney of the Chaldeans (Australia)
Archbishop Patrick Michael O’Regan (64)O’Regan, Patrick Michael (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Adelaide (Australia)
Archbishop Julian Charles Porteous (73)Porteous, Julian Charles (73), Archbishop of Hobart (Australia)
Archbishop Christopher Charles Prowse (68)Prowse, Christopher Charles (68), Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn (Australia) and Apostolic Administrator of the Military Ordinariate of Australia (Australia)

Bishops (56)

Bishop ‘Ad Abikaram (85)Abikaram, ‘Ad (85) (Maronite Rite), Bishop emeritus of Saint Maron of Sydney of the Maronites (Australia)
Bishop Martin Ashe (69)Ashe, Martin (69), Titular Bishop of Muteci and Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne (Australia)
Bishop Gregory Charles Bennet (59)Bennet, Gregory Charles (59), Bishop of Sale (Australia)
Bishop Justin Joseph Bianchini (81)Bianchini, Justin Joseph (81), Bishop emeritus of Geraldton (Australia)
Bishop Paul Bernard Bird, C.SS.R. (73)Bird, Paul Bernard, C.SS.R. (73), Bishop of Ballarat (Australia)
Bishop Terence John Gerard Brady (75)Brady, Terence John Gerard (75), Titular Bishop of Talaptula and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Sydney (Australia)
Bishop Mykola Bychok, C.SS.R. (42)Bychok, Mykola, C.SS.R. (42) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of Saints Peter and Paul of Melbourne of the Ukrainians (Australia)
Bishop Peter Joseph Connors (85)Connors, Peter Joseph (85), Bishop emeritus of Ballarat (Australia)
Bishop David Cremin (92)Cremin, David (92), Titular Bishop of Cunga Féichin and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Sydney (Australia)
Bishop Terence Robert Curtin (77)Curtin, Terence Robert (77), Titular Bishop of Cabarsussi and Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne (Australia)
Bishop Max Leroy Davis (77)Davis, Max Leroy (77), Military Ordinary emeritus of Australia (Australia)
Bishop Mark Stuart Edwards, O.M.I. (63)Edwards, Mark Stuart, O.M.I. (63), Bishop of Wagga Wagga (Australia)
Bishop Peter John Elliott (79)Elliott, Peter John (79), Titular Bishop of Manaccenser and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Melbourne (Australia)
Bishop Brian Vincent Finnigan (84)Finnigan, Brian Vincent (84), Titular Bishop of Rapidum and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Brisbane (Australia)
Bishop James Foley (74)Foley, James (74), Bishop emeritus of Cairns (Australia)
Bishop Charles Victor Emmanuel Gauci (70)Gauci, Charles Victor Emmanuel (70), Bishop of Darwin (Australia)
Bishop Thomas Halim Habib (59)Habib, Thomas Halim (59) (Coptic Rite), Bishop of Sohag of the Copts (Egypt) and Apostolic Visitator in Oceania and the Gulf Countries of the Copts
Bishop Gerard Joseph Hanna (80)Hanna, Gerard Joseph (80), Bishop emeritus of Wagga Wagga (Australia)
Bishop Timothy James Harris (60)Harris, Timothy James (60), Bishop of Townsville (Australia)
Bishop Brian Heenan (85)Heenan, Brian (85), Bishop emeritus of Rockhampton (Australia)
Bishop Gerard Joseph Holohan (75)Holohan, Gerard Joseph (75), Bishop of Bunbury (Australia)
Bishop Gregory Paul Homeming, O.C.D. (65)Homeming, Gregory Paul, O.C.D. (65), Bishop of Lismore (Australia)
Bishop Kenneth Michael Howell (64)Howell, Kenneth Michael (64), Titular Bishop of Thamugadi and Auxiliary Bishop of Brisbane (Australia)
Bishop Daniel Eugene Hurley (82)Hurley, Daniel Eugene (82), Bishop emeritus of Darwin (Australia)
Bishop Peter William Ingham (81)Ingham, Peter William (81), Bishop emeritus of Wollongong (Australia)
Bishop Anthony John Ireland (65)Ireland, Anthony John (65), Titular Bishop of Carinola and Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne (Australia)
Bishop Geoffrey Hilton Jarrett (84)Jarrett, Geoffrey Hilton (84), Bishop emeritus of Lismore (Australia)
Bishop Michael Robert Kennedy (54)Kennedy, Michael Robert (54), Bishop of Armidale (Australia)
Bishop Karol Kulczycki, S.D.S. (56)Kulczycki, Karol, S.D.S. (56), Bishop of Port Pirie (Australia)
Bishop Columba Macbeth Green, O.S.P.P.E. (54)Macbeth Green, Columba, O.S.P.P.E. (54), Bishop of Wilcannia–Forbes (Australia)
Bishop Shane Mackinlay (57)Mackinlay, Shane (57), Bishop of Sandhurst (Australia)
Bishop Michael John Malone (83)Malone, Michael John (83), Bishop emeritus of Maitland–Newcastle (Australia)
Bishop Kevin Michael Manning (89)Manning, Kevin Michael (89), Bishop emeritus of Parramatta (Australia)
Bishop Brian Mascord (63)Mascord, Brian (63), Bishop of Wollongong (Australia)
Bishop Michael Fabian McCarthy (72)McCarthy, Michael Fabian (72), Bishop of Rockhampton (Australia)
Bishop Robert Michael McGuckin (78)McGuckin, Robert Michael (78), Bishop of Toowoomba (Australia)
Bishop Michael Joseph McKenna (70)McKenna, Michael Joseph (70), Bishop of Bathurst (Australia)
Bishop Daniel Joseph Meagher (60)Meagher, Daniel Joseph (60), Titular Bishop of Pocofeltus and Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney (Australia)
Bishop William Martin Morris (79)Morris, William Martin (79), Bishop emeritus of Toowoomba (Australia)
Bishop Michael Henry Morrissey (70)Morrissey, Michael Henry (70), Bishop of Geraldton (Australia) and Apostolic Administrator of Broome (Australia)
Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen, O.F.M. Conv. (60)Nguyen, Vincent Long Van, O.F.M. Conv. (Nguyễn Văn Long) (60), Bishop of Parramatta (Australia)
Bishop Timothy John Norton, S.V.D. (64)Norton, Timothy John, S.V.D. (64), Titular Bishop of Madaurus and Auxiliary Bishop of Brisbane (Australia)
Bishop Gregory O’Kelly, S.J. (81)O’Kelly, Gregory, S.J. (81), Bishop emeritus of Port Pirie (Australia)
Bishop Joseph John Oudeman, O.F.M. Cap. (80)Oudeman, Joseph John, O.F.M. Cap. (80), Titular Bishop of Respecta and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Brisbane (Australia)
Bishop Patrick Percival Power (80)Power, Patrick Percival (80), Titular Bishop of Oreto and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Canberra and Goulburn (Australia)
Bishop Bosco Puthur (76)Puthur, Bosco (76) (Syro-Malabar Rite), Bishop of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Melbourne of the Syro-Malabars (Australia) and Apostolic Visitator in New Zealand of the Syro-Malabars
Bishop Robert Rabbat (62)Rabbat, Robert (62) (Greek-Melkite Rite), Bishop of Saint Michael’s of Sydney of the Greek-Melkites (Australia)
Bishop Anthony Randazzo (56)Randazzo, Anthony (56), Bishop of Broken Bay (Australia)
Bishop Christopher Alan Saunders (72)Saunders, Christopher Alan (72), Bishop emeritus of Broome (Australia)
Bishop Donald George Sproxton (69)Sproxton, Donald George (69), Titular Bishop of Timici and Auxiliary Bishop of Perth (Australia)
Bishop Peter Stasiuk, C.SS.R. (79)Stasiuk, Peter, C.SS.R. (79) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop emeritus of Saints Peter and Paul of Melbourne of the Ukrainians (Australia)
Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay, O.L.M. (54)Tarabay, Antoine-Charbel, O.L.M. (54) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Saint Maron of Sydney of the Maronites (Australia)
Bishop Leslie Rogers Tomlinson (79)Tomlinson, Leslie Rogers (79), Bishop emeritus of Sandhurst (Australia)
Bishop Christopher Henry Toohey (70)Toohey, Christopher Henry (70), Bishop emeritus of Wilcannia–Forbes (Australia)
Bishop Richard James Umbers (51)Umbers, Richard James (51), Titular Bishop of Thala and Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney (Australia)
Bishop David Louis Walker (83)Walker, David Louis (83), Bishop emeritus of Broken Bay (Australia)

Other Prelates (10)

Msgr. Harry Entwistle (82)Entwistle, Harry (82), Ordinary emeritus of Our Lady of the Southern Cross (Australia)
Flood, Susan, O.S.U., Prioress General of Order of St. Ursula of the Roman Union (Ursuline Sisters)
Fr. Stephen Hackett, M.S.C. (63)Hackett, Stephen, M.S.C. (63), General Secretary of Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
Hilton, Mark Edward, S.C., Superior General of Brothers of the Sacred Heart
Abbot Christopher Jamison, E.B.C. (70)Jamison, Christopher, E.B.C. (70), President of English Benedictine Congregation
Abbot Michael George Kelly, O.S.B. Silv.Kelly, Michael George, O.S.B. Silv., Abbot General of Sylvestrine Congregation of the Benedictine Order (Sylvestrines)
Owen, Neville John, Member of Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors
Fr. Joachim Xavier Rego, C.P. (68)Rego, Joachim Xavier, C.P. (68), Superior General of Congregation of the Passion (Passionists)
Msgr. Carl Leonard Reid (71)Reid, Carl Leonard (71), Ordinary of Our Lady of the Southern Cross (Australia)
Ryan, Peter, F.S.P. (70), Superior General of Brothers of Saint Patrick (Patrician Brothers)
Other Prelates born in Australia (4)
Papua New GuineaBishop Austen Robin Crapp, O.F.M. (88)Crapp, Austen Robin, O.F.M. (88), Bishop emeritus of Aitape (Papua New Guinea)
EnglandMsgr. Brian Edwin Ferme (67)Ferme, Brian Edwin (67), Prelate Secretary of Council for the Economy and Protonotary Apostolic de numero of Prefecture of the Papal Household
Solomon IslandsBishop Bernard Cyril O’Grady, O.P. (91)O’Grady, Bernard Cyril, O.P. (91), Bishop emeritus of Gizo (Solomon Islands)
Papua New GuineaArchbishop Douglas William Young, S.V.D. (72)Young, Douglas William, S.V.D. (72), Metropolitan Archbishop of Mount Hagen (Papua New Guinea)
Other Prelates related to Australia (6)
USAArchbishop Charles Daniel Balvo (71)Balvo, Charles Daniel (71), Titular Archbishop of Castello and Apostolic Nuncio to Australia
ItalyArchbishop Francesco Canalini (86)Canalini, Francesco (86), Titular Archbishop of Valeria
LebanonArchbishop Issam John Darwish, B.S. (77)Darwish, Issam John, B.S. (77) (Greek-Melkite Rite), Archbishop emeritus of Zahleh–Furzol of the Greek-Melkites (Lebanon)
EnglandArchbishop Paul Richard Gallagher (68)Gallagher, Paul Richard (68), Titular Archbishop of Hodelm, Secretary for Relations with States of Secretariat of State and Secretary of Interdicastery Commission for the Church in Eastern Europe
ItalyArchbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto (80)Lazzarotto, Giuseppe (80), Titular Archbishop of Numana and Assessor emeritus of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
PhilippinesArchbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana (74)Yllana, Adolfo Tito (易福霖) (74), Titular Archbishop of Montecorvino, Apostolic Nuncio to Israel, Apostolic Nuncio to Cyprus and Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine

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