Issued in a.d. 1945

Motu Proprio
In cotidianis precibus

by Pope Pius XII Details (1945.03.24)

 divine office   liturgy 

Communium interpretes dolorum
Interpreter of the Universal Anguish

Appealing for prayers for peace during May

by Pope Pius XII Details (1945.04.15)


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Ecco alfine terminata

Radio message for the end of the war in Europe

by Pope Pius XII Details (1945.05.09)


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Liturgical Book
Breviarium Romanum

editio VII juxta typicam

by Sacred Congregation of Rites Details (1945.06.29)

 divine office   liturgy 

Apostolic Constitution
Vacantis Apostolicæ Sedis

Decreeing that the majority required for the election of a new pope was to be two-thirds plus one

by Pope Pius XII Details (1945.12.08)

 cardinal   conclave   pope 

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Orientales omnes Ecclesias
All the Eastern Churches

On the 350ᵗʰ anniversary of the reunion of the Ruthenian Church with the Apostolic See

by Pope Pius XII Details (1945.12.23)

 Eastern Churches   Ruthenian Church 

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