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a.d. 1950 – 1954

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Guida delle Missioni Cattoliche, 1950
3ʳᵈ edition


DirectorySacred Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith1950
Enchiridion indulgentiarum (1950)


NormsSacred Apostolic Penitentiary1950.01.30
Anni Sacri / The Holy Year English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On a program for combatting atheistic propaganda throughout the World


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1950.03.12
Vix Undecimus Italiano (Italian)
To the Religious Fathers of the Society of Jesus


LetterPope Pius XII1950.03.12
Instructions of the Sacred Writing in the seminaries and the colleges

 Bible   seminary 

DocumentPontifical Commission for Biblical Studies1950.05.13
Summi mæroris English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On public prayers for peace


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1950.07.19
Humani generis English français (French) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin) español (Spanish)
On some false opinions threatening to undermine the foundations of Catholic doctrine

 Bible   doctrine   evolution 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1950.08.12
Menti nostræ / Our Mind English Italiano (Italian)
On the development of holiness in priestly life


Apostolic ExhortationPope Pius XII1950.09.23
Munificentissimus Deus English Italiano (Italian)
On glorifying Mary with the Assumption into heaven in soul and body

 Assumption   Mary   papal infallibility 

Apostolic ConstitutionPope Pius XII1950.11.01
Sponsa Christi / Spouse of Christ español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Apostolic ConstitutionPope Pius XII1950.11.21
Inter præclara español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
Putting ’Sponsa Christi’ into effect


InstructionSacred Congregation of Religious1950.11.23
Mirabile illud / Admirable Prodigy English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the crusade of prayer for peace


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1950.12.06
Un Anno Italiano (Italian)
Radio message for Christmas at the end of the Holy Year
MessagePope Pius XII1950.12.23
Sollemne semper
Norms for military vicariates

 diocese   military 

InstructionSacred Congregation of the Council1951.04.23
Evangelii præcones English Italiano (Italian) español (Spanish)
On promotion of Catholic missions


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1951.06.02
To the first Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the Holy See español (Spanish)


SpeechPope Pius XII1951.06.04
Sempiternus Rex Christus / Christ the Eternal King English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)
For the 15ᵗʰ centenary of the Council of Chalcedon
EncyclicalPope Pius XII1951.09.08
Ingruentium malorum English Italiano (Italian)
On reciting the rosary

 Mary   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1951.09.15
Impensiore caritate Italiano (Italian)Apostolic LetterPope Pius XII1951.10.28
Un’ora di serena to Cardinals, Representatives of Foreign Nations and members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Italiano (Italian)

 evolution   science 

SpeechPope Pius XII1951.11.22
Cupimus Imprimis / 《我們切願聲明》牧函 Italiano (Italian)
On the Catholic Church in China


Apostolic LetterPope Pius XII1952.01.18
Rituale Romanum
editio typica


Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1952.01.25
La famiglia è la culla español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)
Radio message on the occasion of the celebration of ’Family Day’


MessagePope Pius XII1952.03.23
Veritatem facientes Italiano (Italian)Apostolic LetterPope Pius XII1952.03.27
Sacro vergente anno Italiano (Italian)
On Consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Apostolic LetterPope Pius XII1952.07.07
To the participants of the World Congress of Astronomy Italiano (Italian)


SpeechPope Pius XII1952.09.07
Missale Romanum (1952)
editio VI iuxta typicam

 liturgy   Mass 

Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1952.09.08
To the participants of the National Scientific Congress on Athletics and Sports Italiano (Italian)


SpeechPope Pius XII1952.11.08
Valde solliciti latine (Latin)
Modified the cardinals’ vestments

 cardinal   vesture 

Motu ProprioPope Pius XII1952.11.30
Orientales Ecclesias English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the condition of the Eastern Churches

 Eastern Churches 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1952.12.15
Christus Dominus / Christ the Lord English
Concerning the discipline to be observed with respect to the Eucharistic fast

 fasting   Holy Communion 

Apostolic ConstitutionPope Pius XII1953.01.06
Doctor mellifluus English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the 12ᵗʰ centenary of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the last of the Fathers


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1953.05.24
On the book "Die Psalmen" by Bernard Bonkamp


DocumentPontifical Commission for Biblical Studies1953.06.09
Fulgens corona / The Radiant Crown English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On proclaiming a Marian Year to commemorate the centenary of the definition of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception

 jubilee   Mary 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1953.09.08
Rapiti dal fulgore Italiano (Italian)
Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Feast of the Presentation of Mary during the Marian Year


SpeechPope Pius XII1953.11.21
Il popolo, che abitava Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to Christian politicians for the promotion of the union of European peoples


MessagePope Pius XII1953.12.24
Radio message on the occasion of the Fifth Interamerican Congress of Catholic Education español (Spanish)


MessagePope Pius XII1954.01.12
Sacra virginitas / Holy Virginity English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On consecrated virginity


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1954.03.25
Ecclesiæ fastos English Italiano (Italian)
For the 12ᵗʰ centenary of St. Boniface


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1954.06.05
Non è forse Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to television viewers connected for the first time with England, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and Italy

 Europe   television 

MessagePope Pius XII1954.06.06
On the occasion of the Second National Marian Congress of Bolivia español (Spanish)

 Bolivia   Eucharistic Congress 

LetterPope Pius XII1954.08.13
Ad Sinarum gentem / To the Chinese People / 《致中華人民》通諭 English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the supranationality of the Church, sufferings of the Church in China


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1954.10.07
Ad Cæli Reginam / To the Queen of Heaven English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On proclaiming the Queenship of Mary


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1954.10.11
Ecce ego declinabo Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to the whole world for Christmas
MessagePope Pius XII1954.12.24

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