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a.d. 1940 – 1949

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To the President of the United States of America Italiano (Italian)


LetterPope Pius XII1940.01.07
Sæculo exeunte octavo / Eighth Centenary English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the 8ᵗʰ centenary of the independence of Portugal


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1940.06.13
Nosti profecto Italiano (Italian)Apostolic LetterPope Pius XII1940.07.06
Norunt profecto Italiano (Italian)
Inviting all people to apply a Mass for world peace on November 24


Motu ProprioPope Pius XII1940.10.27
Mass for peace Italiano (Italian)


HomilyPope Pius XII1940.11.24
Radio message for Pentecost 1941 Italiano (Italian)

 Holy Spirit 

MessagePope Pius XII1941.06.01
On the right of precedence of the cardinals


NormsSacred Congregation of Ceremonies1942.01.06
Mystici Corporis Christi / Mystical Body of Christ English français (French) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin) español (Spanish)
On the Mystical Body of Christ

 doctrine   ecclesiology 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1943.06.29
Divino afflante Spiritu / Inspired by the Divine Spirit English français (French) Italiano (Italian) español (Spanish)
On promoting Biblical studies, commemorating the 50ᵗʰ anniversary of Providentissimus Deus


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1943.09.30
Nella desolazione Italiano (Italian)
Address to war refugees in Rome and to the people of Rome


SpeechPope Pius XII1944.03.12
Orientalis Ecclesiæ / Eastern Church English Italiano (Italian)
On the 15ᵗʰ centenary of St. Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1944.04.09
Oggi al compiersi Italiano (Italian)
Radio message on the fifth anniversary of the beginning of war


MessagePope Pius XII1944.09.01
Benignitas et humanitas español (Spanish)
Radio message on occasion of Christmas
MessagePope Pius XII1944.12.24
In cotidianis precibus

 divine office   liturgy 

Motu ProprioPope Pius XII1945.03.24
Communium interpretes dolorum / Interpreter of the Universal Anguish English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
Appealing for prayers for peace during May


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1945.04.15
Ecco alfine terminata Italiano (Italian)
Radio message for the end of the war in Europe


MessagePope Pius XII1945.05.09
Nell’accogliere español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)
On the Church’s fundamental duty to promote peace


SpeechPope Pius XII1945.06.02
Breviarium Romanum
editio VII juxta typicam

 divine office   liturgy 

Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1945.06.29
Vacantis Apostolicæ Sedis latine (Latin)
Decreeing that the majority required for the election of a new pope was to be two-thirds plus one

 cardinal   conclave   pope 

Apostolic ConstitutionPope Pius XII1945.12.08
Orientales omnes Ecclesias / All the Eastern Churches English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the 350ᵗʰ anniversary of the reunion of the Ruthenian Church with the Apostolic See

 Eastern Churches   Ruthenian Church 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1945.12.23
Negli ultimi sei anni Italiano (Italian)
On the principles which should inspire future international agreements to ensure lasting peace


SpeechPope Pius XII1945.12.24
Guida delle Missioni Cattoliche, 1946
2ⁿᵈ edition


DirectorySacred Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith1946
Quemadmodum English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin) español (Spanish)
On assuming more eagerly at the present time the care of needy children


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1946.01.06
L’Elevatezza español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)
To the new Cardinals on the supranationality of the Catholic Church


SpeechPope Pius XII1946.02.20
Stretto il cuore Italiano (Italian)
Radio message calling for collaboration in solving the food shortage crisis


MessagePope Pius XII1946.04.04
Instituting the Episcopal Hierarchy in China English

 China   Hong Kong 

Apostolic ConstitutionPope Pius XII1946.04.11
The uniform Italiano (Italian)
To members of the American Red Cross
SpeechPope Pius XII1946.04.11
Deiparæ Virginis Mariæ / Blessed Virgin Mary English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the possibility of defining the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a dogma of faith

 Assumption   Mary 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1946.05.01
Con la legge
Law for the Tribunal of the Vatican City State

 Vatican City 

Motu ProprioPope Pius XII1946.05.01
Ancora una volta Italiano (Italian)
To government officials calling for the repatriation of prisoners
SpeechPope Pius XII1946.06.01
Vi fu mai Italiano (Italian)
Christmas address to the Roman Curia

 Roman Curia 

SpeechPope Pius XII1946.12.24
Cum sanctissimus English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


InstructionSacred Congregation of Religious1947
Provida Mater Ecclesia English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On secular institutes

 association   religious 

Apostolic ConstitutionPope Pius XII1947.02.02
In the determination Italiano (Italian)
To the new Extraordinary Legate and Plenipotentiary Minister of the Chinese Republic


SpeechPope Pius XII1947.02.16
Fulgens radiatur English français (French) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin) español (Spanish)
On the 14ᵗʰ centenary of the most holy death of St. Benedict


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1947.03.21
To the President of the United States of America Italiano (Italian)


LetterPope Pius XII1947.08.26
Mediator Dei / Mediator between God and Men English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin) español (Spanish)
On the Sacred Liturgy

 calendar   divine office   Eucharist   liturgy 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1947.11.20
Animarum studio Italiano (Italian)
Granting priests the faculty to confess during air travel

 penance   priest 

Motu ProprioPope Pius XII1947.12.16
Optatissima pax English Italiano (Italian) español (Spanish)
Prescribing public prayers for social and world peace


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1947.12.18
Martyrologium Romanum (1948)
editio tertia post typicam

 liturgy   saints 

Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1948
On the Sources of the Pentateuch and the Historical Value of Genesis 1-11


DocumentPontifical Commission for Biblical Studies1948.01.16
Primo feliciter English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Motu ProprioPope Pius XII1948.03.12
Auspicia quædam English Italiano (Italian)
On public prayers for world peace and solution of the problem of Palestine


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1948.05.01
In auspicando super Italiano (Italian)Apostolic ExhortationPope Pius XII1948.06.28
Quod Sodales Italiano (Italian)
For the International Congress of the Apostleship of Prayer Society
LetterPope Pius XII1948.09.19
Bis sæculari dieApostolic ConstitutionPope Pius XII1948.09.27
In multiplicibus curis English Italiano (Italian)
On prayers for peace in Palestine


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1948.10.24
Gravi ed ad un tempo Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to the faithful for Christmas
MessagePope Pius XII1948.12.24
Acerrimo Mœrore Italiano (Italian)
To Hungarian Archbishops and Bishops


LetterPope Pius XII1949.01.02
Conflictatio bonorum Italiano (Italian)Apostolic ExhortationPope Pius XII1949.02.11
Redemptoris nostri cruciatus / Passion of Our Redeemer English Italiano (Italian)
On the holy place of Palestine


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1949.04.15
Jubilæum maximum Italiano (Italian)
Proclaiming the Jubilee of 1950


BullPope Pius XII1949.05.26
Sollemnibus documentis Italiano (Italian)
Prayer for Peace in the Holy Land

 Holy Land   peace 

Apostolic ExhortationPope Pius XII1949.11.08
Quante volte Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to sick throughout the world


MessagePope Pius XII1949.11.21
Non mai forse Italiano (Italian)
Radio message for the opening of the Jubilee Year
MessagePope Pius XII1949.12.24

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