Hungarian Church

Eastern-Rite sui juris Catholic Church

Tradition: Constantinian or Byzantine Rite

Type: Metropolitan

Population: 326,000

Official Language: Hungarian


Metropolitanate sui juris: Hajdúdorog (Hungary)

Synod: Council of the Hungarian Church


Jurisdictions (3): Metropolitanates (1), Dioceses (2)

Hungary Hungary: Hajdúdorog, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza


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Metropolitan (2015.03.20 – ...):Archbishop Peter Fülöp Kocsis (59)Archbishop Peter Fülöp Kocsis (59)

President of Council of the Hungarian Church

Retired Archbishop Archbishop (1): Archbishop Peter Fülöp Kocsis (59)Kocsis

Retired Bishop Bishops (3)

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