Titular Metropolitan See of

Heraclea in Europa

Turkey Turkey

Continent: Central and Southwest Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Titular Metropolitan See

Location: Eregli, pr. Europa, Turkey


Titular Archbishop

Titular Archbishop:vacant

Past Ordinaries

Archbishops of Heraclea (Roman Rite)

Saint Archbishop Philip of HeracleaPermalink
(? – 303)

Died:303 🩸 (Edirne, Turkey)

Archbishop of Heraclea (? – 303)

Martyr. Archbishop. Companion of Saint Hermes of Heraclea.

Saint Archbishop Eutichius of HeracleaPermalink
(? – III century)

Died:III century 🩸 (Eraclea, Turkey)

Archbishop of Heraclea (? – III century)

Martyr. Archbishop.

Former Titular Bishops

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