Titular Episcopal See of

Amathus in Cypro

Cyprus Cyprus

Continent: Central and Southwest Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Titular Episcopal See Episcopal See

Name: Amathus in Cypro (latine) / Amatunte di Cipro (Italiano) / Amathusius in Cypro (Latin)

Location: ruins near Palaeo-Limisso, Eksi-Limassol, pr. Cipro, m. Salamina, Cyprus

Titular Bishop

Titular Bishop:vacant

Past Ordinaries

Bishops of Amathus (Roman Rite)

Saint Bishop Tycho of Amathus
(? – 425)

Died:425 (Amatunte, Cyprus)

Bishop of Amathus (? – 425)


Former Titular Bishops


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