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Italy Italy

Continent: West Europe

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Diocese, Suburbicarian See

Area: 31 km²

Population: 13,983 Catholics (82.0% of 17,053 total) (2018)

Statistics: 2 parishes, 2 deacons, 9 lay religious (9 sisters) (2018)

Governed by: Papal See of Roma

Ecclesiastical Province: Roma

Neighbouring Dioceses: Porto–Santa Rufina (↑), Roma (↗), Albano (↘)

Depends on: Congregation for Bishops

Patron Saint: Saint Augustine of Hippo

Notes: The Cardinal Dean of the College of Cardinals has been the Bishop of Ostia since 1150. The Vicar General for the Vicariate of Rome has been the Apostolic Administrator of Ostia since 1966.11.18.


All Churches

Porto–Santa Rufina (↑), Roma (↗), Albano (↘)

Present Prelates

Apostolic Administrator (2017.05.26 – ...):Cardinal Angelo De Donatis (67)Cardinal Angelo De Donatis (67)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Marco

Archpriest of Papal Archbasilica of St. John Lateran

Vicar General for the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy)

Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Lateran University


Bishops of Ostia (Roman Rite)

Cardinal Angelo De Donatis (67)Cardinal Angelo De Donatis (67)Permalink
(Apostolic Administrator 2017.05.26 – ...)

Cardinal Agostino Vallini (80)Cardinal Agostino Vallini (80)Permalink
(Apostolic Administrator 2008.06.27 – 2017.05.26)

Cardinal Camillo Ruini (90)Cardinal Camillo Ruini (90)Permalink
(Apostolic Administrator 1991.07.01 – 2008.06.27)

Cardinal Ugo PolettiPermalink
(Apostolic Administrator 1973.03.26 – 1991.01.17)

Cardinal Angelo Dell’Acqua, O.Ss.C.A.Permalink
(Apostolic Administrator 1968.01.13 – 1972.08.27)

Cardinal Luigi TragliaPermalink
(Apostolic Administrator 1966.11.18 – 1968.01.09)

Cardinal Clemente MicaraPermalink
(Apostolic Administrator 1962 – 1965.03.11)

Bishop Leonardo Patrasso de Guerrino (later Cardinal)Permalink
(Apostolic Administrator 1298.02.25 – 1299.02)

Saint Bishop Ciriaco di OstiaPermalink
(229? – 235)


Bishop of Ostia (Italy) (229? – 235)


Former Prelates

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