Apostolic Prefecture of

Hainan 海南

China China

Continent: South and East Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Apostolic Prefecture Apostolic Prefecture

Name: Hainan 海南 (中文) / Hainan / Hainanen(sis) (Latin)

Immediately subject to the Holy See

Depends on: Dicastery for Evangelisation

Special Churches

Beihai 北海 (↑)

Present Prelates

Prefect Apostolic:vacant


Prefects Apostolic of Hainan 海南 (Roman Rite)

Fr. Dominic Desperben (德文彬), SS.CC.Permalink
(1939.03.24 – 1980.06.16)

Born:1898.07.12 (France)
Ordained Priest:1925.08.02
Died:1980.06.16 († 81)

Prefect Apostolic of Hainan 海南 (China) (1939.03.24 – 1980.06.16)

Fr. Paul-Marie-Joseph Julliotte (余禮灼), SS.CC.Permalink
(1936.05.25 – 1939.02)

Born:1867.04.27 (France)
Ordained Priest:1893.06.29
Died:1956.08.30 († 89)

Ecclesiastical Superior of Hainan 海南 (China) (1929.11.20 – 1936.05.25)

Prefect Apostolic of Hainan 海南 (China) (1936.05.25 – 1939.02)

Ecclesiastical Superiors of Hainan 海南 (Roman Rite)

Fr. Paul-Marie-Joseph Julliotte (余禮灼), SS.CC.Permalink
(1929.11.20 – 1936.05.25)

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