Conferenza dei Vescovi Cattolici della Federazione Russa (C.V.C.F.R.)

Conference of Bishops

Also known as: Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia (English)

Country: Russia Russia

Address: Ul. Malaya Gruzinskaya 27, str. 2, 123557 Moskva, Russia

Phone: (495)78.55.434



Present Officials

President (2020.03.12 – ...):Archbishop Pavel Pezzi, F.S.C.B. (63)Archbishop Pavel Pezzi, F.S.C.B. (63)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Mother of God at Moscow (Russia)

Vice-President (2023.01.03 – ...):Bishop Cyryl Klimowicz (71)Bishop Cyryl Klimowicz (71)

Bishop of Saint Joseph at Irkutsk (Russia)

Apostolic Administrator of Yuzhno Sakhalinsk (Russia)

General Secretary (2020.03.12 – ...):Fr. Stephan Lipke, S.J. (47)Fr. Stephan Lipke, S.J. (47)

Past Officials

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