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Bishop (2005.07.29 – ...):Bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig, C.R.S.A. (69)Bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig, C.R.S.A. (69)

Churches (30)

Trondheim (↑), Stockholm (→), København (↓)
CountryCities (Oslo) AscendingChurches (4)
NorwayNorwayOslo, OsloSankt Olav domkirke St. Olav (Cathedral) Locate
Cathedral of St. Olav
NorwayNorwayOslo, OsloSt. Eystein presteseminar St. Eystein Locate
Seminary of Eysteinn Erlendsson
NorwayNorwayOslo, OsloSt. Hallvard kirke St. Hallvard (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Hallvard
NorwayNorwayOslo, OsloSt. Johannes kirke St. Johannes (Parish) Locate
Church of St. John
CountryCities (Akershus) AscendingChurches (3)
NorwayNorwayJessheim, AkershusSt. Gudmund kirke St. Gudmund (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Guðmundur Arason
NorwayNorwayLillestrøm, AkershusSt. Magnus kirke St. Magnus (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Magnus
NorwayNorwayStabekk, AkershusSt. Maria kirke St. Maria (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Mary
CountryCities (Aust-Agder) AscendingChurches (1)
NorwayNorwayArendal, Aust-AgderSt. Franciskus Xaverius kirke St. Franciskus Xaverius (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Francis Xavier
CountryCities (Buskerud) AscendingChurches (2)
NorwayNorwayDrammen, BuskerudSt. Laurentius kirke St. Laurentius (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Lawrence
NorwayNorwayHønefoss, BuskerudSt. Teresia kirke St. Teresia (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Teresa
CountryCities (Hedmark) AscendingChurches (3)
NorwayNorwayHamar, HedmarkHellig treenighets domkirke Hellige treenighet Locate
Former Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
NorwayNorwayHamar, HedmarkSt. Torfinn kirke St. Torfinn (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Thorfinn
NorwayNorwayKongsvinger, HedmarkSta. Clara kirke Sta. Clara (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Clare
CountryCities (Hordaland) AscendingChurches (2)
NorwayNorwayBergen, HordalandBergen domkirke St. Olav Locate
Former Cathedral of St. Olaf
NorwayNorwayBergen, HordalandSt. Paul kirke St. Paul (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Paul
CountryCities (Oppland) AscendingChurches (1)
NorwayNorwayLillehammer, OpplandSt. Maria kirke St. Maria (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Mary
CountryCities (Rogaland) AscendingChurches (3)
NorwayNorwayHaugesund, RogalandSt. Josef kirke St. Josef (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Joseph
NorwayNorwayStavanger, RogalandStavanger domkirke St. Svithun Locate
Former Cathedral of St. Swithin
NorwayNorwayStavanger, RogalandSt. Svithun kirke St. Svithun (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Swithun
CountryCities (Sogn og Fjordane) AscendingChurches (1)
NorwayNorwayOrnes, Sogn og FjordaneUrnes stavkirke (Urnes stavkirke) Locate
Urnes Stave Church of St. Nicholas
CountryCities (Telemark) AscendingChurches (1)
NorwayNorwayPorsgrunn, TelemarkVår Frue kirke Vår Frue (Parish) Locate
Church of Our Lady
CountryCities (Vest-Agder) AscendingChurches (1)
NorwayNorwayKristiansand, Vest-AgderSt. Ansgar kirke St. Ansgar (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Anskar
CountryCities (Vestfold) AscendingChurches (3)
NorwayNorwayLarvik, VestfoldSt. Frans kirke St. Frans (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Francis
NorwayNorwaySandefjord, VestfoldSt. Johannes Døperens kirke St. Johannes Døperens (Parish) Locate
Church of St. John the Baptist
NorwayNorwayTønsberg, VestfoldSt. Olav kirke St. Olav (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Olaf
CountryCities (Østfold) AscendingChurches (5)
NorwayNorwayAskim, ØstfoldSt. Maria kirke St. Maria (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Mary
NorwayNorwayFredrikstad, ØstfoldSt. Birgitta kirke St. Birgitta (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Brigid
NorwayNorwayHalden, ØstfoldSt. Peter kirke St. Peter (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Peter
NorwayNorwayMoss, ØstfoldSt. Mikael kirke St. Mikael (Parish) Locate
Church of St. Michael
NorwayNorwaySpydeberg, ØstfoldMariakilden Mariakilden Locate

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