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read on:2023.02.01

The Second Day of February. Eleventh Day of the lunar month. 🌔

The Presentation of the Lord

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, called Ipapante (Υπαπαντή) by the Greeks: forty days after the birth of the Lord, Jesus was brought by Mary and Joseph to the Temple, both to fulfil the Mosaic law, and above all to meet his believing and exultant people, light for revelation to the Gentiles and glory of his people Israel.

Saint Flosculus, bishop of Orléans

Saint Laurence, bishop of Canterbury

Saint Burkard, bishop of Würzburg

Blessed Simone Fidati, Augustinian priest

Blessed Pietro Cambiani, Dominican priest and martyr

Saint Catherine of Ricci, virgin of Third Order Dominicans

Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac, founder of the Company of Mary, Our Lady

Saint Nicola da Longobardi, religious of the Order of Minims

Blessed Stefano Bellesini, Augustinian priest

Saint Jean-Théophane Vénard, Paris Foriegn Missions priest and martyr of Vietnam

Saint Maria Kasper, founder of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ

Blessed Andrea Carlo Ferrari, archbishop of Milan, cardinal

Saint Maria Domenica Mantovani, founder of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2023.02.02

The Third Day of February. Twelfth Day of the lunar month. 🌔

Saint Blaise, bishop of Sebastea and martyr

Saint Blaise, bishop and martyr, who as a Christian suffered martyrdom at Sivas in ancient Armenia under the emperor Licinius.

Saint Ansgar, archbishop of Hamburg and Bremen

Saint Ansgar, bishop of Hamburg and then also of Bremen in Saxony: first monk of Corbie, he was appointed by Pope Gregory IV as his legate throughout the North; in Denmark and Sweden he proclaimed the Gospel to a multitude of peoples and founded the Church of Christ there, overcoming many difficulties with fortitude, until, exhausted by fatigue, he found rest at Bremen.

Saints Simeon and Anna, prophets

At Jerusalem, commemoration of Saints Simeon and Anna, the first being a righteous and pious elder, the other a widow and prophetess: when the child Jesus was taken to the temple to be presented according to the custom of the law, they hailed him as the Messiah and Saviour, blessed hope and redemption of Israel.

Saints Celerinus, lector, Celerina, Laurence and Ignatius, martyrs

Saint Lienne, priest

Saints Tigride and Remède, bishop of Gap

Saint Lupicinus, bishop of Lyons

Saint Hadelin, priest and abbot of Chelles

Saint Werburgh, abbess

Saint Berlindis, virgin

Blessed Hélinand, monk

Blessed John Nelson, Jesuit priest and martyr of England

Saint Marie de Saint-Ignace Thévenet, virgin, founder of the Religious of Jesus and Mary

Saint Marie-Anne Rivier, virgin, founder of the Sisters of Presentation

Blessed Maria Virgo Stollenwerk, virgin, founder of the Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2023.02.03

The Fourth Day of February. Thirteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌔

Saint Eutichio, martyr at Rome

Saints Papias, Diodorus and Claudianus, martyrs of Perge

Saints Phileas, bishop, and Philoromus, tribune, martyrs

Saint Isidore, priest in Egypt, hermit

Saint Aventin, bishop of Chartres

Saint Aventin de Troyes, hermit

Saint Rabano Mauro, bishop of Mainz

Saint Nicholas the Studite, hegumen of the monastery of Studion

Saint Gilbert, priest, founder the abbey of Sempringham, founder of the Gilbertine Order

Saint Jeanne de France, queen of France, founder of the Nuns of Annunciation

Blessed John Speed, martyr of England

Saint Giuseppe da Leonessa, Capuchin priest

Saint John de Britto, Jesuit priest and martyr of India

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2023.02.04

The Fifth Day of February. Fourteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌕

Saint Agatha, virgin and martyr

Memorial of Saint Agatha, virgin and martyr, who, still a young girl, preserved her body in unblemished martyrdom in the raging persecution in Catania and integrates her faith, offering her witness for Christ the Lord.

Holy martyrs of Ponto

Saint Avit, bishop of Vienne

Saint Ingenuino, first bishop of Bressanone

Saint Luca, abbot

Saint Saba il Giovane, monk

Saint Albuino, bishop of Bressanone

Saint Adelaide of Vilich, first abbess of the monastery of Vilich

Passion of Saints Paul Miki and 25 companions, martyrs

Blessed Françoise Mézière, virgin and martyr

Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora, mother of family, of the Third Order Trinitarians

Saint Jesús Méndez Montoya, priest and martyr

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2023.02.05

The Sixth Day of February. Fifteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌕

Saints Paul Miki and 25 companions, martyrs of Japan

Memorial of Saints Paul Miki and companions, martyrs, at Nagasaki in Japan. As the persecution against Christians worsened, eight priests and religious of the Society of Jesus and the Order of Friars Minor, missionaries from Europe or born in Japan, and seventeen lay people, arrested, suffered serious injuries and were sentenced to death. All together, even the boys, were crucified as Christians, delighted that they were allowed to die in the same way as Christ.

Saint Antolien, martyr

Saints Silvanus, bishop of Hemesa, Luke, deacon, and Mocius, lector, martyrs

Saints Dorothea, virgin, and Theophilus, martyrs

Saint Mél, bishop of Ardagh

Saint Vaast, bishop of Arras

Saint Amandus, bishop of Maastricht

Saint Relindis, abbess

Saint Guarino, cardinal bishop of Palestrina

Saint Brinolfo, bishop of Skara

Saint Alfonso Maria Fusco, priest, founder of the Sisters of Saint John the Baptist

Blessed Angelo da Furci, Augustinian priest

Saint Francesco Spinelli, priest, founder of the Sisters Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament

Saint Mateo Correa Magallanes, priest and martyr

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.

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