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read on:2022.01.20

The Twenty-First Day of January. Eighteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌖

Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr at Rome

Saint Publius, bishop of Malta

Saints Fructuoso, bishop of Tarragona, Augurio and Eulogio, deacons, martyrs at Tarragona

Saint Patrocle, martyr at Troyes

Saint Epifanio, bishop of Pavia

Saint Meinrad, priest and monk at Einsiedeln, martyr

Saint Zaccaria, master of cenobitic life

Blesseds Edward Stransham and Nicholas Wheeler (Woodfen), priests and martyrs of England

Saint Alban Roe, Benedictine priest, and Blessed Richard Reynolds (Green), priest, martyrs of England

Blessed Josefa María de Santa Inés, Discalced Augustinian virgin

Blessed Jean-Baptiste Turpin du Cormier and 13 companions, priests and martyrs of France

Saint Ioannes Yi Yun-il, father of family, martyr of Korea

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.01.21

The Twenty-Second Day of January. Nineteenth Day of the lunar month. 🌖

Saint Vincent of Saragossa, deacon of Saragossa and martyr

Saint Valero, bishop of Saragossa

Saint Gaudenzio, first bishop of Novara

Saint Anastasius, monk and martyr in Persia

Saint Barnard, bishop of Vienne

Saint Domenico, abbot of Sora

Blessed Maria Mancini, widow, Dominican religious

Blessed Antonio della Chiesa, Dominican priest

Blessed William Patenson, priest and martyr of England

Saints Francesc Gil de Federich de Sans and Mateo Alonso de Leciñana y Alonso, Dominican priests and martyrs of Vietnam

Saint Vincenzo Pallotti, priest, founder of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate

Blessed Guillaume Joseph Chaminade, priest and founder of the Society of Mary

Blessed Laura Vicuña, virgin

Blessed Giuseppe Nascimbeni, priest, founder of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family

Blessed László Batthyány-Strattmann, father of family

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.01.22

The Twenty-Third Day of January. Twentieth Day of the lunar month. 🌖

Saints Severian and Aquila, martyrs at Cesarea of Mauritania

Saint Emerenziana, martyr at Rome

Saints Clement, bishop of Ancyra, and Agatangelo, martyrs

Saint Amasio, bishop of Teano

Saint Ildefonso, archbishop of Toledo

Saint Maimbod, pilgrim and hermit

Saint Andreas Chŏng Hwa-gyŏng, catechist and martyr of Korea

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.01.23

The Twenty-Fourth Day of January. Twenty-First Day of the lunar month. 🌗

Saint Francis de Sales, bishop of Geneva and doctor of the Church

Saint Feliciano, first bishop of Foligno

Saint Savinien, martyrs at Troyes

Saints Babylas, bishop of Antioch, Urban, Prilidian and Epolonius, children, martyrs

Saint Esuperanzio, bishop of Cingoli

Blessed Paola Gambara Costa, widow

Saints William Ireland, Jesuit priest, and John Grove, martyrs of England

Blessed Marie Poussepin, virgin, founder of the Dominican Sisters of Charity

Blesseds Wincenty Lewoniuk and 12 companions, martyrs of Poland

Blessed Timoteo Giaccardo, Pauline priest

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.01.24

The Twenty-Fifth Day of January. Twenty-Second Day of the lunar month. 🌗

Conversion of Saint Paul

Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle, to whom, while walking on the road to Damascus still breathing threats and massacres against the disciples of the Lord, Jesus himself manifested himself gloriously along the road, so that, filled with the Holy Spirit, he would announce the Gospel of salvation to the people, suffering much for the name of Christ.

Saint Ananias, disciple of the Lord

Saint Artema, martyr at Pozzuoli in Campania

Saint Agileus, martyr at Carthage

Birth of Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, bishop and doctor of the Church

Saint Bretannione, bishop of Tomi in Scizia

Saint Palaemon, anchorite

Saints Priest, bishop of Clermont, and Amarin, man of God, martyrs in Auvergne

Saint Poppon, abbot of Stavelot and Malmedy

Blessed Henry Suso Seuse, Dominican priest

Blessed Antonio Migliorati, Augustinian priest

Blessed Arcangela Girlani, Carmelite virgin

Blessed Manuel Domingo y Sol, priest, founder of the Diocesan Labour Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Blessed Maria Antonia Grillo Michel, widow, founder of the Little Sisters of Divine Providence

Blessed Antoni Świadek, priest and martyr at Dachau

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.

according to Roman Martyrology 2004

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