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read on:2022.09.26

The Twenty-Seventh Day of September. First Day of the lunar month. 🌑

Saint Vincent de Paul, priest, founder of the Vincentians

Memorial of Saint Vincent de Paul, priest, who, full of priestly spirit, dedicated himself to the care of the poor at Paris, recognizing in the face of every suffering person that of his Lord, founded the Congregation of the Mission, as well as, with the collaboration of Louise de Marillac, the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity, to provide for the restoration of the lifestyle of the Church of the origins, to form clergy in a holy manner and to assist the poor.

Saint Caio, bishop of Milan

Saint Florentin, martyr

Saint Hiltrude, virgin

Saints Adolfo and Juan, martyrs at Cordoba

Saint Bonfiglio, bishop of Foligno

Saint Elzéar de Sabran, count of Ariano

Blessed Lorenzo da Ripafratta, Dominican priest

Blessed Jean-Baptiste Laborie du Vivier, deacon and martyr of France

Blesseds José Fenollosa Alcayna, priest, and Fidel de Puzol Climent Sanchis, Capuchin religious, martyrs of Spain

Blesseds Francisca Javier de Rafelbuñol Fenollosa Alcayna, Amigonian religious, and Herminia Martínez Amigó de Martínez, mother of family, martyrs of Spain

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.09.27

The Twenty-Eighth Day of September. Second Day of the lunar month. 🌑

Saint Wenceslaus, duke of Bohemia, martyr in Bohemia

Saint Wenceslaus, martyr: as duke of Bohemia, he was educated in human and divine wisdom by his paternal aunt Ludmilla and, although severe with himself, he was however a man of peace in administering the kingdom and merciful towards the poor, and redeemed pagan slaves en masse for sale at Prague by having them baptised; after having faced many difficulties in governing his subjects and educating them to the faith, betrayed by his brother Boleslaus, he was killed in the church at Stará Boleslav in Bohemia by some assassins.

Saints Lorenzo Ruiz and 15 companions, martyrs of Japan

Saints Lorenzo Ruiz and fifteen companions, priests, religious and laypeople, martyrs, who, after having sown the Christian faith in the Philippine Islands, Taiwan and Japan, by order of the supreme commander Tokugawa Iemitsu suffered on different days martyrdom for the love of Christ at Nagasaki in Japan, but today they are all celebrated in a single commemoration.

Saints Alphius, Alexander and Zosimus, martyrs at Antioch

Saint Chariton, abbot in Palestine

Saint Zama, first bishop of Bologna

Saint Exupère, bishop of Tolouse

Saint Eustochium, virgin in Palestine

Saint Salonius, bishop of Geneva

Saint Fauste, bishop of Riez

Saint Ennemond, bishop of Lyons and martyr

Saints Chunialdus and Gislarius, priests at Salzburg

Saint Leoba, virgin at Mainz

Blessed Bernardino da Feltre Tomitano, Franciscan priest

Saint Simón de Rojas, Trinitarian priest

Blesseds Ioannes Mukunō Chōzaburō, Augustinus of Jesus Mary Yukimoto Ichizaemon, Michaël Ichinose Sukezaemon, Laurentius of Saint Nicholas Kaida Hachizō, Petrus of the Mother of God Sawaguchi Kuhyōe and Thomas Terai Kahyōe, martyrs of Japan

Blessed Francesc Xavier Ponsa Casallach, Hospitaller religious, martyr of Spain

Blessed Amalia Abad Casasempere, mother of family, martyr of Spain

Blessed José Tarrats Comaposada, Jesuit priest and martyr of Spain

Blessed Mykyta, auxiliary bishop of Lviv of the Ukrainians, martyr of Kazakhstan

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.09.28

The Twenty-Ninth Day of September. Third Day of the lunar month. 🌒

Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, archangels

Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, archangels. On the day of the dedication of the basilica dedicated to Saint Michael formerly built at Rome on the sixth mile of Via Salaria, the three archangels are celebrated together, of which Sacred Scripture reveals the particular missions: day and night they serve God and, contemplating his face, they glorify him ceaselessly.

Saint Eutichius, bishop of Eraclea and martyr

Saints Hripsime, Gayane and companions, martyrs of Armenia

Saint Fraterne, bishop of Auxerre

Saint Cyriacus, anchorite in Palestine

Saint Liutwinus, bishop of Trier

Saint Adalrich, priest and hermit

Saint Maurice, Cistercian abbot

Blessed Jean de Montmirail, Cistercian monk

Blessed Charles de Blois, duke of Brittany

Blessed Nicola da Forca Palena, priest and founder of the Order of the Poor Hermits of Saint Jerome

Saint John of Dukla, Franciscan priest

Blesseds Miguel González de Aozaraza de Leibar, Thomas de Saint-Dominique Courtet, Vincentius Shiotsuka, Dominican priests, Lazarus and Lorenzo Ruiz, fathers of family, martyrs of Japan

Passion of Saint René Goupil, Jesuit religious and martyr of America

Blessed Santiago de Rafelbuñol Mestre Iborra, Capuchin priest and martyr of Spain

Blesseds Pablo Bori Puig, Jesuit priest, and Vicente Sales Genovés, Jesuit religious, martyrs of Spain

Blessed Darío Hernández Morató, Jesuit priest and martyr of Spain

Blessed Francisco Castelló y Aleu, martyr of Spain

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.09.29

The Thirtieth Day of September. Fourth Day of the lunar month. 🌒

Saint Jerome, priest and doctor of the Church

Memorial of Saint Jerome, priest and doctor of the Church: born in Dalmatia, in today’s Croatia, a man of great literary culture, he completed all his studies at Rome and was baptised here; then taken by the fascination of a life of contemplation, he embraced the ascetic life and, having gone to the East, was ordained a priest. Back at Rome, he became the secretary of Pope Damasus and, after settling at Bethlehem of Judah, he retired to monastic life. He was a distinguished doctor in translating and explaining the Holy Scriptures and participated in an admirable way in the various needs of the Church. Finally reaching an advanced age, he rested in peace.

Saint Antonino, martyr at Piacenza

Saints Ursus and Victor, martyrs in Sweden

Saint Gregory the Illuminator, Catholicos of Armenia

Saint Eusébie, virgin at Marseille

Saint Honorius, archbishop of Canterbury

Saint Simon de Valois de Vexin, Benedictine monk

Saint Amato, bishop of Nusco

Saint Ismidon, bishop of Die

Blessed Felicia Meda, Clarisse abbess

Saint Francisco de Borja, Jesuit priest

Blessed Jean-Nicolas Cordier, priest and martyr of France

Blessed Federico Albert, priest, founder of the Vincentian Sisters of Mary Immaculate

Birth of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, virgin and doctor of the Church

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.


read on:2022.09.30

The First Day of October. Fifth Day of the lunar month. 🌒

Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Discalced Carmelite virgin of Lisieux and doctor of the Church

Memorial of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, virgin and doctor of the Church: entered the Carmel of Lisieux in France while still an adolescent, she became a teacher of holiness in Christ through purity and simplicity of life, teaching the way of spiritual childhood to reach Christian perfection and placing every mystical concern at the service of the salvation of souls and the growth of the Church. She ended her life on September 30, at the age of twenty-five.

Saint Piat, martyr at Tournai

Saints Veríssimo, Máxima and Júlia, martyrs at Lisbon

Saint Romanos the Melodist, deacon

Saint Nicetius, bishop of Trier

Saint Bavo, hermit

Saint Wasnon, monk

Blesseds Gerard Edwards, Robert Wilcox, Christopher Buxton, priests, and Robert Widmerpool, martyrs of England

Blesseds Ralph Crockett and Edward James, priests and martyrs of England

Blessed John Robinson, priest and martyr of England

Blesseds Gaspar Ueda Hikojirō and Andreas Yoshida, martyrs of Japan

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti, religious of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception

Blessed Florencia Caerols Martínez, virgin and martyr of Spain

Blessed Álvaro Sanjuan Canet, Salesian priest and martyr of Spain

Blessed Antoni Rewera, priest, founder of Daughters of the Seraphic Saint Francis, martyr at Dachau

℣. Precious in the sight of the Lord
℟. Is the death of his Saints.

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