Saints and Blesseds

Saints and Blesseds

SpainBlessed Cebrià de Tarrasa, O.F.M. Cap.Permalink
Ramón Gros Ballvé  (secular name)

Born:1871.01.23 (Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain)
Died:1936.07.28 🩸 (Barcelona, Spain † 65)
Beatified:2015.11.21 (Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)

Martyr. Religious of Order of Capuchin Friars Minor (Capuchin Franciscans).

ItalySaint Ceccardo di LuniPermalink

Died:860? (Luni, Italy † 60)
Canonised:1832.04.09 (equipollently)

Bishop of Luni (? – 860?)


ItalyBlessed Cecco da Pesaro, T.O.F.Permalink
Francesco Zanferdini  (secular name)

Born:1270? (Pesaro, Italy)
Died:1350.08.05 (Montegranaro, Italy † 80)
Beatified:1859.03.31 (equipollently)


ItalyBlessed Cecilia, O.P.Permalink

Born:1200? (Roma, Italy)
Died:1290.08.04 (Bologna, Italy † 90)
Beatified:1891.12.24 (equipollently)

Abbess and religious of Order of Preachers (Dominican Nuns).

ItalySaint CeciliaPermalink

Died:230? 🩸 (Silicia, Italy)

Martyr. Layperson.

ItalyBlessed Cecilia CesariniPermalink

Born:1200? (Roma, Italy)
Died:1260 (Bologna, Italy † 60)


ItalyBlessed Cecilia EusepiPermalink

Born:1910.02.17 (Monte Romano, Italy)
Died:1928.10.01 (Nepi, Italy † 18)
Beatified:2012.06.17 (Nepi, Italy)

Layperson. Member of the Third Order of the Servants of Mary.

SpainBlessed Cecilia, A.A.S.C.Permalink
Concepción Iglesias del Campo  (secular name)

Born: (Spain)
Died:1936.11.10 🩸 (Madrid, Spain)

Martyr. Religious of Sisters Adorers Handmaids of Charity and of the Blessed Sacrament.

SpainSaint Ceciliano de ZaragozaPermalink

Died:304 🩸 (Zaragoza, Spain)

Martyr. Layperson.

SpainBlessed Cecilio Vega Domínguez, O.M.I.Permalink

Born:1913.09.08 (Villamor de Obrigo, León, Spain)
Died:1936.07.24 🩸 (Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain † 22)
Beatified:2011.12.17 (Madrid, Madrid, Spain)

Martyr. Religious of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (Oblates).

SpainBlessed Ceferino Giménez MallaPermalink

Born:1861.08.26 (Alcolea del Cinca, Huesca, Spain)
Died:1936.08.08 🩸 (Barbastro, Huesca, Spain † 74)

Martyr. Layperson of Barbastro. Married.

SpainSaint CeledonioPermalink

Born: (León, Spain)
Died:298.03.03 🩸 (Calahorra, Spain)

Martyr. Layperson. Soldier.

AlgeriaBlessed Célestin Ringeard, O.C.S.O.Permalink

Born:1933.07.27 (Touvois, Loire-Atlantique, France)
Ordained Priest:1960.12.17
Died:1996.05.21 🩸 (near Médéa, Algeria † 62)
Beatified:2018.12.08 (Oran, Algeria)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists).

ItalyBlessed Celestina della Madre di DioPermalink
Maria Anna Donati  (secular name)

Born:1848.10.26 (Marradi, Italy)
Died:1925.03.18 (Firenze, Italy † 76)
Beatified:2008.03.30 (Firenze, Firenze, Italy)

Religious and founder of Congregation of the Poor Sisters of San Giuseppe Calasanzio.

ItalySaint Celestine VPermalink
Pietro del Morrone, O.S.B. Cel.

Born:1215 (Isernia, Italy)
Ordained Priest:1294
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:1294.07.05
Consecrated Bishop:1294.08.19
Installed as Supreme Pontiff:1294.08.29
Resigned as Supreme Pontiff:1294.12.13
Died:1296.05.19 (Ferentino, Italy † 81)
Canonised:1313.05.05 (equipollently)

Founder of Benedictine Congregation of the Celestines (1254)

Supreme Pontiff (1294.07.05 [1294.08.29] – 1294.12.13)

Pope and religious of Benedictine Congregation of the Celestines.

SpainBlessed Celestino Antonio, F.S.C.Permalink
Ismael Barrio Marquilla  (secular name)

Born:1911.04.22 (Piedrahita de Juarros, Burgos, Spain)
Died:1936.08.20 🩸 (Barcelona, Spain † 25)

Martyr. Religious of Brothers of the Christian Schools (Lasalians, De La Salle Brothers).

SpainBlessed Celestino José Alonso Villar, O.P.Permalink

Born:1862.06.15 (Morgolles, Oviedo, Asturias, Spain)
Died:1936.08.18 🩸 (La Tejera, Tineo, Asturias, Spain † 74)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Preachers (Dominicans).

PolandBlessed Celestyna, L.S.I.C.Permalink
Katarzyna Faron  (secular name)

Born:1913.04.24 (Zabrzeż, Małopolskie, Poland)
Died:1944.04.09 🩸 (Auschwitz, Poland † 30)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Martyr. Religious of Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

PolandBlessed Celina Chludzińska Borzęcka, C.R.Permalink

Born:1833.10.29 (Antowil, Poland)
Died:1913.10.26 (Kraków, Poland † 79)

Religious and founder of Sisters of Resurrection.

FranceSaint Céline de LaonPermalink

Born: (Laonnois, France)

Layperson. Mother of Saint Prince de Soissons and Saint Remi de Reims.

ItalySaint CelsoPermalink

Died:304 🩸 (Milano, Italy)

Martyr. Layperson.

SpainSaint CentolaPermalink

Died:III century 🩸 (Spain)

Martyr. Layperson.

FranceSaint Cérat de GrenoblePermalink

Canonised:1903.12.09 (equipollently)

Bishop of Grenoble (France) (441? – 451?)


FranceSaint Césaire d’ArlesPermalink


Metropolitan Archbishop of Arles (France) (502 – 542.08.27)

Archbishop. Brother of Saint Césarie d’Arles.

FranceBlessed César de Bus, D.C.Permalink

Born:1544.02.03 (Cavaillon, France)
Ordained Priest:1582
Died:1607.04.15 (Avignon, France † 63)

Founder of Congregation of Christian Doctrine (Dottrinari) (1592.09.29)

Priest of Congregation of Christian Doctrine (Dottrinari).

ItalyBlessed Cesare, C.P.Permalink
Bernardo Maria di Gesù Silvestrelli  (secular name)

Born:1831.11.07 (Roma, Italy)
Ordained Priest:1855.12.22
Died:1911.12.09 (Moricone, Roma, Italy † 80)

Superior General of Congregation of the Passion (Passionists) (1878 – 1889)

Superior General of Congregation of the Passion (Passionists) (1893 – 1907)

Priest of Congregation of the Passion (Passionists).

ItalySaint Cesareo di TerracinaPermalink

Born:I century (Tunisia)
Died:107.11.01 🩸 (Terracina, Italy)

Martyr. Deacon.

SpainBlessed Cesáreo Elexgaray Otazua, C.M.Permalink

Born:1904.02.25 (Anteiglesia, Guipúzcoa, Spain)
Died:1936.10.23 🩸 (Vallecas, Madrid, Spain † 32)
Beatified:2017.11.11 (Madrid, Spain)

Martyr. Religious of Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians, Lazarists).

FranceSaint Césarie d’ArlesPermalink

Born:465 (Chalon-sur-Saône, France)
Died:527.01.12 (Arles, France † 62)

Abbess. Sister of Saint Césaire d’Arles.

ChinaSaint Cesidio Giacomantonio, O.F.M.Permalink
董哲西  (正體中文)

Born:1873.08.30 (Fossa, L’Aquila, Italy)
Ordained Priest:1897
Died:1900.07.04 🩸 (Hengzhou, Hunan, China † 26)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans).

LebanonSaint Charbel, O.L.M. (Maronite Rite)Permalink
Youssef Antoun Makhlouf  (secular name)

Born:1828.05.08 (Bekaa Kafra, Lebanon)
Ordained Priest:1859.07.23
Died:1898.12.24 (Annaya, Lebanon † 70)

Priest of Lebanese Maronite Order (Baladites). Hermit. Mystic.

FranceBlessed Charles-Antoine-Nicolas Ancel, C.I.M.Permalink

Born:1763.10.11 (Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France)
Died:1794.07.29 🩸 (ship at Deux-Associés, Rochefort, France † 30)

Martyr. Priest of Congregation of Jesus and Mary (Eudists).

FranceBlessed Charles-Arnould HanusPermalink

Born:1723.10.18 (Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France)
Died:1794.08.28 🩸 (ship at Washington, Rochefort, France † 70)

Martyr. Priest of Verdun.

FranceBlessed Charles CarnusPermalink

Born:1749.05.30 (Salles-la-Source, Aveyron, France)
Died:1792.09.03 🩸 (Paris, France † 43)

Martyr. Priest of Rodez.

FranceBlessed Charles de BloisPermalink

Born:1319 (Blois, France)
Died:1364.09.29 (Auray, France † 45)
Beatified:1904.12.14 (equipollently)


AlgeriaBlessed Charles de Jésus, O.C.S.O.Permalink
Charles Eugène de Foucauld  (secular name)

Born:1858.09.15 (Strasbourg, France)
Ordained Priest:1901
Died:1916.12.01 (Tamanrasset, Algeria † 58)

Priest of Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists).

AlgeriaBlessed Charles Decker, M. Afr.Permalink

Born:1924.12.26 (Antwerp, Belgium)
Ordained Priest:1950.04.08
Died:1994.12.27 🩸 (Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria † 70)
Beatified:2018.12.08 (Oran, Algeria)

Martyr. Priest of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers).

FranceBlessed Charles-François le Gué, S.J.Permalink

Born:1724.10.06 (Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, France)
Died:1792.09.02 🩸 (Paris, France † 67)

Martyr. Priest of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

CanadaSaint Charles Garnier, S.J.Permalink

Born:1606.05.25 (Paris, France)
Ordained Priest:1635
Died:1649.12.07 🩸 (Collingwood, ON, Canada † 43)

Martyr. Priest of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

FranceBlessed Charles-Jéremie Bérauld du Pérou, S.J.Permalink

Born:1737.11.17 (Meursac, Charente-Maritime, France)
Died:1792.09.02 🩸 (Paris, France † 54)

Martyr. Priest of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

FranceBlessed Charles-Louis Hurtrel, O.M.Permalink

Born:1760 (Paris, France)
Died:1792.09.02 🩸 (Abbey of St-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, France † 32)

Martyr. Priest of Order of the Minims.

WalesBlessed Charles Meehan (Mahoney), O.F.M. Rec.Permalink

Born:1640? (Dublin, Ireland)
Died:1679.08.12 🩸 (Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales † 39)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Friars Minor Recollect (Récollets).

PortugalBlessed Charles of AustriaPermalink
Karl von Österreich

Born:1887.08.17 (Persenbeug, Austria)
Died:1922.04.01 (Monte, Funchal, Portugal † 34)

Emperor and King of Austria-Hungary.

FranceBlessed Charles-Regis-Mathieu de la Calmette de ValfonsPermalink

Born:1747 (Nîmes, Gard, France)
Died:1792.09.02 🩸 (Paris, France † 45)

Martyr. Layperson of Paris.

FranceBlessed Charles-René Collas du Bignon, P.S.S.Permalink

Born:1743.08.25 (Mayenne, France)
Died:1794.06.03 🩸 (ship at Deux-Associés, Rochefort, France † 50)

Martyr. Priest of Society of Priests of Saint Sulpice (Sulpicians).

HungaryBlessed Charles the GoodPermalink
Charles I de Flandre
Karl den Gode  (dansk)

Born:1084? (Odense, Denmark)
Died:1127.03.02 🩸 (Bruges, Belgium † 43)
Beatified:1882.02.09 (equipollently)

Martyr. Layperson. Count of Flanders.

FranceBlessed Charles-Victor VéretPermalink

Born:1763.07.17 (Louvières, Calvados, France)
Died:1792.09.03 🩸 (Paris, France † 29)

Martyr. Priest of Paris.

FranceBlessed Charlotte DavyPermalink

Born:1760.10.19 (Chalonnes-sur-Loire, Maine-et-Loire, France)
Died:1794.02.01 🩸 (Avrillé, France † 33)

Martyr. Layperson of Angers.

FranceBlessed Charlotte LucasPermalink

Born:1752.04.01 (Chalonnes-sur-Loire, Maine-et-Loire, France)
Died:1794.01.18 🩸 (Avrillé, France † 41)

Martyr. Layperson of Angers.

FranceSaint Chartier du BerryPermalink

Died:VI century (France)


ItalySaint Chelidonia, O.S.B.Permalink

Born:1077.10.01? (Cicoli, Italy)
Died:1152.10.13 (Subiaco, Italy † 75)

Religious of Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictine Nuns).

FranceSaint Chéron de ChartresPermalink

Died:V century? 🩸 (Chartres, France)

Martyr. Layperson.

ItalyBlessed Cherubino Testa, O.E.S.A.Permalink

Born:1451 (Avigliana, Italy)
Died:1479.09.17 (Avigliana, Italy † 28)
Beatified:1865.09.21 (equipollently)

Priest of Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine (Augustinian Hermits).

ItalyBlessed Chiara BadanoPermalink

Born:1971.10.29 (Sassello, Italy)
Died:1990.10.07 (Sassello, Italy † 18)

Layperson. Member of Focolare.

ItalyBlessed Chiara, F.S.M.P.Permalink
Dina Bosatta  (secular name)

Born:1858.05.27 (Pianello del Lario, Como, Italy)
Died:1887.04.20 (Pianello del Lario, Como, Italy † 28)

Religious of Institute of the Sisters of Daughters of St. Mary of Providence.

ItalyBlessed Chiara da RiminiPermalink
Chiara Agolanti  (secular name)

Born:1280 (Rimini, Italy)
Died:1326.02.10 (Rimini, Italy † 46)
Beatified:1784.12.22 (equipollently)


ItalySaint Chiara della Croce da Montefalco, O.E.S.A.Permalink

Born:1268 (Montefalco, Italy)
Died:1308.08.17 (Montefalco, Italy † 40)
Beatified:1737.04.13 (equipollently)


ItalyBlessed Chiara Gambacorti, O.P.Permalink

Born:1362 (Firenze, Italy)
Died:1420.04.17 (Pisa, Italy † 58)
Beatified:1830.04.24 (equipollently)

Religious of Order of Preachers (Dominican Nuns).

GreeceSaint ChioniaPermalink

Died:304 🩸 (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Martyr. Layperson. Sister of Saint Agape.

AlgeriaBlessed Christian Chessel, M. Afr.Permalink

Born:1958.10.27 (Digne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France)
Ordained Priest:1992.06.28
Died:1994.12.27 🩸 (Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria † 36)
Beatified:2018.12.08 (Oran, Algeria)

Martyr. Priest of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers).

AlgeriaBlessed Christian de Chergé, O.C.S.O.Permalink

Born:1937.01.18 (Colmar, Haut-Rhin, France)
Ordained Priest:1964
Died:1996.05.21 🩸 (near Médéa, Algeria † 59)
Beatified:2018.12.08 (Oran, Algeria)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists).

BelgiumBlessed Christina Mirabilis de WonderbarePermalink

Born:1150 (Brustem, Belgium)
Died:1224.07.24 (Sint-Truiden, Belgium † 74)

Layperson. Mystic.

IraqSaint Christina of PersiaPermalink

Died:559 🩸 (Persia, Iraq)

Martyr. Layperson.

GermanyBlessed Christina von Stommeln BrusoPermalink

Born:1242 (Stommeln, Germany)
Died:1312.11.06 (Stommeln, Germany † 70)
Beatified:1908.08.12 (equipollently)


MexicoSaint ChristóbalPermalink

Born:1514? (Atlihuetzía, Tlaxcala, Mexico)
Died:1527 🩸 (Atlihuetzía, Tlaxcala, Mexico † 13)
Beatified:1990.05.06 (Ciudad de México, Mexico)

Martyr. Child of Tlaxcala.

CzechiaBlessed Christoffel Zelt, O.F.M. Obs.Permalink

Born:1541? (Netherlands)
Died:1611.02.15 🩸 (Praha, Czechia † 70)
Beatified:2012.10.13 (Praha, Czechia)

Martyr. Religious of Order of Observant Friars Minor.

AlgeriaBlessed Christophe Lebreton, O.C.S.O.Permalink

Born:1950.10.11 (Blois, Loir-et-Cher, France)
Ordained Priest:1990
Died:1996.05.21 🩸 (near Médéa, Algeria † 45)
Beatified:2018.12.08 (Oran, Algeria)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists).

TurkeySaint ChristopherPermalink

Died:251? 🩸 (Turkey)

Martyr. Layperson. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

EnglandBlessed Christopher BalesPermalink

Born: (Coniscliffe, County Durham, England)
Died:1590.03.04 🩸 (London, England)

Martyr. Priest of London.

EnglandBlessed Christopher BuxtonPermalink

Born: (Tideswell, Derbyshire, England)
Died:1588.10.01 🩸 (Canterbury, Kent, England)

Martyr. Priest of London.

EnglandBlessed Christopher RobinsonPermalink

Born:1568? (Woodside, near Carlisle, Cumbria, England)
Died:1598.08.19 🩸 (Carlisle, England † 30)

Martyr. Priest of London.

EnglandBlessed Christopher WhartonPermalink

Born:1540? (Middleton, near Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England)
Died:1600.03.28 🩸 (York, North Yorkshire, England † 60)

Martyr. Priest of London.

BelgiumSaint Chrysolius the ArmenianPermalink

Born: (Armenia)
Died:303? 🩸 (Belgium)

Martyr. Bishop. Missionary to Mempisque.

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