Saints and Blesseds

Saints and Blesseds

SpainBlessed Alfeo Bernabé, F.S.C.Permalink
Bernabé Núñez Alonso  (secular name)

Born:1902.06.11 (Santa María del Invierno, Burgos, Spain)
Died:1936.07.30 🩸 (Tarragona, Spain † 34)
Beatified:2013.10.13 (Tarragona, Spain)

Martyr. Religious of Brothers of the Christian Schools (Lasalians, De La Salle Brothers).

ItalySaint Alferio Pappacarbone, O.S.B.Permalink

Born:930 (Salerno, Italy)
Died:1050.04.12 (Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy † 120)
Canonised:1893.12.21 (equipollently)

Abbot and religious of Benedictine Confederation of the Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines). Founder of Badia di Cava.

PolandBlessed Alfons Maria od Ducha Świętego, O.C.D.Permalink
Józef Mazurek  (secular name)

Born:1891.03.01 (Baranówka, Lubelskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1916.07.16
Died:1944.08.28 🩸 (Nawojowa Góra, Małopolskie, Poland † 53)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Discalced Carmelites (Teresian Carmelites).

AlbaniaBlessed Alfons TrackiPermalink

Born:1896.12.02 (Bliszczyce, Branice, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1925.06.14
Died:1946.07.18 🩸 (Shkodrë, Albania † 49)
Beatified:2016.11.05 (Shkodër, Shkodër, Albania)

Martyr. Priest of Shkodrë.

ItalyBlessed Alfonsa Clerici, S.P.S.Permalink

Born:1860.02.14 (Lainate, Italy)
Died:1930.02.14 (Vercelli, Italy † 70)
Beatified:2010.10.23 (Vercelli, Vercelli, Italy)

Religious of Congregation of the Sisters of Precious Blood.

SpainBlessed Alfonso Canales RojasPermalink

Born:1905.05.12 (Pedro Abad, Córdoba, Spain)
Ordained Priest:1927.12.17
Died:1936.07.23 🩸 (Villa del Río, Córdoba, Spain † 31)
Beatified:2021.10.16 (Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain)

Martyr. Priest of Córdoba.

SpainBlessed Alfonso del Sagrado Corazón de María, O.C.D.Permalink
Alfons Arimany Ferrer  (secular name)

Born:1905.05.19 (Balaguer, Lleida, Spain)
Died:1936.10.25 🩸 (Barcelona, Spain † 31)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Discalced Carmelites (Teresian Carmelites).

SpainBlessed Alfonso Gallardo MorenoPermalink

Born:1901.11.20 (Zamoranos, Córdoba, Spain)
Ordained Priest:1926.05.29
Died:1936.07.24 🩸 (Puente Genil, Córdoba, Spain † 34)
Beatified:2021.10.16 (Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain)

Martyr. Priest of Córdoba.

SpainBlessed Alfonso Guadix Fuente-RoblesPermalink

Born:1872.12.09 (Montalbán, Córdoba, Spain)
Ordained Priest:1898
Died:1936.08.01 🩸 (Cañete de las Torres, Córdoba, Spain † 63)
Beatified:2021.10.16 (Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain)

Martyr. Priest of Córdoba.

SpainBlessed Alfonso López MoralesPermalink

Born:1871.01.23 (El Viso de los Pedroches, Córdoba, Spain)
Ordained Priest:1896.05.30
Died:1936.08.17 🩸 (Santa Eufemia, Córdoba, Spain † 65)
Beatified:2021.10.16 (Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain)

Martyr. Priest of Córdoba.

SpainBlessed Alfonso, O.F.M. Conv.Permalink
Federico López y López  (secular name)

Born:1878.11.16 (Secorum, Huesca, Spain)
Died:1936.08.05 🩸 (Samalús, Barcelona, Spain † 57)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Friars Minor Conventual (Conventual Franciscans).

ItalySaint Alfonso Maria FuscoPermalink

Born:1839.03.23 (Angri, Salerno, Italy)
Ordained Priest:1863.05.29
Died:1910.02.06 (Angri, Salerno, Italy † 70)

Priest of Salerno. Founder of Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist.

SpainBlessed Alfonso Miquel Garriga, C.M.F.Permalink

Born:1914.02.24 (Prades de Molsosa, Lleida, Spain)
Died:1936.08.13 🩸 (Barbastro, Huesca, Spain † 22)

Martyr. Religious of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Claretians).

JapanBlessed Alfonso Navarrete Benito, O.P.Permalink
アルフォンソ・デ・ナバレテ  (日本語)

Born:1571.09.21 (Logroño, Spain)
Died:1617.06.01 🩸 (Koguchi, Ōmura, Nagasaki, Japan † 45)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Preachers (Dominicans).

SpainBlessed Alfonso, O.H.Permalink
Eugenio Ramírez Salazar  (secular name)

Born:1913.09.02 (La Ceja, Antioquia, Colombia)
Died:1936.08.09 🩸 (Barcelona, Spain † 22)

Martyr. Religious of Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of God.

SpainBlessed Alfonso Sánchez Hernández-Ranera, O.F.M.Permalink

Born:1915.01.26 (Lleida, Spain)
Died:1936.08.16 🩸 (Boca de Balondillo, Fuente el Fresno, Ciudad Real, Spain † 21)

Martyr. Religious of Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans).

SpainBlessed Alfonso Sebastiá ViñalsPermalink

Born:1910.05.27 (Valencia, Spain)
Died:1936.09.01 🩸 (Paterna, Valencia, Spain † 26)

Martyr. Priest of Valencia.

SpainBlessed Alfonso Sorribes Teixidó, C.M.F.Permalink

Born:1912.12.17 (Rocafort de Vallbona, Lleida, Spain)
Died:1936.08.15 🩸 (Barbastro, Huesca, Spain † 23)

Martyr. Religious of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Claretians).

SpainBlessed Alfredo Almunia López TeruelPermalink

Born:1859.05.21 (Mojácar, Almería, Spain)
Died:1936.10.18 🩸 (La Ballabona, Antas, Almería, Spain † 77)
Beatified:2017.03.25 (Almería, Spain)

Martyr. Priest of Almería.

MyanmarBlessed Alfredo Cremonesi, P.I.M.E.Permalink

Born:1902.05.15 (Ripalta Guerina, Italy)
Ordained Priest:1924.10.12
Died:1953.02.07 🩸 (Donokù, Myanmar † 50)
Beatified:2019.10.19 (Crema, Cremona, Italy)

Martyr. Priest of Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions.

SpainBlessed Alfredo Fanjul Acebal, O.P.Permalink

Born:1867.07.16 (Oviedo, Asturias, Spain)
Died:1936.11.07 🩸 (Paracuellos de Jarama, Madrid, Spain † 69)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Preachers (Dominicans).

ItalyBlessed Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster, O.S.B. Cas.Permalink

Born:1880.01.18 (Roma, Italy)
Ordained Priest:1904.03.19
Created Cardinal:1929.07.15
Consecrated Bishop:1929.07.21
Died:1954.08.30 (Venegono Inferiore, Italy † 74)

Abbot Ordinary of San Paolo fuori le Mura (Italy) (1918.04.06 – 1929.06.26)

Rector of Pontifical Oriental Institute (1919.10.07 – 1922.07.04)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Milano (Italy) (1929.06.26 – 1954.08.30)

Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Silvestro e Martino ai Monti (1929.07.18 – 1954.08.30)

President of Episcopal Conference of Italy (1952 – 1953)

Cardinal and religious of Cassinese Benedictine Congregation.

SpainBlessed Alfredo Parte Saiz, Sch. P.Permalink

Born:1899.06.02 (Cilleruelo de Bricia, Burgos, Spain)
Died:1936.12.27 🩸 (Santander, Cantabria, Spain † 37)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Poor Clerks Regular of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools (Piarists).

SpainBlessed Alfredo Pellicer Muñoz, O.F.M.Permalink

Born:1914.04.10 (Bellreguard, Valencia, Spain)
Died:1936.09.08 🩸 (Castellón, Spain † 22)

Martyr. Religious of Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans).

SpainBlessed Alfredo Simón Colomina, S.J.Permalink

Born:1877.03.08 (Valencia, Spain)
Died:1936.11.29 🩸 (Picadero de Paterna, Valencia, Spain † 59)

Martyr. Priest of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

BelgiumSaint Alice de Schaerbeek, O. Cist.Permalink

Born:1225? (Schaerbeek, Belgium)
Died:1250.06.11 (Ixelles, Belgium † 25)
Canonised:1907.04.24 (equipollently)

Religious of Cistercian Abbey of La Cambre. Mystic.

PolandBlessed Alicja, C.R.Permalink
Maria Jadwiga Kotowska  (secular name)

Born:1899.11.20 (Warszawa, Poland)
Died:1939.11.11 🩸 (the Piaśnica forest, near Wejherowo, Poland † 39)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Martyr. Religious of Sisters of the Resurrection.

SpainBlessed Alipio José, F.M.S.Permalink
Maximiano Dronda Leoz  (secular name)

Born:1916.06.08 (Ustárroz, Navarra, Spain)
Died:1936.09.08 🩸 (Barcelona, Spain † 20)
Beatified:2013.10.13 (Tarragona, Spain)

Martyr. Religious of Marist Brothers.

EnglandSaint Alkmund of DerbyPermalink

Died:800 🩸 (England † 30)

Martyr. Layperson. Son of King Alhred of Northumbria.

ItalySaint Allucio di CampuglianoPermalink

Born:1070 (Campugliano in Valdinievole, Italy)
Died:1134.10.23 (Campugliano in Valdinievole, Italy † 64)


ItalySaint AlmachioPermalink

Died:391 🩸 (Roma, Italy)

Martyr. Layperson. Killed by gladiators.

SpainSaint AlodiaPermalink

Born: (Huesca, Spain)
Died:851.10.21 🩸 (Alquézar, Spain)

Martyr. Layperson. Sister of Saint Nunilo.

GermanyBlessed Alojs AndritzkiPermalink

Born:1914.07.02 (Radibor, Germany)
Ordained Priest:1939.07.30
Died:1943.02.03 🩸 (Dachau, Germany † 28)
Beatified:2011.06.13 (Dresden, Germany)

Martyr. Priest of Meißen.

CroatiaBlessed Alojzije StepinacPermalink

In te Domine speravi

Born:1898.05.08 (Krašić, Croatia)
Ordained Priest:1930.10.26
Consecrated Bishop:1934.06.24
Created Cardinal:1953.01.12
Died:1960.02.10 🩸 (Krašić, Croatia † 61)
Beatified:1998.10.03 (Zagreb, Croatia)

Titular Archbishop of Nicopsis (1934.05.28 – 1937.12.07)

Coadjutor Archbishop of Zagreb (Croatia) (1934.05.28 – 1937.12.07)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Zagreb (Croatia) (1937.12.07 – 1960.02.10)

Cardinal-Priest with no Title assigned (1953.01.12 – 1960.02.10)

Martyr. Cardinal.

GermanyBlessed Alojzy Liguda, S.V.D.Permalink

Born:1898.01.23 (Winów, Opolskie, Poland)
Ordained Priest:1927.05.26
Died:1942.12.08 🩸 (KZ Dachau, Oberbayern, Germany † 44)
Beatified:1999.06.13 (Warszawa, Poland)

Martyr. Priest of Society of the Divine Word (Divine Word Missionaries).

SpainBlessed Alonso de Baena, S.J.Permalink

Born:1539? (Villatobas, Toledo, Spain)
Died:1570.07.15 🩸 (Tazacorte, Spain † 31)
Beatified:1854.05.11 (equipollently)

Martyr. Religious of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

JapanBlessed Alonso de Mena Navarette, O.P.Permalink
アロンソ・デ・メーナ  (日本語)

Born:1568.02.03 (La Rioja, Logroño, Spain)
Died:1622.09.10 🩸 (Nishizaka, Nagasaki, Japan † 54)

Martyr. Priest of Order of Preachers (Dominicans).

SpainSaint Alonso de Orozco Mena, O.E.S.A.Permalink

Born:1500.10.17 (Oropesa, Toledo, Spain)
Died:1591.09.19 (Madrid, Spain † 90)

Priest of Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine (Augustinian Hermits).

SpainSaint Alonso Rodríguez, S.J.Permalink

Born:1531.07.25 (Segovia, Spain)
Died:1617.10.31 (Palma, Spain † 86)

Religious of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

BrazilSaint Alonso Rodríguez Obnel, S.J.Permalink

Born:1598.03.10 (Zamora, Spain)
Died:1628.11.15 🩸 (Caaró, Brazil † 30)
Canonised:1988.05.16 (Asunción, Paraguay)

Martyr. Priest of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

ItalySaint Aloysius Gonzaga, S.J.Permalink
Luigi Gonzaga

Born:1568.03.09 (Castiglione delle Stiviere, Italy)
Died:1591.06.21 (Roma, Italy † 23)

Religious of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

FranceBlessed Alpais de CudotPermalink

Born:1150? (Cudot, France)
Died:1211.11.03 († 61)
Beatified:1874.02.26 (equipollently)


PalestineSaint AlpheusPermalink

Died:303 🩸 (Cesarea, Palestine)

Martyr. Layperson. Companion of Saint Zachaeus.

ItalySaint AlphiusPermalink

Died:253.05.10 🩸 (Lentini, Italy)

Martyr. Layperson. Brother of Saint Philadelphus and Saint Cyrinus.

ItalySaint AlphiusPermalink

Died:253.05.10 🩸 (Lentini, Italy)

Martyr. Layperson. Companion of Saint Cyrinus and Saint Philadelphus.

TurkiyeSaint AlphiusPermalink

Died:IV century 🩸 (Antioch, Turkiye)

Martyr. Layperson. Blacksmith. Brother of Saint Alexander and Saint Zosimus.

IndiaSaint Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception, F.C.C. (Syro-Malabar Rite)Permalink
Anna Muttathupadathu  (secular name)

Born:1910.08.19 (Kudamaloor, India)
Died:1946.07.28 (Bharananganam, India † 35)
Beatified:1986.02.08 (Kottayam, India)

Religious of Franciscan Clarist Congregation.

FranceBlessed Alphonse-MariePermalink
Élisabeth Eppinger  (secular name)

Born:1814.09.09 (Niederbronn-les-Bains, France)
Died:1867.07.31 (Niederbronn-les-Bains, France † 52)
Beatified:2018.09.09 (Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France)

Religious and founder of Sisters of the Divine Redeemer.

ItalySaint Alphonsus Liguori, C.SS.R.Permalink
Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori

Born:1696.09.27 (Marianella, Italy)
Ordained Priest:1726.12.21
Consecrated Bishop:1762.06.20
Died:1787.08.01 (Pagani, Italy † 90)
Proclaimed Doctor of the Church:1871.03.23

Founder of Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists) (1732.11.09)

Superior General of Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists) (1743 – 1787.08.01)

Bishop of Sant’Agata de’ Goti (Italy) (1762.06.14 – 1775.06.26)

Bishop and religious of Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists).

GermanySaint Alto von Altomünster, O.S.B.Permalink

Died:760? (Altomünster, Germany)

Founder and abbot of Altomünster Monastery.

SpainBlessed Álvaro Borralho Mendes, S.J.Permalink

Born: (Elvas, Portugal)
Died:1570.07.15 🩸 (Tazacorte, Spain)
Beatified:1854.05.11 (equipollently)

Martyr. Cleric of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

SpainBlessed Alvaro da Cordova, O.P.Permalink

Born:1350? (Zamora, Spain)
Died:1430.02.19 (Córdoba, Spain † 80)
Beatified:1741.09.22 (equipollently)

Priest of Order of Preachers (Dominicans).

ItalyTwitter FeedBlessed Álvaro del Portillo y ÁlvaroPermalink

Regnare Christum volumus

Born:1914.03.11 (Madrid, Spain)
Ordained Priest:1944.06.25
Consecrated Bishop:1991.01.06
Died:1994.03.23 (Roma, Italy † 80)
Beatified:2014.09.27 (Madrid, Spain)

Prelate of Opus Dei (Italy) (1982.11.28 – 1994.03.23)

Titular Bishop of Vita (1990.12.07 – 1994.03.23)


SpainBlessed Álvaro González López, O.C.S.O.Permalink

Born:1915.04.27 (Noceda del Bierzo, León, Spain)
Died:1936.12.03 🩸 (Santander, Cantabria, Spain † 21)
Beatified:2015.10.03 (Santander, Cantabria, Spain)

Martyr. Religious of Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists).

SpainBlessed Álvaro Sanjuan Canet, S.D.B.Permalink

Born:1908.04.26 (Alcocer de Planes, Alicante, Spain)
Died:1936.10.02 🩸 (Villena, Alicante, Spain † 28)

Martyr. Priest of Salesians of Saint John Bosco (Salesians).

SpainBlessed Álvaro Santos CejudoPermalink

Born:1880.02.19 (Daimiel, Ciudad Real, Spain)
Died:1936.09.17 🩸 (Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, Spain † 56)

Martyr. Layperson of Ciudad Real. Married.

TurkiyeSaint Alypius the Stylite of AdrianopolisPermalink

Born:522 (Hadrianopolis, Turkiye)
Died:640? (Hadrianopolis, Turkiye † 118)


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