Roman Martyrology 2004

March 21

Saint Serapion the Sindonite, anchorite

In Egypt, Saint Serapion the Sindonite, anchorite.

Holy martyrs of Alexandria of Egypt on the day of Pentecost

Commemoration of the holy martyrs of Alexandria, who, under the emperor Constantius and the prefect Philagrius, while the Arians and pagans burst into the church, were killed on the Friday of the Lord’s Passion.

Saint Lupicin, abbot

Saint Enda, abbot

Birth of Saint Benedict of Norcia, abbot

At Montecassino, anniversary of the death of Saint Benedict, abbot, whose memorial is celebrated on July 11.

Saint James the Confessor, martyr

Saint Jean, bishop of Valence

Saint Nicholas of Flüe, hermit

Blesseds Thomas Pilcher, priest, and William Pike, martyrs of England

Blessed Matthew Flathers, priest and martyr of England

Saint Augustinus Zhao Rong, priest and martyr of China

In the province of Sichuan in China, commemoration of Saint Augustinus Zhao Rong, priest and martyr, who, during the persecution, was thrown into prison as a Christian and died on an unspecified day in spring.

Saint Benedetta Cambiagio Frassinello, founder of the Benedictine Sisters of Providence

March 22

Saint Epaphroditus, disciple of Saint Paul the apostle

Commemoration of Saint Epaphroditus, whom Saint Paul the Apostle calls brother and companion in work and struggle.

Saint Paul, bishop of Narbonne and martyr

At Narbonne on the coast of southern France along Via Domitia, deposition of Saint Paul, bishop and martyr.

Saints Callinica and Basilissa, martyrs

In Galatia, in present-day Turkiye, Saints Callinica and Basilissa, martyrs.

Saint Basil, priest and martyr

Saint Lea, widow

Saint Benvenuto degli Scottivoli, bishop of Osimo

At Osimo in the Marche, Saint Benvenuto degli Scottivoli, bishop, who, appointed here by Pope Urban IV, promoted peace among the citizens and, in the spirit of the Friars Minor, wanted to die on the bare ground.

Saint Nicholas Owen, Jesuit priest and martyr of England

At London, England, Saint Nicholas Owen, religious of the Society of Jesus and martyr, who for many years built shelters to hide priests and for this under King James I was imprisoned and cruelly tortured and, finally placed on the stand, died following gloriously the example of Christ the Lord.

Blessed François Chartier, priest and martyr of France

Blesseds Marian Górecki and Bronisław Komorowski, priests and martyrs of Poland

March 23

Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo, archbishop of Lima

Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo, bishop of Lima: lay native of Spain, expert in law, he went to America after election to this see; moved by ardent apostolic zeal, he visited his vast diocese several times, often on foot, assiduously providing for the flock entrusted to him; he defeated abuses and scandals in the clergy with synods; he catechised and converted the natives, until at Sanna in Peru he found the ultimate rest.

Saint Gwinear, martyr

In Cornwall, Saint Gwinear, martyr.

Saints Victorian, proconsular, Frumentius and Frumentius, martyrs

Saint Gautier, first abbot of Saint-Martin at Pontoise

Saint Ottone, hermit at Ariano Irpino

Blessed Pietro da Gubbio, Augustinian priest

At Gubbio in Umbria, Blessed Pietro, priest of the Order of the Hermits of Saint Augustine.

Blessed Edmund Sykes, priest and martyr of England

Blessed Peter Higgins, Dominican priest and martyr of Ireland

At Naas near Dublin in Ireland, Blessed Peter Higgins, priest of the Order of Preachers and martyr, who, under the reign of Charles I, was hanged without trial for his loyalty to the Roman Church.

Saint José Oriol, priest

Blessed Annunciata Astoria Cocchetti, virgin, founder of the Sisters of Saint Dorothy

Saint Rafqa Choboq Ar-Rayès, virgin of the Maronite Lebanese Order

Blessed Metod Trčka, Redemptorist priest, martyr of Slovakia

March 24

Saints Timolaus, Denis, Pausides, Alexander, Romulus, Alexander, Agapius and Denis martyrs

At Caesarea in Palestine, the holy martyrs Timolaus, Denis, Pausides, Alexander, Romulus and another Alexander, who, during the persecution of the emperor Diocletian, led with their hands tied before the prefect Urban, confessed to being Christians and a few days later, together with their companions Agapius and another Denis, with the decapitation they deserved the crown of eternal life.

Saint Secundulus, martyr

In Mauritania, in the lands of present-day Algeria, Saint Secundulus, who underwent the passion for faith in Christ.

Saint Macartan, bishop of Clogher

Saint Severo, bishop of Catania

Blessed Giovanni del Bastone, priest and monk

Saint Catherine of Vadstena, virgin

Blessed Diego José da Cadice López-Caamaño García-Pérez, Capuchin priest

At Ronda in Andalusia in Spain, Blessed Diego José da Cadice López-Caamaño García-Pérez, priest of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, distinguished preacher and intrepid defender of the freedom of the Church.

Blessed Maria od Jezusa Ukrzyżowanego Karłowska, virgin, founder of the Sisters of the Holy Shepherd of Divine Providence

March 25

The Annunciation of the Lord

Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, when, in the town of Nazareth, the angel of the Lord announced to Mary: “Behold, you will conceive and bear a son, and he will be called Son of the Most High.” And Mary replied: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to your word.” And thus, in the fullness of time, he who was the only begotten Son of God before all time became incarnate for us men and for our salvation, by the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary, and was made man.

The Good Thief

Commemoration of the Good Thief, who, having professed faith in Christ on the cross, deserved to hear from him: “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

Saint Dulas, martyr

Saint Quirino, martyr at Rome

At Rome in the cemetery of Pontian on Via Portuense, Saint Quirino, martyr.

Saint Matrona, martyr at Thessalonica

Saint Mona, bishop of Milan

Saint Hermeland, monk at Fontanelle

Saint Nicodemo, hermit

Saint Procopius, hermit

Blessed Eberhard, monk

Blessed Tommaso, hermit

Saint Margaret Clitherow, martyr of England

Blessed James Bird, martyr of England

Saint Lucia Filippini, founder of Maestre Pie

Blessed Placido Riccardi, priest

At Rome, near Saint Paul on Via Ostiense, Blessed Placido Riccardi, priest of the Order of Saint Benedict, who, although suffering from constant fevers, illnesses and paralysis, cultivated observance of the rule and prayer with tireless dedication, also teaching others to practise them.

Blessed Yosafata Hordashevs’ka, virgin, founder of the Handmaids of Mary Immaculate, martyr of Ukraine

Blessed Omeljan Kovč, priest and martyr of Poland

Blessed Hilary Januszewski, Discalced Carmelite priest and martyr at Dachau

In the Dachau prison camp near Munich in Germany, Blessed Hilary Januszewski, priest of the Order of Discalced Friars of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and martyr: in wartime, he was deported because of his faith in Christ from Poland to this foreign prison; having fallen ill with typhus while caring for the sick, he died distinguished for his faith and charity.

March 26

Saint Castulo, martyr at Rome on Via Labicana

At Rome on Via Labicana, Saint Castulo, martyr.

Saints Emmanuel, Sabinus, Quadratus and Theodosius, martyrs

In Anatolia, in present-day Turkiye, Saints Emmanuel, Sabinus, Quadratus and Theodosius, martyrs.

Saints Montanus, priest, and Maxima, wife, martyrs

Saint Eutychius, subdeacon of Alexandria and martyr

Saint Peter, bishop of Sebastea

Saint Bercaire, first abbot of Hautvilliers

Saints Baronzio and Desiderio, hermits

Saint Liudger, bishop of Münster

In the monastery of Werden in Saxony, in Germany, transitus of Saint Liudger, bishop, who, instructed by Alcuin, preached the Gospel in the lands of Holland, Denmark and Saxony, constituted the episcopal see of Münster and founded many monasteries, true centres of propagation of faith.

Blessed Maddalena Caterina Morano, Salesian virgin

March 27

Saint Rupert, bishop of Salzburg

At Salzburg in Bavaria, in present-day Austria, Saint Rupert, bishop, who, living first in Worms, at the request of Duke Theodone came to Bavaria and built a church and monastery in Salzburg, which he governed as bishop and abbot, spreading from there the Christian faith.

Blessed Pellegrino da Falerone, Franciscan priest

At San Severino Marche, Blessed Pellegrino da Falerone, priest, who was among the first disciples of Saint Francis and, having gone on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, aroused the admiration of the Saracens themselves.

Blessed Panacea De’ Muzzi, virgin and martyr

Blessed Francesco Faà di Bruno, priest, founder of the Sisters of Our Lady of Suffrage and Saint Zita

March 28

Saint Castor, martyr at Tarsus

At Tarsus in Cilicia, in present-day Turkiye, Saint Castor, martyr.

Saints Priscus, Malchus and Alexander, martyrs

Commemoration of the holy martyrs Priscus, Malchus and Alexander: at the time of the persecution of the emperor Valerian, they lived on a farm on the outskirts of Caesarea in Palestine, a city where numerous crowns of celestial martyrdom were offered to the gaze; moved by divine ardour, they spontaneously presented themselves before the judge and, having blamed him because he only raged against the blood of the pious, they were immediately given to the fairs by him as Christians.

Saint Cyril, deacon and martyr

Saint Proterius, bishop of Alexandria of Egypt

Saint Gontran, king of the Franks

Saint Hilarion, hegumen in Bithynia and martyr

Saint Stephen Harding, abbot

Saint Cono, monk

Blessed Antonio da Monticiano Patrizi, Augustinian priest

At Monticiano near Siena, Blessed Antonio da Monticiano Patrizi, priest of the Order of the Hermits of Saint Augustine, who was a true lover of his brothers and others.

Blessed Jeanne-Marie de Maillé, widow

Blessed Christopher Wharton, priest and martyr of England

Blessed Renée-Marie Feillatreau épouse Dumont, martyr of France

Saint Józef Sebastian Pelczar, bishop of Przemyśl, founder of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

March 29

Saint Eustasio, bishop of Naples

At Naples, commemoration of Saint Eustasio, bishop.

Saint Mark, bishop of Aretusa

Commemoration of Saint Mark, bishop of Arethusa in Syria, who at the time of the Arian controversy never deviated from the right faith, and under the emperor Julian the Apostate suffered violent harassment; he was greeted by Saint Gregory Nazianzen as a distinguished personality and an elder of a very holy life.

Saints Armogastes, Archinimus and Saturus, martyrs

Commemoration of Saints Armogastes, Archinimus and Saturus, martyrs, who in Africa, at the time of the Vandal persecution, under the Arian king Genseric, suffered many atrocious tortures and infamy for having professed the true faith.

Saint Berthold, founder of the Carmelites

Saint Guillaume Tempier, bishop of Poitiers

Saint Ludolf, bishop of Ratzeburg and martyr

Blessed John Hambley, priest and martyr of England

March 30

Saint Secondo, martyr in Lombardia

At Asti, Saint Secondo, martyr.

Saint Domninus, martyr in Macedonia

At Thessalonica in Macedonia, now in Greece, Saint Domninus, martyr.

Saint Regulus, bishop of Arles

At Senlis in Gallia Lugdunensis, in present-day France, Saint Regulus, bishop.

Holy martyrs of Constantinople during the time of Emperor Constantius

Saint John Climacus, abbot

Saint Zosimo, bishop of Syracuse

Saint Osburh, first abbess of Coventry

Saint Clinio, abbot

Saint Pietro Regalado, Franciscan priest

At Aguilera in Castile in Spain, Saint Pietro Regalado, priest of the Order of Minor, who was distinguished for his humility and rigor of penance and built two cells, in which only twelve friars could live in solitude.

Blessed Amédée IX, duke of Savoy

Saints Antoine-Marie-Nicolas Daveluy, bishop and apostolic vicar of Korea, Pierre Aumaître and Martin-Luc Huin, priests, Iosephus Chang Chu-gi, Thomas Son Cha-sŏn and Lucas Hwang Sŏk-tu, catechists, martyrs of Korea

Saint Ludovico da Casoria Palmentieri, Franciscan priest, founder of Congregation of the Brothers of Charity

At Naples, Saint Ludovico da Casoria Palmentieri, priest of the Order of Friars Minor, who, driven by the ardour of charity towards the poor of Christ, established the two Congregations of the Brothers of Charity and the Franciscan Sisters of Saint Elizabeth.

Saint Leonardo Murialdo, priest, founder of the Congregation of Saint Joseph

Saint Julio Álvarez Mendoza, priest and martyr of Mexico

Blessed Maria Restituta Kafka, virgin of the Third Order of Saint Francis of Christian Charity and martyr at Vienna

March 31

Saint Benjamin, deacon and martyr in Persia

At Argol in Persia, Saint Benjamin, deacon, who did not give up preaching the word of God and, under the reign of Vararane V, suffered martyrdom with sharp rods stuck in his nails.

Saint Balbina, martyr at Rome

At Rome, commemoration of Saint Balbina, whose basilica founded on the Aventine bears her venerable name.

Saint Agilolf, bishop of Cologne

Saint Guido, abbot of Pomposa

Blessed Jeanne, Third Order Carmelite virgin

Blessed Bonaventura da Forlì Tornielli, Servite priest

At Udine, Blessed Bonaventura da Forlì Tornielli, priest of the Order of the Servants of Mary, who in various regions of Italy exhorted the people to penance with his preaching and died in his octogenarian while he was busy preaching a Lenten celebration.

Blessed Christopher Robinson, priest and martyr of England

Blessed Natalia Tułasiewicz, martyr of Germany

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