Roman Martyrology 2004

March 11

Saint Pionius of Smyrna, priest and martyr

Saints Trophimus and Thalus, martyrs

Saint Constantine, king and martyr

Saint Sophronius, bishop of Jerusalem

Saint Vindicien, bishop of Cambrai and Arras

Saint Benedetto, bishop of Milano

Saint Aengus, monk

Saint Eulogio, priest and martyr

Blessed Giovanni Righi, Franciscan priest

Blessed Thomas Atkinson, priest and martyr of England

Blessed John Kearney, Franciscan priest and martyr of Ireland

Saint Ðaminh Cẩm, priest and martyr of Vietnam

Saints Marcus Chŏng Ŭi-bae, catechist, and Alexius U Se-yŏng, martyrs of Korea

March 12

Saint Maximilian, martyr at Tebessa

Saints Migdonus, priest, Eugene, Maximus, Domna, Mardonius, Esmaragdus and Hilary, martyrs at Numidia

Saints Peter, Dorotheus and Gorgonius, martyrs

Saint Innocent I, pope

Saint Pol Aurélien, first bishop of Saint-Pol-de-Léon

Birth of Saint Gregory I, pope and doctor of the Church

Saint Theophanes the Chronicler, monk

Saint Ælfheah, bishop of Winchester

Blessed Fina

Blessed Giustina Francucci Bezzoli, Benedictine virgin

Blessed Girolamo da Recanati Gherarducci, Augustinian priest

Saint Iosephus Zhang Dapeng, martyr of China

Blessed Aniela Salawa, virgin of Third Order Franciscans

Saint Luigi Orione, priest, founder of the Sons of Divine Providence

March 13

Saints Macedonius, priest, his wife Patricia, and their daughter Modesta, martyrs at Nicomedia

Saint Sabinus, martyr at Minya

Saint Christina, martyr

Saint Pient, bishop of Poitiers

Saint Leandro, bishop of Seville

Saint Eldrado, abbot of Novalesa

Saints Rodrigo, priest, and Salomón, martyrs at Codoba

Saint Ansovino, bishop of Camerino

Blessed Pietro, abbot

Blessed Agnellus of Pisa, Franciscan priest

Blessed Françoise Tréhet, virgin of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Evron, martyr of France

March 14

Saint Alexander, martyr at Pydna

Saint Lazzaro, archbishop of Milan

Saint Lubin, bishop of Chartres

Saint Mathilde, queen of East Francia

Saint Paulina, religious

Saint Ève, religious

Blessed Giacomo Cusmano, founder of the Missionary Servants of the Poor and the Sister Servants of the Poor

March 15

Saint Menignus, martyr

Saint Zachary, pope

Saint Leocricia, virgin and martyr

Saint Sisebuto, abbot of Cardeña

Blessed William Hart, priest and martyr of England

Saint Louise, widow, founder of the Daughters of Charity

Saint Klemens Maria Hofbauer, Redemptorist priest

Blessed Jan Wojciech Balicki, priest

Saint Artémides Zatti, Salesian cooperator

March 16

Saints Ilario, bishop of Aquileia, and Taziano, deacon, martyrs

Saint Papa, martyr

Saint Julian, martyr in Cilicia

Saint Eusébie, abbess of Hamage

Saint Heribert, bishop of Cologne

Blessed Giovanni Cacciafronte, bishop of Vicenza and martyr

Blesseds John Amias and Robert Dalby, priests and martyrs of England

Passion of Saint Jean de Brébeuf, Jesuit priest and martyr of Canada

March 17

Saint Patrick, bishop

Saint Patrick, bishop: as a young man he was taken prisoner from Britain to Ireland; after recovering his freedom, he wanted to enter among the clerics; elected bishop upon returning to the same island, he announced the Gospel with commitment to the people and directed his Church with rigour, until at the city of Down in Ireland he fell asleep in the Lord.

Holy martyrs of Alexandria of Egypt during the time of Emperor Theodosius

Saint Agricole, bishop of Châlon-sur-Saône

Saint Gertrude, abbess of Nivelles

Saint Paul, monk and martyr

Saint Konrad, hermit

Saint Jan Sarkander, priest and martyr at Olomouc

Passion of Saint Gabriel Lalemant, Jesuit priest and martyr of Canada

Blessed Juan Nepomuceno Zegrí y Moreno, priest, founder of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy

March 18

Saint Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem and doctor of the Church

Saint Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem and doctor of the Church, who, after having suffered many outrages from the Arians because of the faith and having been expelled from his see several times, he admirably explained to the faithful the right doctrine, the Scriptures and the sacred mysteries with homilies and catechesis.

Saint Alexander, bishop of Jerusalem and martyr

Saint Frediano, bishop of Lucca

Saint Libert, hermit at Tours

Saint Braulio, bishop of Saragossa

Saint Edward, king of England and martyr

Saint Anselm, bishop of Lucca

Saint Salvador de Horta Pladevall i Bien, Franciscan religious

Blesseds John Thules, priest, and Roger Wrenno, martyrs of England

Blessed Marthe Le Bouteiller, virgin of Christian Teachers of Mercy

March 19

Saint Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Solemnity of Saint Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary: a just man, born of the lineage of David, he acted as a father to the Son of God Jesus Christ, who willed to be called the son of Joseph, and to whom he submitted, as to a father. The Church venerates him with special honour as a patron, placed by the Lord in custody of his family.

Saint Giovanni, abbot

Blessed Isnardo da Chiampo, Dominican priest

Blessed Andrea Gallerani, founder of the Confraternity of Mercy

Blessed Giovanni Buralli da Parma, Franciscan priest

Blessed Sibillina Biscossi, virgin

Blessed Marco da Montegallo, Franciscan priest

Blessed Narcyz Turchan, Franciscan priest and martyr at Dachau

Blessed Marcel Callo, martyr at Mauthausen

March 20

Saint Archippus, companion of Saint Paul the apostle

Commemoration of Saint Archippus, companion of the blessed Apostle Paul, who remembers him in the Letters to Philemon and the Colossians.

Saints Paul, Cyril, Eugene and 4 companions, martyrs

Saint Urbice, bishop of Metz

Saint Martinho, bishop of Braga

Saint Cuthbert, bishop of Lindisfarne

Saint Wulfran, bishop of Sens

Saint Nicetas, bishop of Apollonias

20 holy martyrs of Mar Saba Monastery in Palestine

Blessed Ambrogio Sansedoni, Dominican priest

Saint John of Nepomuk, priest and martyr at Prague

Blessed Battista Spagnoli, Carmelite priest

Blessed Ippolito Galantini, founder of the Congregation of Saint Francis of Christian Doctrine

Blessed Jeanne Veron, virgin of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, martyr of France

Blessed Francisco de Jesús María y José Palau y Quer, Discalced Carmelite priest, founder of the Institute of the Sisters of Missionary Carmelites

Saint María Josefa del Corazón de Jesús Sancho de Guerra, virgin, founder of the Servants of Jesus of Charity

Saint Józef Bilczewski, archbishop of Lviv

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