Roman Martyrology 2004

March 1

Saint Felix III, pope

At Rome at Saint Paul’s on Via Ostiense, Saint Felix III (II), pope, who was the ancestor of Pope Saint Gregory the Great.

Saint Aubin, bishop of Angers

At Angers in Gallia Lugdunensis, now in France, Saint Aubin, bishop, who strongly blamed the proud customs of the powerful and with commitment promoted the Third Council of Orléans for the renewal of the Church.

Saint David, bishop of Saint David

Saint Siviard, abbot

Saint Suitbert, bishop on the island of Kaiserswerth

Saint Léon, bishop of Bayonne and martyr

Saint Leoluca, abbot

Saint Rosendo, bishop abbot of Celanova

Blessed Cristoforo da Milano, Dominican priest

Blessed Giovanna Maria Bonomo, Benedictine abbess

Saint Agnes Cao Guiying, catechist and martyr of China

March 2

Saint Troadius, martyr

At Neocaesarea in Pontus, in present-day Turkiye, Saint Troadius, martyr during the persecution of the emperor Decius, whose fight was attested by Saint Gregory the Wonderworker.

Saint Chad, bishop of Lichfield

At Lichfield in England, Saint Chad, bishop, who held the episcopal office in the then poor provinces of Mercia, Lindsey and southern Anglia, undertaking to administer according to the example of the ancient Fathers in great perfection of life.

Saint Luca Casali da Nicosia, monk

Saint Agnes of Bohemia, princess of Bohemia, founder and first abbess of the Clarisse monastery of Prague

Blessed Charles the Good, martyr from Denmark

Saint Angela of the Cross Guerrero y González, founder of the Sisters of the Company of the Cross

March 3

Saints Marinus, soldier, and Asterius, senator, martyrs

At Caesarea in Palestina, Saints Marinus, soldier, and Asterius, senator, martyrs under the emperor Gallienus: the former, denounced as a Christian by a hostile fellow soldier, professed his faith in a clear voice before the judge, receiving the martyr’s crown with the decapitation; it is handed down that Asterius, spreading his garment on the ground, picked up the martyr’s body and immediately received the same honour he paid to the martyr.

Saints Emeterio and Celedonio, brothers, martyrs

At Calahorra in northern Spain, Saints Emeterio and Celedonio, who, both as soldiers near León in Galicia, at the outbreak of persecution, were taken to Calahorra for having confessed the name of Christ, and received the crown of martyrdom there.

Saints Cleonicus and Eutropius, martyrs

Saint Tiziano, bishop of Brescia

Saint Guénolé, first abbot of Landévennec

Saint Artelaide, virgin

Saint Anselmo, founder and first abbot of Nonantola

Saint Cunigunde of Luxembourg, empress of the Holy Roman Empire

Blessed Frederik, Premonstratensian priest

Blessed Pietro Geremia, Dominican priest

Blessed Giacomino de’ Canepacci, Carmelite religious

Blesseds Liberat Weiss, Samuele Marzorati and Michele Pio Fasoli, Franciscan religious, martyrs of Ethiopia

Blessed Pierre-René Rogue, Lazarist priest and martyr of France

Saint Teresa Eustochio Verzeri, founder of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart

Blessed Innocenzo da Berzo Scalvinoni, Capuchin priest

Saint Katharine Drexel, virgin, founder of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament

March 4

Saint Casimir, prince of Poland

Saint Casimir, son of the King of Poland, who, as a prince, shone through zeal in faith, chastity, penance, generosity towards the poor and devotion to the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary and still young, worn out by consumption, fell asleep in the grace of the Lord in the city of Grodno near Vilnius in Lithuania.

Saints Photius, Archelaus, Quirinus and 17 companions, martyrs

At Nicomedia in Bithynia, in present-day Turkiye, Saints Photius, Archelaus, Quirinus and seventeen others, martyrs.

Saint Basinus, bishop of Trier

Saint Appiano, monk

Saint Pietro, abbot of Cava and bishop of Policastro

Blessed Humbert III, count of Savoy

Blesseds Christopher Bales, priest, Alexander Blake and Nicholas Horner, martyrs of England

Blessed Placide Viel, virgin, superior of the Sisters of the Christian Schools of Mercy

Saint Giovanni Antonio Farina, bishop of Vicenza, founder of the Teaching Sisters of Saint Dorothy Daughters of the Sacred Heart

Blesseds Mieczysław Bohatkiewicz, Władysław Maćkowiak and Stanisław Pyrtek, priests and martyrs

March 5

Saint Theophilus, bishop of Cesarea in Palæstina

Commemoration of Saint Theophilus, bishop of Caesarea in Palestine, who, under the emperor Septimius Severus, shone for wisdom and integrity of life.

Saint Cono the Gardener, martyr

In Pamphylia, in present-day Turkiye, Saint Cono the Gardener, martyr, who, as gardener, under the emperor Decius, was forced to run with his feet pierced by nails, in front of a chariot and, having fallen on his knees, praying, gave up his spirit to God.

Saint Lucius I, pope and martyr

At Rome on Via Appia in the cemetery of Callixtus, deposition of Saint Lucius I, pope, who, as the successor of Saint Cornelius, was exiled for his faith in Christ and, as an outstanding witness of the faith, faced the difficulties of his time with moderation and prudence.

Saint Phocas, martyr

Saint Adrian, martyr

Saint Gerasimus, anchorite

Saint Ciarán, bishop of Ossory and abbot

Saint Virgile, bishop of Arles

Blessed Cristoforo Macassoli, Franciscan priest

Blessed Jeremiah of Wallachia, Capuchin religious

Saint Giovan Giuseppe della Croce Calosirto, Discalced Franciscan priest

March 6

Saint Marziano, bishop of Tortona and martyr

At Tortona in Piedmont, Saint Marziano, venerated as bishop and martyr.

Saint Victor, martyr at Nicomedia in Bythinia

At Nicomedia in Bithynia, in present-day Turkiye, Saint Victor, martyr.

Saint Quiriacus, priest

At Trier in Gallia Belgica, now in Germany, Saint Quiriacus, a priest.

Saint Evagrius, bishop of Constantinople

Saint Julián, bishop of Toledo

Saint Fridolin, abbot of Säckingen

Saint Chrodegand, bishop of Metz

42 holy martyrs of Amorium in Phrygia of Syria

Blessed Olegario, bishop of Barcelona and Tarragona

Blessed Rosa da Viterbo, virgin of Third Order Franciscans

Saint Colette de Corbie Boilet, virgin, reformer of many Clarisse monasteries

March 7

Saints Perpetua and Felicity, martyrs

Memorial of the holy martyrs Perpetua and Felicity, arrested at Carthage under the emperor Septimius Severus together with other young catechumens. Perpetua, a matron of about twenty-two, was the mother of a still suckling child, while Felicity, her servant, spared by the laws because she was pregnant so that she could give birth, showed herself serene in front of the fairs, despite the travails of the imminent birth. They both advanced from the prison into the amphitheatre with a happy face, as if they were going to heaven.

Saints Saturus, Saturninus, Revocatus and Secundulus, martyrs at Carthage

Also at Carthage, in present-day Tunisia, passion of Saints Saturus, Saturninus, Revocatus and Secundulus, of which, during the same persecution, the last died in prison, the others, after being tortured by various beasts, instead died having their throats slaughtered with the sword as they exchanged the holy kiss.

Saint Eubulus, martyr

Saints Basil, Eugene, Agathodorus, Elpidius, Aetherius, Capiton and Ephraim, bishops of Chersonesus, martyrs

Saint Paul the Simple, hermit

Saint Gaudioso, bishop of Brescia

Saint Ardo Smaragdus, priest, monk of Aniane

Saint Paul, bishop of Prusa in Bythinia

Transitus of Saint Thomas Aquinas

In the Cistercian monastery of Fossanova in Lazio, transitus of Saint Thomas Aquinas, whose memorial is celebrated on January 28.

Blesseds John Larke and John Ireland, priests, and German Gardiner, martyrs of England

Saint Teresa Margherita Redi, Carmelite virgin

Saint Ioannes Baptista Nam Chong-sam, martyr of Korea

Saints Siméon-François Berneux, bishop and apostolic vicar of Korea, Simon-Marie-Just Ranfer de Bretenières, Bernard-Louis Beaulieu and Pierre-Henri Dorie, priests of Paris Foreign Missions Society, martyrs of Korea

Blessed Leonid F’odorov, studite, apostolic excharate of Russia, martyr of Russia

March 8

Saint John of God, religious, founder of the Hospitallers

Saint John of God, religious: of Portuguese origin, eager for greater goals after a life as a soldier spent among dangers, with tireless charity he committed himself to the service of the needy and the sick in a hospital he had built and united to himself some companions, who later formed the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God. On this day at Granada in Spain he passed to eternal rest.

Saint Pontius, deacon of Carthage

Commemoration of Saint Pontius, who was at Carthage deacon of Saint Cyprian, of whom he was a companion in exile until his death, leaving an admirable account of his life and martyrdom.

Saints Apollonius and Philemon, martyrs

Saint Probino, bishop of Como

Saint Senán, abbot

Saint Felix, bishop of Dunwich

Saint Theophylact, archbishop of Nicomedia

Saint Humphroy, bishop of Thérouanne

Saint Litifredo, bishop of Pavia

Saint Duthac, bishop of Ross

Saint Veremundo, abbot of Hirache

Saint Étienne, abbot of Obazine

Blessed Wincenty, bishop of Krakow

In the monastery of Jedrzejów in Poland, the transitus of Blessed Wincenty Kadłubek, bishop of Krakow, who, having resigned his office, practised the monastic life in this place.

Saint Faustino de la Encarnación Míguez González, Piarist priest, founder of the Calasanctian Institute of the Daughters of the Divine Shepherdess

March 9

Saint Frances of Rome, widow, founder of the Oblates of Tor de’ Specchi

Saint Frances of Rome, religious, who married at a young age and lived in marriage for forty years, was a wife and mother of mirrored virtue, admirable for her piety, humility and patience. In times of difficulty, she distributed her possessions to the poor, served the sick and, on the death of her husband, withdrew among the oblates that she herself had gathered in Rome under the rule of Saint Benedict.

40 holy soldiers of Cappadocia, martyrs

Near Sivas in ancient Armenia, passion of the forty holy soldiers of Cappadocia, who, as companions not by blood, but by faith and obedience to the will of the heavenly Father, at the time of the emperor Licinius, after having suffered imprisonment and cruel tortures, during the very harsh winter were forced to remain naked outdoors on a frozen pond at night and, having broken their legs, thus completed their martyrdom.

Saint Paciano, bishop of Barcelona

Saint Vitale di Castronovo, monk

Saint Bruno, bishop of Querfurt and martyr

Saint Caterina, virign, founder and first abbess of the Clarisse monastery of Corpus Domini at Bologna

Saint Dominic Savio, Salesian pupil

Saints Petrus Ch’oe Hyŏng and Ioannes Baptista Chŏn Chang-un, martyrs of Korea

March 10

Saints Caius and Alexander, martyrs

At Hisarlik on the Meander River in Phrygia, in present-day Turkiye, commemoration of the Saints Caius and Alexander, martyrs, who received the crown of glorious martyrdom during the persecution of the emperors Marcus Antoninus and Lucius Verus.

Saint Victor, martyr in Africa

In Africa, commemoration of Saint Victor, martyr: on his feast day, Saint Augustine gave a homily to the people about him.

Saint Macarius, bishop of Jerusalem

On the same day, commemoration of Saint Macarius, bishop of Jerusalem, at whose exhortation the holy places were brought to light by Constantine the Great and his mother Saint Helena and ennobled with the construction of sacred basilicas.

Saint Simplicius, pope

At Rome at Saint Peter’s, Saint Simplicius, pope, who, at the time of barbarian invasions of Italy and the City, comforted the afflicted, encouraged the unity of the Church and strengthened the faith.

Saint Droctovée, abbot of Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Saint Attala, abbot of Bobbio

Saint John Ogilvie, Jesuit priest and martyr at Glasgow

Saint Marie-Eugénie de Jésus Milleret de Brou, virgin and founder of the Sisters of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Blessed Elias del Socorro Nieves Castillo, Augustinian priest and martyr of Mexico

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