Pious Workers Rural Catechists (P.O.C.R.)

Ardorini Missionaries

Also known as: Pii Operai Catechisti Rurali (Missionari Ardorini) (Italiano) / Congregatio Piorum Operariorum Catechistarum Ruralium (latine) / Congrégation des pieux ouvriers catéchistes ruraux (français)

Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Statistics: 6 houses, 47 members (32 priests) (2017)

Address: Piazza E. Bianco 17, 87046 Montalto Uffugo, CS, Italy

Phone: 0984.93.10.20

Website: Link




Superior General:ItalyFr. Rosario Cimino, P.O.C.R. (49)Fr. Rosario Cimino (Salvatore), P.O.C.R. (49) (2016.07.09 – ...)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Ermolao Portella, P.O.C.R. (2010.07.13 – 2016.07.09)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Antonio De Rose, P.O.C.R. (1998 – 2010.07.13)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Gaetano Mauro, P.O.C.R. (1956 – 1969.12.31)
Founder:ItalyVenerable Fr. Carlo Carafa (1600)

Living Bishops (1 Bishop)

ItalyBishop Gianfranco Todisco, P.O.C.R. (73)Bishop Gianfranco Todisco, P.O.C.R. (73), Bishop emeritus of Melfi–Rapolla–Venosa (Italy)

Deceased Bishops (2 Archbishops, 2 Bishops)

1813: ItalyArchbishop Gaetano Paolo de Miceli, P.O.C.R., Archbishop of Rossano (Italy)

1793: ItalyArchbishop Francesco Ferdinando Sanseverino, P.O.C.R., Metropolitan Archbishop of Palermo (Italy) and Metropolitan Archbishop of Monreale (Italy)

1772: ItalyBishop Michele di Tarsia, P.O.C.R., Bishop of Conversano (Italy)

1726: ItalyBishop Emilio Cavalieri, P.O.C.R., Bishop of Troia (Italy)

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