Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales (M.S.F.S.)



Also known as: Missionnaires de Saint François de Sales d’Annecy (français) / Missionari di San Francesco di Sales d’Annecy (Fransaliani) (Italiano) / Missionarii S. Francisci Salesii de Annecio (latine) / Missionare des hl. Franz von Sales (Deutsch) / Misjonarze Świętego Franciszka Salezego (polski)

Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Patron Saint: Saint Francis de Sales (January 24), Mother of Compassion

Statistics: 281 houses, 1,587 members (1,157 priests) (2020)

Address: Chemin de Proupeine, 74000 Annecy, France






Superior General:IndiaFr. Abraham Vettuvelil, M.S.F.S.Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil, M.S.F.S. (2013.02.11 – ...)
Superior General:IndiaFr. Agnelo Agostinho Fernandes, M.S.F.S. (2001.01.01 – 2013.02.11)
Founder:FranceFr. Pierre-Marie Mermier, M.S.F.S. (1838.10.24)

Deceased Bishops (2 Archbishops, 12 Bishops)

2018: IndiaArchbishop Mariadas Kagithapu, M.S.F.S., Metropolitan Archbishop of Visakhapatnam (India)

2011: IndiaBishop Joseph Albert Rosario, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Amravati (India)

2003: IndiaArchbishop Eugene D’Souza, M.S.F.S., Metropolitan Archbishop of Bhopal (India)

1981: IndiaBishop Ignatius Gopu, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Visakhapatnam (India)

1980: IndiaBishop Joseph-Alphonse Baud, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Visakhapatnam (India)

1950: IndiaBishop Louis-François Gayet, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Nagpur (India)

1947: IndiaBishop Pierre Rossillon, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Vizagapatam (India)

1933: IndiaBishop François-Etienne Coppel, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Nagpur (India)

1926: IndiaBishop Jean-Marie Clerc, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Vizagapatam (India)

1907: IndiaBishop Étienne-Marie Boneventure, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Nagpur (India)

1904: IndiaBishop Jules-François Philippe, M.S.F.S., Coadjutor Bishop of Vizagapatam (India)

1900: IndiaBishop Charles-Félix Pelvat, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Nagpur (India)

1890: IndiaBishop Jean-Marie Tissot, M.S.F.S., Bishop of Vizagapatam (India)

1862: IndiaBishop Sébastin-Théophille Neyret, M.S.F.S., Vicar Apostolic of Vizagapatam (India)

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