Canons Regular of the Congregation of the Most Holy Saviour of the Lateran (C.R.L.)


Also known as: Canonici Regolari della Congregazione del Santissimo Salvatore Lateranense (Italiano) / Cônegos Regulares Lateranenses (Português) / Congregatio Sanctissimi Salvatoris Lateranensis (latine)

Type: Order of Canons Regular of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Confederation: Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine

Depends on: Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Statistics: 47 houses, 224 members (193 priests) (2015)

Address: Piazza S. Pietro in Vincoli 4/a, 00184 Roma, Italy

Phone: 06.488.28.65

Website: Link




Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Giuseppe Cipolloni, C.R.L. (78)Abbot Giuseppe Cipolloni, C.R.L. (78) (2012.07 – ...)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Bruno Giuliani, C.R.L. (2000.09.12 – 2012.07)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Antonio Andrea Galli, C.R.L. (later Cardinal) (1750? – 1753.11.26?)

Living Bishops (2 Bishops)

BrazilBishop Luciano Bergamin, C.R.L. (74)Bishop Luciano Bergamin, C.R.L. (74), Bishop of Nova Iguaçu (Brazil)

ArgentinaBishop Florencio Félix Paredes Cruz, C.R.L. (57)Bishop Florencio Félix Paredes Cruz, C.R.L. (57), Coadjutor Bishop-Prelate of Humahuaca (Argentina)

Deceased Bishops (2 Popes, 8 Cardinals, 1 Patriarch, 3 Archbishops, 24 Bishops)

1925: ItalyBishop Albino Angelo Pardini, C.R.L., Bishop emeritus of Foligno (Italy)

1924: ItalyBishop Ildefonso Vincenzo Pisani, C.R.L., Bishop emeritus of Anglona–Tursi

1898: ItalyBishop Salvatore Luigi Zola, C.R.L., Bishop of Lecce (Italy)

1892: ItalyPatriarch Vincenzo Tizzani, C.R.L., Bishop emeritus of Terni (Italy)

1839: ItalyArchbishop Vincento Garofoli, C.R.L., Titular Archbishop of Laodicea

>1792: ItalyBishop Giuseppe Luigi Avogadro, C.R.L., Bishop emeritus of Casale Monferrato (Italy)

1767: ItalyCardinal Antonio Andrea Galli, C.R.L., Cardinal-Priest of S. Pietro in Vincoli, Prefect of Sacred Congregation of the Index and Major Penitentiary of Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary

1767: ItalyArchbishop Benedetto Latilla, C.R.L., Bishop emeritus of Avellino (Italy) and Bishop emeritus of Frigento

1752: ItalyBishop Gian Alberto De’ Grandi, C.R.L., Bishop of Chioggia (Italy)

1741: ItalyBishop Apollonio Lupi, C.R.L., Titular Bishop of Himeria

1712: ItalyBishop Vincenzo della Marra, C.R.L., Bishop of Alessano

1706: ItalyBishop Filippo Maria Resta, C.R.L., Bishop of Alessandria (Italy)

1694: ItalyBishop Gian Giuseppe Maria Orsini, C.R.L., Bishop of Vercelli (Italy)

1684: ItalyBishop Teodoro Fantoni, C.R.L., Bishop of San Marco (Italy)

1679: ItalyBishop Vincenzo Carafa, C.R.L., Bishop of Calvi (Italy)

1658: ItalyArchbishop Giovanni Alfonso Puccinelli, C.R.L., Metropolitan Archbishop of Manfredonia (Italy)

1637: ItalyBishop Paolo Benzoni, C.R.L., Bishop of Sora (Italy)

1635: ItalyBishop Iñigo de Avalos, C.R.L., Bishop of Ischia (Italy)

1624: GreeceBishop Alexander de Turre, C.R.L., Bishop of Hierapetra–Sitia (Greece)

1620: ItalyBishop Camillo Beccio, C.R.L., Bishop of Acqui (Italy)

1620: ItalyBishop Tommaso Piolatto, C.R.L., Bishop of Fossano (Italy)

1618: ItalyBishop Arcangelo Rossi, C.R.L., Bishop of Carinola

1588: GreeceBishop Paolo Grassi, C.R.L., Bishop of Kefalonia–Zakynthos

1585: ItalyBishop Gabriel Fiamma, C.R.L., Bishop of Chioggia (Italy)

1551: ItalyBishop Gerolamo Isopo, C.R.L., Bishop of Montemarano

1506: ItalyBishop Bernardino de Leis, C.R.L., Bishop of Cagli (Italy)

1373: ItalyBishop Francesco Castiglioni, C.R.L., Bishop of Piacenza (Italy)

1204: ItalyCardinal Bernardo, C.R.L., Cardinal-Priest of S. Pietro in Vincoli

1192: ItalyBishop Tedaldo, C.R.L., Bishop of Piacenza (Italy)

1184: ItalyCardinal Ardoino, C.R.L., Cardinal-Priest of S. Croce in Gerusalemme

1182: ItalyCardinal Matteo, C.R.L., Cardinal-Priest of S. Pietro in Vincoli

1181: ItalyPope Alexander III (Rolando Bandinelli, C.R.L.), Supreme Pontiff

1177: ItalyCardinal Girolamo, C.R.L., Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria Nuova

1176: ItalyCardinal Bernardo, C.R.L., Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina and Archpriest emeritus of Papal Archbasilica of St. John Lateran

1154: ItalyPope Anastasius IV (Corrado della Suburra, C.R.L.), Supreme Pontiff

1153: Cardinal Giovanni, C.R.L., Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria Nuova

1141: FranceCardinal Aymery de la Châtre, C.R.L., Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria Nuova, Librarian of Vatican Apostolic Library and Protodeacon of Sacred College of Cardinals

>1130: ItalyBishop Bernardo Lonati, C.R.L., Bishop emeritus of Pavia (Italy)

Other Former Prelates (2)

1624: Fr. Innocenzo Serpa, C.R.L., Bishop of Pula (Croatia)

1470: Fr. Timoteo Maffeo, C.R.L., Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Milano (Italy)

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