Benedictine Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Olivet (O.S.B. Oliv.)



Also known as: Olivetaner (Deutsch) / Ordre de Notre-Dame du Mont-Olivet (français) / Congregazione Benedettina Olivetana (Italiano) / Congregatio S. Mariæ Montis Oliveti (latine)

Type: Monastic Order of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Confederation: Benedictine Confederation of the Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines)

Depends on: Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Statistics: 22 houses, 216 members (119 priests) (2016)

Address: Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore, 53020 Chiusure, SI, Italy


Website: Link




Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Diego Gualtiero Maria Rosa, O.S.B. Oliv. (65)Abbot Diego Gualtiero Maria Rosa, O.S.B. Oliv. (65) (2010.10.18 – ...)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Michelangelo Riccardo M. Tiribilli, O.S.B. Oliv. (81)Abbot Michelangelo Riccardo M. Tiribilli, O.S.B. Oliv. (81) (1992.10.16 – 2010.10.18)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Maurizio Benvenuto Maria Contorni, O.S.B. Oliv. (1986.11.29 – 1992)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Divo Angelo Maria Sabatini, O.S.B. Oliv. (1970.12.05 – 1986)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Pietro Romualdo M. Zilianti, O.S.B. Oliv. (1947.05.10 – 1970)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Luigi Maria Perego, O.S.B. Oliv. (1928.10.15 – 1946)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Mauro M. Parodi, O.S.B. Oliv. (1917.09.10 – 1928)
Abbot General:ItalyAbbot Ildebrando Polliuti, O.S.B. Oliv. (1899.01.08 – 1917.09.10)

Deceased Bishops (1 Cardinal, 2 Archbishops, 16 Bishops)

2005: PalestineBishop Jean-Baptiste Gourion, O.S.B. Oliv., Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem (Palestine)

1889: ItalyCardinal Placido Maria Schiaffino, O.S.B. Oliv., Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Giovanni e Paolo, Prefect of Sacred Congregation of the Index and Librarian of Vatican Apostolic Library

1811: ItalyBishop Bernardo Maria Carenzoni, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Feltre (Italy)

1775: ItalyBishop Giustino Bagnesi, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Pienza (Italy) and Bishop of Chiusi (Italy)

1765: ItalyBishop Domenico Tatis, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Brugnato (Italy)

1763: ItalyArchbishop Nicolò Antonio Carafa, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop emeritus of Tricarico (Italy)

1752: ItalyBishop Francesco Pertusati, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Pavia (Italy)

>1749: ItalyBishop Ildefonso del Tufo, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop emeritus of Gerace (Italy)

1735: ItalyBishop Matteo Odierna, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Valva (Italy) and Bishop of Sulmona (Italy)

1694: ItalyBishop Romualdo Tancredi, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Montalcino (Italy)

1684: ItalyBishop Gaspare Mezzomonaco, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Tricarico (Italy)

1681: ItalyArchbishop Paolo Caravita, O.S.B. Oliv., Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Conza (Italy)

1653: ItalyBishop Francesco Fossati, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Tortona (Italy)

1637: ItalyBishop Ippolito Borghese, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Pienza (Italy)

1605: ItalyBishop Placido Fava, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Telese (Italy)

>1550: GreeceBishop Stefano Gattalusio, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop emeritus of Milos (Greece)

1549: ItalyBishop Taddeo de Pepoli, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Carinola

1543: ItalyBishop Innico D’Avalos, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Aquino (Italy)

1537: ItalyBishop Vincenzo Boccaferro, O.S.B. Oliv., Bishop of Marsico Nuovo (Italy)

Other Former Prelates (1)

>2012: USAFr. Michael John Zielinski, O.S.B. Oliv., Vice-President emeritus of Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church

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