Congregation of Mariannhill Missionaries (C.M.M.)


Also known as: Mariannhiller Missionare (Deutsch) / Missionnaires de Mariannhill (français) / Missionari di Mariannhill (Italiano) / Congregatio Missionariorum de Mariannhill (latine)

Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Statistics: 28 houses, 308 members (214 priests) (2020)

Address: Via S. Giovanni Eudes 91, 00163 Roma, Italy






Superior General:GermanyFr. Michael Maß, C.M.M. (42)Fr. Michael Maß, C.M.M. (42) (2022.10.10 – ...)
Superior General:South AfricaBishop Thulani Victor Mbuyisa, C.M.M. (49)Fr. Thulani Victor Mbuyisa, C.M.M. (49) (later Bishop) (2016.10.08 – 2022.04.06)
Superior General:SwitzerlandFr. Damian Weber, C.M.M. (2004.06.14 – 2016.10.08)
Superior General:GermanyFr. Dieter Gahlen, C.M.M. (2002.06 – 2004.01.25)
Superior General:Fr. Yves La Fonteine, C.M.M. (1990 – 2002)
Superior General:SwitzerlandFr. Fridolin Zueger, C.M.M. (1979 – 1990)
Superior General:Fr. Pius Rudlof, C.M.M. (1973 – 1979)
Superior General:Fr. Ferdinand Holzner, C.M.M. (1957 – 1972)
Superior General:Fr. Reginald Weinmann, C.M.M. (1932 – 1957)
Superior General:Fr. Hermann Arndt, C.M.M. (1926 – 1930)
Superior General:South AfricaBishop Joseph Adalbert Fleischer, C.M.M. (1920 – 1926)
Founder:AustriaFr. Franz Pfanner, C.M.M. (later Abbot) (1909)

Living Bishops (2 Archbishops, 1 Bishop)

South AfricaArchbishop Mandla Siegfried Jwara, C.M.M. (65)Archbishop Mandla Siegfried Jwara, C.M.M. (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Durban (South Africa) and Apostolic Administrator of Ingwavuma (South Africa)

South AfricaArchbishop Paul Mandla Khumalo, C.M.M. (75)Archbishop Paul Mandla Khumalo, C.M.M. (75), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Pretoria (South Africa) and Military Ordinary emeritus of South African Defence Force (South Africa)

South AfricaBishop Thulani Victor Mbuyisa, C.M.M. (49)Bishop Thulani Victor Mbuyisa, C.M.M. (49), Bishop of Kokstad (South Africa)

Saints (1 blessed)

1945: GermanyBlessed Engelmar Unzeitig, priest and martyr

Deceased Bishops (1 Archbishop, 8 Bishops)

2019: Papua New GuineaBishop Christian Conrad Blouin, C.M.M., Bishop of Lae (Papua New Guinea)

2012: ZimbabweArchbishop Ernst Heinrich Karlen, C.M.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Bulawayo (Zimbabwe)

2009: Papua New GuineaBishop Henry Anthony A. van Lieshout, C.M.M., Bishop of Lae (Papua New Guinea)

1980: South AfricaBishop Martin Elmar Schmid, C.M.M., Bishop of Mariannhill (South Africa)

1976: South AfricaBishop Joseph Grueter, C.M.M., Bishop of Mthatha (South Africa)

1976: ZimbabweBishop Adolph Gregory Schmitt, C.M.M., Bishop of Bulawayo (Zimbabwe)

1970: South AfricaBishop Alphonse Streit, C.M.M., Bishop of Mariannhill (South Africa)

1963: South AfricaBishop Joseph Adalbert Fleischer, C.M.M., Vicar Apostolic of Mariannhill (South Africa)

1940: South AfricaBishop Emanuele Hanisch, C.M.M., Vicar Apostolic of Umtata (South Africa)

Other Former Prelates (1)

>2009: ZimbabweFr. Martin Schupp, C.M.M., Apostolic Administrator of Bulawayo (Zimbabwe)

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