Order of Friar Servants of Mary (O.S.M.)



Also known as: Serviten (Deutsch) / Orden de frailes Siervos de María (español) / Ordre des Servites de Marie (français) / Ordine dei Servi di Maria (Serviti) (Italiano) / Słudzy Najświętszej Maryi Panny (Serwici) (polski) / 聖母忠僕會 (正體中文) / Ordo Servorum Mariæ (latine)

Type: Mendicant Order of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Statistics: 142 houses, 811 members (550 priests) (2017)

Address: Piazza S. Marcello al Corso 5, 00187 Roma, Italy


Website: Link




Prior General:GermanyFr. Gottfried M. Wolff, O.S.M. (62)Fr. Gottfried M. Wolff, O.S.M. (62) (2013.09.21 – ...)
Prior General:MexicoFr. Ángel María Ruiz Garnica, O.S.M. (2001 – 2013.09.21)
Prior General:BelgiumFr. Hubert M. Moons, O.S.M. (1989 – 2001)
Prior General:CanadaFr. Michel M. Sincerny, O.S.M. (1977 – 1989)
Prior General:USAFr. Peregrine M. Graffius, O.S.M. (1971 – 1977)
Prior General:USAFr. Joseph M. Loftus, O.S.M. (1965 – 1971)
Prior General:Fr. Alfonso Maria Montà, O.S.M. (1953 – 1965)
Prior General:EnglandFr. Austin M. Moore, O.S.M. (1926 – 1932)
Prior General:FranceFr. Alexis-Henri-Marie Lépicier, O.S.M. (later Cardinal) (1913.05.13 – 1920.05.27)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Giuseppe M. Lucchesi, O.S.M. (1907 – 1913)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Peregrin-François Stagni, O.S.M. (later Archbishop) (1901.07.23 – 1907.04.15)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Pier Francesco M. Testa, O.S.M. (1882 – 1888)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Giovanni Angelo M. Mondani, O.S.M. (1868 – 1882)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Bonfiglio M. Mura, O.S.M. (1859 – 1868)
Prior General:Fr. Albuin Patscheider, O.S.M. (1851 – 1857)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Carlo Francesco Caselli, O.S.M. (later Cardinal) (1792.05.26 – 1798.02)
Prior General:ItalyCardinal Pietro Maria Pieri, O.S.M. (1725 – 1734.05)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Giulio Arrighetti, O.S.M. (1682 – 1700)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Angelo Maria Montorsoli, O.S.M. (1597 – 1600)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Lelio Baglioni, O.S.M. (1590 – 1597)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Lorenzo Mazzocchino, O.S.M. (1554 – 1557)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Agostino Bonucci, O.S.M. (1542 – 1553)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Dionisio Neagrus Laurerio, O.S.M. (later Cardinal) (1535 – 1539.12.19)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Stefano Mucciarelli, O.S.M. (1420? – 1424)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Filippo Benizi (Philip Benizi), O.S.M. (later Saint) (1267.06.05 – 1285.08.22)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Manetto dell’Antella, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1265 – 1267.06.05)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Giacomo von Siena, O.S.M. (1257 – 1265)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Buonagiunta Manetti, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1256 – 1257)
Prior General:ItalyFr. Buonfiglio Monaldi, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1249 – 1256)
Founder:ItalyFr. Alessio Falconieri, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1233.08.15)
Founder:ItalyFr. Sostegno da Firenze, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1233.08.15)
Founder:ItalyFr. Uguccione da Firenze, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1233.08.15)
Founder:ItalyFr. Manetto dell’Antella, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1233.08.15)
Founder:ItalyFr. Amadio da Firenze, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1233.08.15)
Founder:ItalyFr. Buonfiglio Monaldi, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1233.08.15)
Founder:ItalyFr. Buonagiunta Manetti, O.S.M. (later Saint) (1233.08.15)

Living Bishops (4 Bishops)

ChileBishop Juan Maria Florindo Agurto Muñoz, O.S.M. (61)Bishop Juan Maria Florindo Agurto Muñoz, O.S.M. (61), Bishop of San Carlos de Ancud (Chile)

ChileBishop Luis Infanti della Mora, O.S.M. (66)Bishop Luis Infanti della Mora, O.S.M. (66), Vicar Apostolic of Aysén (Chile) and Titular Bishop of Cartennæ

BrazilBishop João Maria Messi, O.S.M. (86)Bishop João Maria Messi, O.S.M. (86), Bishop emeritus of Barra do Piraí–Volta Redonda (Brazil)

CanadaBishop Gaétan Proulx, O.S.M. (73)Bishop Gaétan Proulx, O.S.M. (73), Bishop of Gaspé (Canada)

Other Present Prelates (1)

ItalyFr. Salvatore Maria Perrella, O.S.M. (68)Fr. Salvatore Maria Perrella, O.S.M. (68), President of Pontifical Theological Faculty of Marianum

Saints (10 saints, 15 blesseds)

1892: ItalySaint Antonio Maria (Eustachio Pucci), priest

1345: ItalySaint Pellegrino Laziosi, religious

1310: ItalySaint Alessio Falconieri, priest

1285: ItalySaint Philip Benizi (Filippo Benizi), priest

1282: ItalySaint Uguccione da Firenze, priest

1282: ItalySaint Sostegno da Firenze, priest

1268: ItalySaint Manetto dell’Antella, priest

1266: ItalySaint Amadio da Firenze, priest

1262: ItalySaint Buonfiglio Monaldi, priest

1257: ItalySaint Buonagiunta Manetti, priest

1893: ItalyBlessed Ferdinando Maria Baccilieri, priest

1505: ItalyBlessed Giovannangelo Porro, priest

1491: ItalyBlessed Bonaventura da Forlì Tornielli, priest

1483: ItalyBlessed Giacomo Filippo (Andrea Bertoni), priest

1466: ItalyBlessed Girolamo da Sant’Angelo in Vado (Girolamo Ranucci), priest

1420: CzechiaBlessed Agostino Cennini, priest and martyr

1420: CzechiaBlessed Bartolomeo Donati, priest and martyr

1420: CzechiaBlessed Giovanni Battista Petrucci, priest and martyr

1420: CzechiaBlessed Lorenzo Nerucci, priest and martyr

1343: ItalyBlessed Tommaso da Orvieto, religious

1328: ItalyBlessed Francesco Patrizi, priest

1315: ItalyBlessed Andrea Dotti, priest

1315: ItalyBlessed Ubaldo da Borgo San Sepolcro (Ubaldo Adimari), priest

1315: ItalyBlessed Bonaventura da Pistoia (Bonaventura Bonaccorsi), priest

1305: ItalyBlessed Gioacchino da Siena (Chiaramonte Piccolomini), religious

Deceased Bishops (5 Cardinals, 11 Archbishops, 37 Bishops)

2019: BrazilArchbishop Moacyr Grechi, O.S.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Porto Velho (Brazil)

2017: ChileArchbishop Savino Bernardo Maria Cazzaro Bertollo, O.S.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Puerto Montt (Chile)

2012: EswatiniBishop Louis Ncamiso Ndlovu, O.S.M., Bishop of Manzini (Eswatini)

2010: ChileBishop Aldo Maria Lazzarín Stella, O.S.M., Vicar Apostolic of Aysén (Chile)

2006: South AfricaBishop Michael Mary O’Shea, O.S.M., Vicar Apostolic of Ingwavuma (South Africa)

2004: CanadaBishop Adrien André Maria Cimichella, O.S.M., Auxiliary Bishop of Montréal (Canada)

1984: ItalyBishop Bernardino Maria Dino Piccinelli, O.S.M., Auxiliary Bishop of Ancona (Italy)

1982: EswatiniBishop Girolamo Maria Casalini, O.S.M., Bishop of Manzini (Eswatini)

1971: BrazilBishop Giocondo Maria Grotti, O.S.M., Bishop-Prelate of Acre e Purus (Brazil)

1968: ChileBishop Antonio María Michelato Danese, O.S.M., Vicar Apostolic of Aysén (Chile)

1965: EswatiniBishop Costantino Maria Attilio Barneschi, O.S.M., Bishop of Manzini (Eswatini)

1963: ChileBishop Cesar Gerardo Vielmo Guerra, O.S.M., Vicar Apostolic of Aysén (Chile)

1944: BrazilBishop Próspero M. Gustavo Bernardi, O.S.M., Bishop-Prelate of São Peregrino Laziosi no Alto Acre e Alto Purus (Brazil)

1936: FranceCardinal Alexis-Henri-Marie Lépicier, O.S.M., Cardinal-Priest of S. Susanna and Prefect of Sacred Congregation of Religious

1918: ItalyArchbishop Peregrin-François Stagni, O.S.M., Archbishop of L’Aquila (Italy)

1882: ItalyArchbishop Bonfiglio Mura, O.S.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Oristano (Italy)

1849: ItalyBishop Luigi Pietro Grati, O.S.M., Titular Bishop of Callinicum

1828: ItalyCardinal Carlo Francesco Caselli, O.S.M., Cardinal-Priest of S. Marcello and Archbishop-Bishop of Parma (Italy)

1816: SpainBishop Lorenzo Algüero Ribera, O.S.M., Bishop of Segorbe (Spain)

1747: ItalyBishop Sostegno Maria Cavalli, O.S.M., Bishop of Gubbio (Italy)

1743: ItalyCardinal Pietro Maria Pieri, O.S.M., Cardinal-Priest of S. Giovanni a Porta Latina and Prior General of Order of Friar Servants of Mary (Servites)

>1742: ItalyBishop Girolamo Maria Allegri, O.S.M., Bishop of Cagli (Italy)

1738: ItalyBishop Giovanni Vicenzo de Filippi, O.S.M., Bishop of Caorle

1710: ItalyBishop Callisto Lodigeri, O.S.M., Bishop of Montepulciano (Italy)

1701: ItalyBishop Giorgio Sotgia, O.S.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Sassari (Italy) and Bishop of Bosa (Italy)

1698: ItalyArchbishop Giovanni Vincenzo Lucchesini, O.S.M., Archbishop-Bishop of Assisi (Italy)

1685: ItalyBishop Ludovico Giustiniani, O.S.M., Bishop of Assisi (Italy)

1671: ItalyArchbishop Carlo Spinola, O.S.M., Archbishop of Rossano (Italy)

1658: ItalyBishop Enrico Borghi, O.S.M., Bishop of Alife (Italy)

1656: ItalyArchbishop Angelo Maria Ciria, O.S.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Chieti (Italy)

1629: ItalyBishop Baldassarre Bolognetti, O.S.M., Bishop of Nicastro (Italy)

1625: ItalyBishop Valerio Seta, O.S.M., Bishop of Alife (Italy)

1604: ItalyBishop Ippolito Manari, O.S.M., Bishop of Montepeloso (Italy)

1589: ItalyCardinal Stefano Bonucci, O.S.M., Bishop of Arezzo (Italy)

>1576: FranceArchbishop Feliciano Capitone, O.S.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Avignon (France)

1560: ItalyArchbishop Dionigi Roberti, O.S.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Manfredonia (Italy)

1548: ItalyBishop Agostino Falivene, O.S.M., Bishop of Ischia (Italy)

1542: ItalyCardinal Dionisio Neagrus Laurerio, O.S.M., Cardinal-Priest of S. Marcello, Bishop of Urbino (Italy) and Major Penitentiary of Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary

1513: GreeceBishop Girolamo de Franciscis, O.S.M., Bishop of Corone

1477: ItalyBishop Mariano Salvini, O.S.M., Bishop of Cortona (Italy)

>1474: ItalyBishop Cristoforo di Bianprate, O.S.M., Bishop of Senigallia (Italy)

>1460: CroatiaArchbishop Francesco Petri, O.S.M., Metropolitan Archbishop of Ragusa (Croatia)

1459: AlbaniaArchbishop Stefano Birello, O.S.M., Archbishop of Durrës (Albania)

1457: ItalyBishop Giovanni Terma, O.S.M., Bishop of Faenza (Italy)

>1455: ItalyBishop Matteo Testi, O.S.M., Bishop of Cortona (Italy)

1454: ItalyBishop Francesco Zanelli, O.S.M., Bishop of Faenza (Italy)

1432: ItalyBishop Alberto Buoncristiani, O.S.M., Bishop of Comacchio (Italy)

1426: ItalyBishop Marco, O.S.M., Bishop of Bertinoro (Italy)

1423: ItalyBishop Bernardo Bartolomei, O.S.M., Bishop of Città di Castello (Italy)

1387: ItalyBishop Domenico del Ciarda, O.S.M., Bishop of Termoli (Italy)

1373: ItalyBishop Vitale da Bologna, O.S.M., Bishop of Chieti (Italy)

>1363: ItalyBishop Silvestro, O.S.M., Bishop of Numana

>1321: ItalyBishop Bernardo Lucii, O.S.M., Bishop of Penne (Italy) and Bishop of Atri (Italy)

Other Former Prelates (10)

>2011: ItalyFr. Silvano Maria Maggiani, O.S.M., President of Pontifical Theological Faculty of Marianum

>2006: ItalyFr. Ubaldo M. Todeschini, O.S.M., Counsellor of Apostolic Penitentiary

2003: South AfricaFr. Edwin Roy Kinch, O.S.M., Prefect Apostolic of Ingwavuma (South Africa)

>1999: ItalyFr. Marino Maccarelli, O.S.M., Undersecretary of Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts

1976: South AfricaFr. Anselm Donald Mary Dennehy, O.S.M., Apostolic Administrator of Ingwavuma (South Africa)

1939: EswatiniMsgr. Romualdo Migliorini, O.S.M., Prefect Apostolic of Swaziland (Eswatini)

>1933: EswatiniMsgr. Pellegrino Bellezze, O.S.M., Prefect Apostolic of Swaziland (Eswatini)

1848: United Arab EmiratesFr. Serafini Pellegrino, O.S.M., Vice Prefect Apostolic of Aden (United Arab Emirates)

>1848: United Arab EmiratesFr. Marco Gradenigo, O.S.M., Vice Prefect Apostolic of Aden (United Arab Emirates)

>1845: United Arab EmiratesFr. Antonio Bonajunta Foguet, O.S.M., Vice Prefect Apostolic of Aden (United Arab Emirates)

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